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Hello everyone.. so let’s move on to story directly…
All got their mask and enter the venue by wearing it…
Anchor: welcome all ladies and gentleman to this couple eve… I knew all really excited and started to search their pair’s.. before that let me tell you all something… as you knew that there is a person with the same mask will be your pair.. and we have a competition called best couple 2016.. there are 3 stages for this competition.. and 1 st one is that you must dance with your pair… and other two will be announced respectively… so guys are you ready..
All shouts yes… no there no more power… so guys are you ready to rock…
All shouts louder… so here we goes we will give you 5minute time and this is the time to choose your pair.. and at the end of 5minute we will start our countdown.. those who don’t got pair will directly eliminate from the show… so time starts Now… actually after that there was rush happens all are going one end to another end to find their pair’s.. some of them got.. but some others are still rushing to find..
Anchor; here we are moving to last 10 seconds countdown… 10… 9…
Actually our pragya still couldn’t find her pair..
Pr; I am directly going to eliminate… she stood as sad…
Anchor: 3… 2… 1 was during that time someone touched at shoulder… ya it’s her pair..
Anchor: so those who couldn’t find can move back… so let’s give the round applause for the ones who find their pair’s.. all claps..
I knew all are curious to knew who is their pair… but just wait we can find out.. so guys.. you have seen some circles there na.. just stand inside it… all do as she said.. k.. now our students representative will hand over you some paper and you all must stand on it and dance.. so all pairs stand like that..
So now we Will play track to you all and you must dance romantically…
First they play tum se hi song from Jeb we met…. and song stops..
Anchor; so guys now you all must just wrap the paper in such a way that it’s half the area of previous… all did like that…
Now they play song…
Kudha janne from bachna aa haseeno…
The song ends.. now the pair is such a position that each of them just place their legs…
Now they play song mein waari jawan…
And as song ends its only 10 pairs are remaining…
Anchor; so guys now let’s give a big appaulse for this 10 lovely pairs.. we continue this game one more time so now fold your papers again…
Now they play pehali nazar song… as the song ends only 5 couples get in..
So guys this are our 5 couples who are going to be in next round…
As you are really curious to knew about them.. like me to now let’s knew who are they… so guys will you please remove Your mask… all are waiting to knew.. slowly the mask is removed and those who in to next round are.. actually first all Boys removed their mask.. they are abhi.. purab.. nikhil… rishab… rishi…
And look at each other and laughs..
Anchor; so now it’s time to remove the mask of their girls.. all girls slowly removed their mask..
Purab is paired with aliya… rishab with bulbul… rishi with tanuja.. but still there are two more girls.. actually their mask is not removing easily because of some problem.. so their pair’s help.. and now abhi remove her mask.. as he is standing opposite his pairs face he can’t see who is that.. but he is curious to knew who is she.. abhi move forward and turns her… ( sanam re plays ) yes she is pragya… they shared an eyelock.. their first eye lock.. and nikhils pair is our tanu..
Pr: tum..
Ab; chashmish.. is it you..
Rishab; what’s the miracle.. right they become paired..
Bul, it’s not a miracle.. but… she stops..
Ali; purab.. look who is paired… wrong pairing right..
Pu; no aliya… sometimes god correct some wrong pairing like this..
An:so congrats all of you…. now the next round is we will give you 10 minutes to knew about each other.. and we will ask same questions to each of you.. and those pairs give correct answer will get points..
10 minutes got end.. Students representative give papers to 10 of them. There is question and answer space.. ( for example. For pragyas paper question will be about abhi like wise.. in abhis paper question is about pragya )
All right their respective answers..
An; so guys lets check for result.. he check something oh my god.. it’s really amazing results.. you guys knew only one pair among them answered correct for all questions… they have so much mutual understanding…. ya may be you all guessed that whom among them.. it’s none other than our abhigya… all cheers abhi and pragya smiles..
Bul; I knew it they will win..
Rishab : yes bulbul… I don’t get about them.. as something special between them na..
Ali; purab they always fight for silly things.. but they both knew more about each other na.. If abhi have some problem pragya easily figure it out…
Pu; ya you are true.. I am with abhi more than 18 years.. but pragya knew more about him than me…
Ali; actually they both look cute couple right..looking at purab.. sorry I knew that’s really hurt you..
Pu; no aliya…
An; so let’s welcome our abhigya… the best couple of 2016… sir just handover the trophy… principal give trophy to abhigya… they both take it together.. pragya happily hugs abhi and abhi too…
An; so now we have arranged candle light dinner to all this pair’s.. so let’s move on to that.. so all sit as their pair..
Pr; abhi.. I can’t believe that we got this best couple trophy.. do you knew I thought that I will get eliminated from first round itself..
Ab; if I am with you na.. then how can it possible…
Pr; hey stop praising yourself kadoos…
Ab; ohoo.. then if I am not there then how will you get into competition…
Pr; actually it’s not because of you right.. if any other get that mask.. then I Will easily make it happen..
Ab; oh madam.. you knew na.. about the boy’s of our college.. if there is any others with you then they surely take advantage of you..
Pr; what advantage?
Ab; vo… vo.. actually I meant was if any other person is advancing with you then you will be uncomfortable na…
Pr; no.. I Will dance comfortably with purab na.. you knew we’ll about that as on valentines day we both really dance well.
Ab; I am not talking about purab.. other boys..
Pr; may be… what you need that I must agree that becauseof you all this happen right..
Ab; I don’t want that credit.. you can take.. abhi gets up to leave.. pragya holds abhis hand.. she look like a kid face..
Pr; please abhishek.. don’t go at angry.. I just said make you to anger na.. you knew you look so cute at anger.. abhi blushes.. oh meri kadoos is blushing…
Abhi sits.. they start to have their dinner.. actually today abhi is really enjoying all her small small antics as they both are talking and laughing a lot.. this was observed by bulbul… purab… aliya and rishab…
Pr: abhi what’s your opinion about that? Abhi sits as silent.. hey where are you lost…
Ab; lost me.. are you dreaming chashmish..
Pr; k I am dreaming right.. then tell what I ask you..
Abhi get tensed… as in all these while he is just admiring pragya.. and couldn’t hear anything.. as the program.. ended all comes out.. pragya goes to meet purab and abhi to meet bulbul.. now pragya is holding purabs hand and walking.. abhi with bulbul and aliya and rishab just walking not holding hands as they are not pair..
Prarub.. is seriously taking about something.. and bulbul is continuously talking to abhi.. but abhi is lot on pragya.. bulbul too sensed that.. and get sad.. abhibul and prarub… reach pragyas house..
They press calling bell..
Sar; you all came.. I am waiting for you.. all how much time na.. just see. It was during this time Sarla sees purab and abhi.. beta you too with them..
Ab; haa.. maa how can we make them go alone on this night..
Pu; maa.. are you making us to stand outside not making us to get inside..
Sar, sorry beta.. come inside..
Pr; – what a love..
Sar; tu chup chipkali…
Ab: chipkali.. and laughs..
Pu,maa.. I don’t knew is this good Time to

