Hello everyone thanks for all support and love.. and now all get a clear view about what’s going to happen..but still there is a lot of suspense waiting for you all.. so get ready to break… here we goes…
Ab; chashmish… you don’t knew how much I love you.. because it was now I understood that fact.. when purabs name linked with you.. it really affects me lots. When you danced with him.. it’s really painful to me… it was only this day.. I understood that my love is not bulbul but you… but it’s really late.. too late… abhi started to drink more..

Scene shifted to pragya… pragya who is searching for purab..
Pr; bulbul do you see purab?
Bul: di.. purab go to collect your tickets as that agency men call him.. pr; I was asking him to just knew that..
Bul: di.. I knew this job is how much important to you.. as our papa.. also work at that company.. as you to wish the same..
Pr; ya bulbul.. all happiness is getting to me in these to day’s…. my love purab.. and my passion.. I feel I am most lucky person in this world.. I think I can’t sleep today..
Bul: what is this di? I don’t see someone like you.. who can’t sleep if you are too much happier and in sad too..
Pr; yes bulbul I am a rare piece.. I am going to sleep now…
Bul; k di.. I will come aftersometime..
Pr; bulbul you must call me at morning as I am going to have sleeping pills to get some sleep..
Bul; di.. nowadays you are always having it..
Pr; bulbul it’s doctor na who prescribed that for me.. inform purab too..
Bul; k di… di.. did you see abhi..
Pr; haa… bulbul he is sitting at lawn and drinking a lot… I have said him to stop.. but he is not willing to stop it.. and blabbering something nonsense..
Bul: this abhi na..
Pragya smiles and Goes.. as she knew that now bulbul will take a class to him..

Bulbul came to meet abhi… actually abhi lost half of his sense..
Bul: abhi what is this.. is this your bachelor party..
Ab; bulbul…meri darlu.. tu aagayi na.. sit.. sit here.. abhi make her to sit.. bulbul I want to talk with you.. with now itself..
Bul; I don’t want to here your stupidity..
Ab: you too are like chashmish.. as I talk to her something seriously she too take as stupidity… is my love is joke for her..
Bul: what??
Ab; haa… bulbul started to cry.. bulbul.. you knew we’ll about me and pragya right.. we always fight.. but we are best friends who knew about each other well.. but it was now I understand who is pragya for me..
Bul; who is she??
Ab; no bulbul.. I will not tell that too you.. because you too tell that I am joking..
Bul; no abhi.. I will not tell me who is di for you..
Ab; sach mein.. you don’t take it as joke na..
Bul; ya promise..
Ab; pakka promise…
Bul; haa.. pakka promise… who is she for you…
Ab; she is… she is… she is…. at that time aliya and rishab came.. rishab meri jaan… and hugs him
.rishab; abhi what is this yaar ? How much you drink…
Ab; just one… two.. three large..
Bul; abhi.. tell me what are you trying to speak..
Ab; me.. what???
Bul; about di..
Ab; about chashmish… he thinks.. chashmish.. haa… she is going to London.. my chashmish is going to London.. London chashmish.. chashmish on London..
Bul; no abhi.. it’s not what you are going to tell?
Ab; if that is not then what will be..
Ali; hey bulbul what happened to you look what is abhis conditions.. he must be talk something as he is not in sense now..
Ri; ya.. bulbul.. you go and change this dress and sleep well tomorrow it’s your marriage na..
Bul; k… she leaves but her thoughts is still on abhi..
Scene shifted to pragya… after fresh up… pragya sits on bed.. and look her and purabs pic and smiles..
Pr; so tomorrow is the day I am waiting for.. me and purab is going to become one.. she smiles.. and kissed at his photo.. goodnight purab she slept…

Next day… as all are busy in arrangement..
Sar; bulbul.. where is pragya.. didn’t she wake up…
Bul; sorry maa.. di has told me to wake her up as yesterday she take pills..
Bulbul goes to call pragya.She knocks the door..
Bul; di… di.. just she pulled the door.. it opened… the scene in front of her eyes.. make a big shock in her.. it was during that time purab too came there.. he too shocked at what he seem… one by one all family gathered at room.. as all can’t believe what they seem.. sarla who enters in full anger… pulls pragya and gave her a tight slap… pragya who is still on sleep can’t get what happening around her.. but when she opens her eyes.. she sees everyone looking at her.. bulbul and purab is so sad.. it was at that time she to came to see which shocks her.. as abhi is lying just near to her….
Pr; abhi… dadi too came forward and gives a slap to abhi… abhi too don’t knew that for what he get a slap.. but he understood it.. all the one leaves room in anger and sad..

