Destiny- A fan fiction (episode 21)

hello frnz…i am back with my next episode…but am so upset as i am recieving very less comments…be it good or bad…ur comments help to make the episode better and better…most of u ask me for regular updates…trust me i try so hard to update soon…but try to understand…if u find my ff boring then plz do comment…keep supporting…
Recap: anika reaches oberoi mansion and omkara greets her…soumya to face an interview…omkara and gauri’s plan execution
the episode starts with anika collecting the bank account details of members of oberoi family
dadi: anika…rudra and billu are in their room..if he talks rudely to u tell me
anika: ok dadi
anika (in her mind) : bagad billu…that means danger…be careful anika…dont speak to him…just dont look at him…i think i need some water
anika asks for some water

she goes to shivaye’s room but doesnt find anyone…she calls rudra…but gets no answer
anika: dadi said that bagad billu is in his room…but no one is here
she enters the pool area and finds rudra
anika: thank god u r here…i was looking for u
rudra: gud morning anika dee
anika: gud morning…were u sleeping here?
rudra: yes bhaiyya and i were sleeping here
anika: here….near the pool??
just then anika is served with water
rudra: yes near the pool
anika: bagad billu was also sleeping here?
rudra: bagad billu?
anika: yes…nice name na?
rudra: but bhiayya’s nick name is billu
anika: not only bagad billu…he has many names…kanjee aankhon wala bagad billu…
rudra laughs
anika: he gets angry too often right?
rudra: yes sometimes
anika: sometimes? noo everytime…i have a medicine to make him fine
rudra: medicine?
anika: yes…see now i have this glass of water..whenever billu ji gets mad take the glass and pour the water on his face in this way

saying this she throws water on shivaye who was standing there listening to anika’s blabbering…
shivaye: what the…
rudra and anika get shocked
anika: (in a low voice) what did u do anika…now bagad billu will kill u…oh noo…move away anika…get out from this place
anika slowly turns around while shivaye is wiping his face
shivaye: anika..(he shouts)
anika: (in a low voice) dont turn back….dont look at him
shivaye: i am talking to u
anika: yeah…i am listening…
shivaye: i am here…turn back
anika: no i am comfortable…i am ok with my position
shivaye: but i am not..
he comes and stands in front of her but she turns back again
shivaye: whats wrong with u anika?
anika: it was just an accident…u came in my way
shivaye: and what about the nick names that u have given me?
anika still not looking at shivaye
anika: ask bhagwanji about that
shivaye: bhagwanji? u mean god?
anika: yes

shivaye: are u mad? u gave me names and u want me to know from god?
anika: because we are god’s creations…rudra has normal eyes…i have normal eyes but u dont…look at them…u look like a ferocious cat…ask god that y did he make ur eyes look so abnormal
shivaye: shut up
rudra laughs so hard
shivaye gives an angry look to rudra
anika: its ok…even god makes some mistakes…now dont waste my time and give me ur bank account details…and u dont need to say sorry for that accident
shivaye: why would i say? u did it…u have to be sorry
anika: say what?
shivaye: sorry

anika: its ok…i told u..u dont need to say sorry…now give me ur bank account details and rudra i need ur bank details too…will u please get them?
rudra: sure dee
shivaye: y r u so rude to me
anika: will u give ur bank details or should i call dadi?
shivaye: no…wait i will get them
shivaye leaves to get bank details while anika smiles
anika: this is the best way to deal with bagad billu
here gauri and omkara visit gurpreeth kaur’s place in disguise as an american couple
gauri: i am so nervous
om: we can do it
just then gurpreeth comes along with his wife
gurpreeth: welcome welcome…mr and mrs williams…come in
santoshi: tea coffee cool drink what serve ?
gurpreeth: she means that what would u like to have? tea coffe cooldrink…
omkara: (in foreign assent) no nothing
gauri: lets come to the point…u told us that u have a land? where is it?
omkara: and let me remind u…i want everything to be legal…we have a lawyer too…he will check everything and then we will give a green signal

gurpreeth: yes everything is legal….give me a day time..i will make all the arrangements so that u can visit the site
omkara: day after tomorrow we will be visiting the site
gauri: yes…i hope u dont have a prblm with it?
gurpreeth; no not at all
gauri and omkara leave
gurpreeth: whats the update about that NGO
santoshi: they have 5 more days to abandon the land
gurpreeth; we cannot wait for 5 days
gurpreeth and santoshi smirk
here soumya gets ready for the interview and waits for her turn
she is called in
dev: hello soumya
soumya: sir u know me?
dev: ofcouse…u r from banglore right? how can someone not know about university topper like u?
soumya: thanq sir
dev: soumya…i want to see ur talent…so before appointing u i want u to make a secret operation and give a sensational news to the channel…take a week time….get the best news and show ur talent…if u want any assistance let me know
soumya: ok sir…sure
dev: yeah..wait…i know who can help u…do one thing…i will ask that person to meet u tomorrow..same time in the office…ok?
soumya: sure sir
dev: ok…all the best
soumya: thanq sir
soumya leaves..
soumya: i hope that person will help me build my career..oh god…help me
the episode ends

precap: shivika’s fight….kids in danger…sowmya in shock

this was the episode…plz do comment and let me know how was it…thanq


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    Fabulous epi

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  5. Dimple don’t you dare to end this ff..we can’t cooment but it doesn’t meant that we don’t love it…agar band ki na, toh ek jhaap main diwar pe satadenge…

    Dargaye?????????? i am just kidding. ..keep writting. ..i love it..ok.

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    Nice epi dear ..don’t end this ff u r a good writer …keep writing ..

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    Dear dont feel bad even I got less comments but silent readers like to remain silent and trust me ur ff is superb and all the three couples nice and I love shivika together and their fights and I hope Rudra and Saumya in team nice dr no worries ll support and supporting u yaar jus love the work u do and don’t expect the comments this is wat one of the reader told me so jus continue…

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    Fantastic part…

  9. Awsome update…. Nd don’t stop it dear… I really luv ur ff…..

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    Amazing…. Shivika’s nok-jhok is cute. I think that assistant is Rudra?(just a guess)

    And don’t u dare to end this ff. Many silent readers are here. So don’t worry about the comment.
    Waiting for next part dear….

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