Destiny- A fan fiction (episode 16)

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Hiiii frns!!! Sorry!!! I know this time I am very late!! What to do!! I was unwell!! Now I am doing well!!! So here I go with my episode!
Recap: shivaye plans something against Anika! Anika comes to the temple and helps jhanvi…pandit asks shivaye to thank the girl who helped jhanvi…he finds anika…gauri in oberoi mansion

Shivaye: u?
Anika: yes! Any problem? Even if u have problem! I don’t care!
Shivaye: ok!! I too don’t care!! I just came here to…umm..
Anika: u came here to do what?
Pandit: u know each other? Good!! I asked him to thank u!! U helped his mother!
Anika: so u came here to thank me!! Right?
Shivaye doesn’t speak a word!
Anika: ok!! Let it be!! U can never say that word!! I have a job interview today!! Good day mr.shivaye Singh oberoi!
Shivaye: oh!! Interview!! All the best!! I just hope u get selected!!
Shivaye smirks!! Anika feels something wrong but leaves!!
Shivaye: good day to u too 

At oberoi mansion
Gauri: priyanka…u know about those kids!! So I have come to u!! Will u please help them!!
Priyanka: I think shivaye bhaiyya can help us!! We can just buy the land from them!! 
Gauri: Noo!! Y should we encourage them by giving money? They did wrong!! And we have to teach them a lesson!! So I think we must do something that they handover the papers and admit their crime by themselves!!!
Priyanka: but how can we do these things!! They are powerful! 
Gauri: I have a plan!! 
Plan is muted!!
Om hears everything!!
Om: Noo!! It is very risky!! 

Gauri: but what about those innocent kids!! 
Priyanka: but gauri what if we get caught!! They are really very dangerous!! They are very strong!
Om: see gauri!! We will give them money and buy the land!! So simple!!
Gauri: and what if they do the same thing again!! They will just gain experience for this crime!! They will repeat the same thing and victims might change!! They might be strong physically!! But we must show them that nothing can beat the mental strength!! I just need a little help from u!! Plz don’t say no!!
Priyanka agrees!!

Priyanka: u r not at all associated with the NGO but u r risking ur life for it!! Hats off!! I will definitely help u!! Tell me what should I do!!
Om leaves!! Gauri feels bad!! 
‎Here rudra gets a call!! 
Rudra: hey rahul!! How r u? What?? R u in delhi!! Yeah text me the address!! I will be there in a few minutes!!
Rudra leaves to meet his friend!!
Here anika enters the cabin where the interviewer is seeing her files!!
Interviewer: so miss. Anika…ur qualifications are good but we cannot appoint u…u can go now!
Anika: but y!?

Interviewer: because we have enquired about u and found that u were fired because of ur carelessness!! We cannot appoint such candidate!! U can leave now!!
Anika feels bad!! She comes out of the cabin!!
The interviewer calls shivaye!
Interviewer: done!! She left!! 
Shivaye: my driver is waiting in the parking area with ur money!!
Interviewer: thnq sir!
Anika feels upset and is walking on the road!! She again receives a call for interview from some other company!
she feels happy and takes an auto to reach the office!!

Oberoi mansion
Gauri: priyanka…I am happy that u are with me!! I must leave now!!
Priyanka: if u want any help just call me!! I will be there!!
Gauri: thanq so much!! It means a lot!!
Gauri leaves!! While going she finds omkara talking with other family members!
Dadi: beta…u r going?
Gauri: yes dadi!! I have some work!
Dadi: will u go by urself!! Let me ask the driver to drop u home
Gauri: thnq dadi! But I will go by myself!! 
Om doesn’t look at gauri and gauri feels bad!! She leaves!!
Here soumya is in the book shop..she gets tired and thinks to have some coffee from a nearby cafe!!
Rudra comes there to meet his frnd rahul!! 
Rahul: delhi is an amazing city yaar!! U r lucky that u stay here!! 
Rudra: yeah!! 

Just then rahul looks at soumya who is reading a book while having coffee!!
Rahul: soumya??
Rudra turns back and sees soumya!!
Rahul goes to her!!
Soumya: hey!!! Rahul!! U here?? How r u?? 

They hug each other and rudra is shocked!!
Rahul: I came here for a small official work!! And u?
Soumya: I came here for an year!! I will be working for experience! And then back to banglore!!
Rahul: so dream job!!
Soumya: yeah!
Soumya sees rudra!!
Soumya: u?
Rahul: do u know him!? He is my school frnd!! Rudra!
Soumya: ohh!
Rahul: rudra…meet her!! Soumya!! My college classmate!! 
Rudra: ohh!
Soumya: it was nice meeting u after many days!! But sorry I have to leave!! 
Rahul: but so soon?? If u want I can drop u home?
Soumya: thanq!! U guys carry on!! I will go by myself!!
Soumya leaves!!
Rahul: she didn’t change!! Not at all!!!
Rudra: change?

Rahul: yes!! Rudra!! We usually see girls with their guy friends!! Speaking flirting..and so on.. but she is very different…we know about city girls!! But there are actually some girls who never get distracted from their dreams!! Being a journalist was her goal!!  Her focus was always on the goal!! She is very determined!! I hope she gets all that she deserves!! U know what? Many boys would die for her just for a simple smile!! She knew it!! But she never took an advantage of that!! She was never distracted from her goal!!! That is what I like in soumya!! 
Rudra gets lost in the thoughts!!
Rahul: rudra?? R u there?
Rudra: oh yes!! Let’s go now!!
Rahul: yeah!! 
Anika gives the interview but still is rejected!!
She gives 3 interviews but isn’t selected!! Her confidence levels fall!! She gets upset!! All the three interviews were fake!! It was all shivaye’s plan!!
Anika feels down
The episode ends on her face

Precap: gauri and soumya worried for anika!!

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    Shivaay is too much.. Please make Anika more strong! Rumya scenes are cute… Waiting for next part.

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    I liked it.Nice kind of break.

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