Abhi sees pragya who is sitting and crying at one side of bed..
As he don’t knew what really happens yesterday.. but he remembers that he confess his love to pragya and drinks a lot….
Abhi sees pragya sitting and crying at one side of bed.. abhi just move towards her.. and move forward his hand to touch her..
Pr; don’t ever try to touch me.. I don’t knew that my friend abhi will fall this much..
Ab; chashmish.. please try to understand..
Pr; what abhi.. what are you trying to make me understand. As yesterday when you said that you loves me I thought it may be your drama to fight with me.. but now I knew its not your drama.. and you purposefully create this scene in front of all because you want to marry me. And make my purab anger and hate at me..
Ab; chashmish…. just try to..
Pr; enough abhi.. enough is enough now… I don’t wish to hear anything from you just leave me alone.. just go in front of my eyes… pragya started to cry loud.. abhi goes out of Room looking at pragya sadly..
(Hamari aduri kahani plays)

Abhi is now passing through purabs room
Ri; purab.. I knew you are upset…
Pu; upset… ya I am totally upset now…
Ri; I don’t knew they will behave like this..
Pu; rishab.. I knew that abhi loves pragya.. and what a scene I seen now doesn’t affect me.. but they break my trust.. you knew how much I trust abhi… I too trust pragya too.. but they took advantage of that. What they thought..Marrying me and bulbul and making affairs with them..
Ri; purab what are you talking..
Pu; what I talked is real fact rishab.. do you knew till now abhi didn’t said lie to me.. but he did it for pragya… you knew.. abhi too got a job at pragyas same company and he hide that from me even I enquire about he tell lie.. because he can’t stay away from pragya. If he wishes to marry her then he can tell that to me na.. but what he did.he break my trust..

Abhi who enters room in teary eyed..
Ab; purab just listen to me.. it not chashmish fault.. it’s all..
Pu; ya that’s not her fault…. before marriage itself she is like this… then what will after marriage.. If she share bed with any other to you will said the same na..
Ab; purab. Abhi hold his collar and raise his hands.. purab do you knew you are talking about your pragya..
Pu: my pragya… no abhi.. it’s not my pragya it’s yours pragya.. I knew from the Start itself you loves her.. I tried my level best to make you both understand.. but when you said that there is nothing like that.. I too convince my heart.. and decided to move on with her.. but now I can’t accept her as who share bed with someone other..
Ab; purab.. shut up.. don’t say anything against pragya now..
Pu; I knew when I said anything about her.. it will hurt you more..
Ab; purab. How can you talk like this.
Pu; if you all can do this.. then how can I. Abhi. Just leave me alone.. now.. just go out of my sight..

Purab turns his face and cries..
Abhi moves his hand to touch at his shoulder but stop himself and go..
When abhi comes out sees pragya who is hearing all this.. as abhi calls her.. she runs..
Screen shifted to bulbuls room..
Bulbul is crying badly..
Pragya came and touched at her shoulder…
Bulbul raise her face and look at pragya…
Pragya too sits Bed.. they both remain silent..
Pragya breaking the silence.. bulbul. Do you think I Wil do like this…
Bubul hugs pragya.. no di. I knew my di can’t cheat anyone…
Pr; do you trust me…
Bul; ya.. di I really trust you.. I knew you only loves purab and he is your life…
Pr; bulbul you understand that.. but purab started to cry..
Bul; di it’s all because of abhi…
Pragya who remained silent..
Bul; I knew from the start that abhi loves you.. and he didn’t realise that.. and yesterday he understood that too. But I don’t knew that he will play such a dirty game to get you..
Episode ends

So guys what you all of now.. I knew you all may feel bad for abhi… and pragya too… just drop your comments down..

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