Talk about this now..
Sar; what’s the matter purab.. you can talk anything to your maa right..
Purab holding sarlas hand.. maa.. I knew you made a condition with pragya for that job.. maa you really knew we’ll na how much she work to get that.. it’s her passion right..
Sar; purab.. I knew that.. but how can I make her to go alone that too beyond our country.. who is there for her..
Pr; maa.. I am not a child na..
Pu; pragya you just chup raho.. I will talk with maa.. maa.. I knew you have worry for your daughter.. I am agreed to your condition and I too will find a job in London..
Sarla smiles.. and hugs purab…
Ab; maa.. as our college is actually ends and what remaining is only one exam.. and pragya need to leave to London within 2 weeks.. so I think we can make this marriage faster..
Sar; ya I knew that beta.. I need to talk about this to dadi…
Ab; no maa.. as I already talk about it to dadi.. and as we look for good date.. it’s after on week.. but there is a problem.. as the day is just before the day of her appointment day..
Sa; oh… how can we.. as we need to have engagement.. sangeeth..
Pur; maa.. we can do one thing.. as we will have engagement and next day marriage all in 2 days.. and next day we both leave to London..
Sa; I need to talk to dadi..
Ab; maa.. don’t need to get tensed.. as we both discussed about this to dadi…
Pr; -what marriage this much fast..
Ab; ya… chashmish..
Sa; we can have both marriage in one day…
Ab; what both one? Actually till now abhi talk about pragyas marriage.. not his..
Pr; ya that good idea maa.. hey na purab..
Pu; yes.. bulbul goes to her room..
Sa; look she leaves as getting shy..
But pragya feels something in her action.. so. She too leaves..
Bulbul is crying in her room..
Pr; bulbul are you crying? Do you feel sad as you are going to miss me and maa..
Bulbul is still crying but doesn’t answer.. scene ends on pragyass confused face…
Episode ends.
So guys.. what you think about this now.. we are too close with our teaser.. something big is going to happen.. is bulbul reveal that he don’t want to marry abhi as he loves pragya? Is this marriage take place.. what is written in their destiny.. whose destiny is linked with others.. just wait and see as all the major drama is going to happen in next episodes…

