Destiny- A fan fiction (episode 18)

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Hiii frnds!! Thanq so much for ur support!! Keep supporting!! Here I go with my next episode!!
Recap: anika gets to know about shivaye’s fake interview calls!! Omkara and dadi discuss about gauri..rudra decides to apologise!! 

The episode starts with anika reaching home!!
Gauri: are u mad anika? So irresponsible!! Can’t u just make a simple phone call!! We were so worried!!
Anika: ok am sorry!! I am hungry!! Let’s have something!!
Soumya: I think she got selected!! That’s why she is happy!!
Anika: Noo!! I wasn’t!! 
Gauri: then what did u do all day?
Anika tells them everything
Soumya: shivaye Singh oberoi? Why did he do that?
Gauri: I don’t believe this!! But y?
Anika: I dont know!! I just know that he wants to trouble me!! He wants to see me suffering!! That’s it!
Gauri: Noo!! Then y would he take u to the hospital when u were unwell!! He cares for u!!
Anika: don’t forget whatever he did to me today!! He hired a person to check me out! How can he do that!!
Soumya: relax!! Both of u!! I am hungry!! Tell me if u want to argue all night!! I am gonna eat now!!
They all have dinner together

Next day!
Oberoi Mansion!
Rudra and all others are on dining table!! Om is missing!! 
Shivaye: where’s om?
Dadi: he said that he has some important work to do! So he left early!! 
Rudra: it’s ok! We will have lunch together!! Now we shall start our break fast as I am very hungry!!
They are about to start having their break fast just then anika comes there…the security repeatedly asks her to stop! But she doesn’t!
Khanna: madam..stop!! U cannot go in!!
Anika pushes him and enters in
She pulls one of the chairs and sits in front of shivaye!! 
Everyone are surprised!!

Shivaye: anika? What the hell? Who asked u to come in?
Anika: Hii Mr.shivaye Singh oberoi!! How r u?
Rudra: anika dee!
Anika: oh hi rudra!! 
Dadi and all others are watching silently
Shivaye: what r u doing here?
Anika: ok now watch me!!
Shivaye: are u mad? Why should I watch u?
Anika: are!! U have appointed a person to check me out!! Waste of money! Now I am right infront of u!! U can keep an eye on me by urself! U don’t need to hire anyone to watch me!! 
Dadi: billu? Is she speaking truth?
Shivaye: dadi!! It’s just!!
Anika interrupts 
Anika: if u want I can give all the details like at what time I will be having my food!! All my whereabouts everything!! Mr. Shivaye!! If u wanted to know about me u would have asked me directly!! What’s the need to hire a private detective? 
Tej: a private detective?
Jhanvi: what’s happening shivaye? And u r the same girl who helped me in the temple yesterday? Right?
Anika: yes auntyji!! I am anika!! I am a simple girl who is looking for a job!! But thanks to ur son who is not allowing me to lead my life without prblms!! This person has arranged fake interviews to trouble me!! I just want to know y did he do so? What have I done to him? 
Jhanvi: shivaye? Is she right?
Shivaye is silent!! 

Anika: will u please answer?
Shivaye: shivaye Singh oberoi answers only if he feels so!! 
Anika: wow!! Tadibaaz shivaye!! I know u r rich!! it may be just a time pass for u to play with me!! But let me remind u!! I am not like others who let people like u to play with others feelings!! This Is the last warning!! Stay away from me!! I just don’t understand y r u wasting ur valuable time on me!! Just do ur business!! Don’t waste ur valuable time n money for me!! Honestly I just don’t care!! 
Shivaye: anika!! ( he shouts)
Dadi: billu!! Stop it!! How can u do this? 
Shivaye becomes silent!!
Dadi: anika beta!! I promise!! Billu will never trouble u again!! I am sorry!! 
Anika: no dadi please!! U don’t need to be sorry!! I think I have to leave now!!
Saying this anika leaves!!
Dadi: just a minute anika!! 
Anika stops!! 
Dadi: billu has snatched ur job!! So now billu will fetch a suitable job for u!! 
Shivaye: but dadi!!
Anika: dadi!! it’s ok! 
Dadi: no!! I don’t want to here anything!! From tomorrow u will be looking all the oberoi accounts!! U will be working from oberoi mansion!! That’s final!! 
Anika: but dadi!! 
Dadi and all others leave!! Shivaye and anika stare each other angrily!!

Here gauri is waiting for someone! Just then a person comes!! 
Gauri: where is he?
Manager: he will be there in 15 min!
Gauri: I want to test him!
Manager gets a call!! 
Manager: ma’am…he is waiting for u at NGO
Gauri: but u said that he will be here in 15 min!! Ok fine I will meet him there!! 
Gauri reaches NGO office!!
There he finds a person speaking to Mary!! 
Gauri: so u r here!! Common speak out the dialogues!! 
The person is silent!! 
Mary: dialogues?
The person turns back!! 

Gauri: omkara?? 
Omkara: yes!! 
Gauri: what r u doing here? 
Om: I am here to help u!! We will teach them a lesson together!!! 
Mary: thanq so much omkara gauri!!
Gauri: it’s ok!!
Here at oberoi mansion Shivaye is angry!!
Shivaye: what’s happening!! I wanted to show her what hate actually means and now dadi’s decision!!
Dadi: u did wrong billu!! How can u trouble her? What did she do? 
Shivaye: she said that she hates me!! How can someone hate shivaye Singh oberoi!! That too a middle class girl!!
Dadi: just a minute! Just because she said that she hates u…u troubled her!! U arranged fake interview!? Anika’s hatred towards u is affecting u? But how is this possible!! U usually don’t care what others think of u!! Am I right billu?
Shivaye thinks!!
Shivaye: oh yes!! Y should I care when she doesn’t care!! And even if she cares! Y should I care!? I am shivaye Singh oberoi!!
Dadi: billu!! Now u will not come in her way!! U snatched her job!! And now u will not trouble her!! Ok?
Shivaye: she is just a staff for me!! I know whatever I did was wrong to some extent!! But dadi now I will not do any such things!! I don’t care!! ( mujhe farak nahi padtha)
Dadi: yes!! 
Shivaye leaves!! 

Dadi: I know u care!! Otherwise u wouldn’t trouble anyone!! It’s ok!! May be this is a new beginning!!
Here anika reaches home!! She knocks the door!!soumya is at home!! 
Soumya: u r back!! So late!!
Anika doesn’t speak a word!!
Soumya: anika? Are u ok?
Anika: what’s happening with me? Y is it happening?
Soumya: but what happened?
Anika: I got a job!!
Soumya: oh wow!! Congrats anika!! But wait a second!! It’s a good thing!! Then y r u upset!!?
Anika: because it is in oberoi mansion!!
Soumya: what???
the episode ends at anika’s face!

Precap: gauri and omkara’s drama…rudra’s apology!!

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