Destiny- A fan fiction (episode 17)

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Hiii frnds!! Thanq so much for ur comments!! Keep supporting!!here I start my 17th episode!
Recap: shivaye arranges fake interviews…anika is rejected everywhere…she feels down!!! Gauri gets help from priyanka but omkara feels gauri’s plan is risky! Rudra gets to know more about soumya!
The episode starts with gauri reaaching home!!

She makes a call 
Gauri: I need a person who can act well spontaneously!! He must look good..handsome..and yes his height must be nearly 6 fts!! These are the requirements!! When u find such person let me know!! I would like to meet him personally!!
Person: ma’am give me a day time!! I will find him soon!!
Gauri hangs the call!! She calls soumya! 
Gauri: hey soumya!! What’s up?
Soumya: hey!! Thank God!! I was bored since evening!!

Gauri: why? Is anika sleeping?
Soumya: she is not here!! She didn’t return since morning!! 
Gauri: interview doesn’t take this much time!! Call her!! 
Soumya: ofcourse I called her! She is not picking up my call!! I thought she is busy!!
Gauri: this anika!!! Don’t know where she goes!! Do u know anything about that company where anika has gone for an interview!

Soumya: Noo!! I don’t know!! She just said that she is going for an interview!! That’s it!
Gauri: I think she received a call for an interview!!
Soumya: gauri!! Stop being a CID officer!! We need to find her soon!! 
Here anika is sitting on a bench in the park…she recalls the whole day and feels bad!!
Anika: why is this happening!! What’s wrong!! All my certificates are clear! A person must be judged by his qualification!! Why are they judging me basing on my previous job!! Something is wrong!!! 

She thinks and suddenly remembers shivaye’s words!! “I hope u get selected” and that smirk!! 
Anika: oh my God!! Was that shivaye’s plan? I am not sure!! I cannot blame someone without proof!!
She notices someone behind her!! She turns back and sees a person standing behind a tree!! She acts as if she has not seen him!! The man turns back and calls someone!!
Man: sir!! She is right now feeling very upset!! I think we have done wrong!!
Shivaye: shut up!! Ur job is to keep an eye on her!! Do that!! 
Man: but sir she was crying just now!!

Shivaye is silent!! He feels bad for a second but he recalls her words!! “Like? I hate u Mr. Shivaye Singh oberoi!!” 
Shivaye: do what I say!! 
The man hangs the call and turns back!! He is shocked to see anika!!
Anika: who r u?
Man: excuse me? Why should I tell u?
Anika: y were u watching me? See don’t act smart!! It will take only a few seconds to make u tell the truth!!

Man: truth? 
Anika: u want to see!! Ok!! Wait and watch!!
Anika screams and shouts!! the people nearby come and surround her!! 
Person1: what happened?? Why r u shouting!? 
Person2: I saw this man watching her!! I think he did something!! 
Person3: was he misbehaving with u?
The mob was about to attack him!!
Man: anika jee! Plz save me!! I will tell u everything!! 
Anika: stop!! He didn’t do anything!! I was shouting because there was an insect!! I was frightened so I screamed!! Sorry for that!!
The mob disappears in a few seconds!!

Anika: now tell me!! What were u doing here!? And who was that person on call?
Man: I will tell u everything!! But plz don’t tell anyone that I have revealed the truth to u!
Anika: ok!! Tell me!!
Man: I am a private detective! Shivaye Singh oberoi asked me to watch u!! 
Anika: but y?

The man tells everything!! All about fake interviews!! Anika gets furious! 
Anika: I knew it!! This kanjee aankhon wala bagad billa is really very smart!!! But anika is smarter than him!! When he will know how it feels to get humiliated he will stop doing these childish things!! 
Anika calls gauri!! Gauri and soumya call anika’s other frnds to know about her whereabouts!!
Anika: gauri!! 
Gauri: anika? Where are u? Are u mad!! Do u think not picking the phone calls is a game!! Just tell me where r u? When will u reach home?
Anika: in 15 minutes!!

Anika hangs the call!!
Man: what should I do now? Can I go?
Anika: u have to act as if u are still watching me!! Give fake updates about me!! 
Man: if he finds that this was a drama!! He will fire me!!
Anika: and if u don’t do this I will throw u in the jail!! Don’t u know it’s a crime to watch someone!! So do what I say!! It will be better for u!!
The man leaves!! 

‎Oberoi mansion
Rudra omkara and dadi are in a room!!

Omkara: dadi!! Is it necessary to lie when work can be done truthfully!?
Dadi: it depends upon the situation!! What’s wrong omkara?
Omkara tells dadi about gauri’s plan
Dadi: so u think that she is risking her life!! And what do u think? Will they give those property papers to her if she asks them directly? Sometimes it is necessary to go in a different way!!
Omkara: but it is risky!! I heard that they are goons!! 

Dadi: then help her!! I have seen her!! She is very strong in her determination!! she will definitely succeed!!
Dadi and omkara notice that rudra is lost

Dadi: rudra? Are u fine?
Rudra: yes!! 
Omkara: I don’t think so!! What’s wrong?
Just then shivaye comes!!
Shivaye: hi om ru! Hi dadi!!
Dadi: so u look happy today? 

Shivaye smiles!! Om sensed something!!
Shivaye: today I have shown what actually shivaye Singh oberoi is!! 
Dadi: Offo billu!! It’s not good to be so arrogant!! 
Omkara: so is everything fine shivaye!! I mean yesterday u were so upset and angry? 
Shivaye: oh yes!! It was just about something related to business!! That’s it!!
Om: I hope now u will not face any such problems!
Shivaaye: never!! (smirks)

Rudra is still lost!!
Rudra( in his mind) :  I am going to apologise to her tomorrow!! That’s it!! 
Soumya’s determination towards her goal makes her different from other girls!! She has created a good impression of herself in rudra’s mind!! Hence he thinks to apologise to her!!
The episode ends at rudra’s face

Precap: anika in oberoi mansion….soumya is shocked!!… gauri in trouble!!!

this was the episode friends!! Hope u liked it!! Drop in ur views in comment box!!

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  1. Sairan

    Fantastic​.. Amazingggggg..Plz post the next soon plz

  2. It’s was an nice episode dear. update soon……….

  3. Akshaya

    Yaar please update regularly. Coz I’m ur FF terribly

  4. Alekhika20

    Fab updt

  5. It is awesome dear…

  6. Superb epi

  7. It was Fabulous dimple dear.

  8. Amazing one…..

  9. Fantastic epi Dimple…….. Waiting 4 nxt plzzz post soon………..

  10. Gayathri.visu

    Excellent epi Dimple…. Eagerly waiting for next part.

  11. Heyyo, Dimple dear,
    I have been a silent reader but I luv your ff.U r extremely gifted and talented and have a flair for writing.I love the way the different pairs interact and also how u give equal space to everyone without too much negativity!
    Update ASAP pls!
    Vivikhta ?

  12. Superb

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