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  1. Princesskrisha

    Awesome haritha di its too fantabulous di so superbbb pls update soon

    1. HARITHA

      Thanks you my sweet princess I have already post that hope it will appear soon

  2. Vishvaja

    Super di..interesting… you rocked as always di..waiting for the next one.. pls upload it soon di…

    1. HARITHA

      I updated it my little sis.. it will appear soon

  3. Feeling sad for bulbul…bubbly girl bulbul was not nice to see this much sad….anyways nice masquerade party….as always our cute couple was awesome…..

    1. HARITHA

      Ya all time it’s our pragya na crying.. now just for a change.. may be your doubt about crying bulbul will cleared by nest episode

  4. Reshma_Pradeep

    Superbbb!!!!!!!!!!!It’s Reallyyyyyyyyy Interestingggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!

    1. HARITHA

      Thanks reshu… ????

    1. HARITHA

      Thanks dear

  5. Superrrrr….
    Intresting di…eagerly waiting fr nxt part di..pls update nxt part sooon di…

    1. HARITHA

      Thanks priyu

  6. Saranya24

    Superb darlu waiting fr twist and nxf part love u????

  7. Haritha………ormaundo enne?Its me ammu.sukamano?exam engane pokunu?i am really sorry for not commenting ur ff.but i don’t miss any epi.u are one of my favorite writer in tu.ur each ff are totally different. This ff is fantastic. A different thread. Keep it my are a potential writer.i really enjoy ur always create a smile in my lips.i am to proud of you. Hey now i am in ur hometown thrissur.i am studying in veterinary collage of mannuthy.keep rock dear.

    1. HARITHA

      Wow are you studying mannuthy… that really great yaar

    2. HARITHA

      Wow are you studying mannuthy… that really great yaar…. njan maranatonnum Ella.. karnam evide akke chilla malayalikalle ullu… and you are one among them.. eth year anippol.. njan ayyantholilano thamasikunne… Ethanu thakalude yathartha sthalqm

  8. Wow exicting waiting next epi pls soon yaaa

  9. Awesome dear sis….. One think cleared abhi loved pragya only …..

    1. HARITHA

      Ya chechi ( elder sister ) abhi loves pragya… but yet what is their destiny

  10. Superb episode yaar loved it the way you narrating is awesome loved it

    1. HARITHA

      Thanks minu

  11. Awesome chechi?can I know why are you angry on me??

    1. HARITHA

      Who told you that I am angry on you dear… I am not in anger.. how can I that to with my cute little sister


    Thanks darlu

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