Its all about DESTINY (Episode 4)

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Hlo everyone thanku all for liking n commenting
It gives me appreciation….
So here my story goes…
In thahaan room
Thapki was in tears n bihaan sees her quietly…..
Thapki – why u do this to yourself?? Can’t u think of anyone else….( she was applying the gel on his wounds carefully n was acting to be in anger)
Thapki was unable to control her tears so she goes out the room…..
Bihaan was lying….
His phone rings
Bihaan – hlo
Voice – hlo Bhai
Bihaan – Ohh Paan it’s u!! How’re u?
Paan – I’m alright Bhai. Did u heard about his accident??
Bihaan – yes ( suddenly he feels pain ) Aahhh…. Yes I heard I also gone there…..
(Before bihaan could complete Paan cuts him)
Paan – r u OK Bhai?? U r not sounding fine….is everything all right??
Bihaan – yes yes everything’s fine
Paan – don’t lie Bhai …u can’t hide anything from me…u know well …come on tell me what happened??
Bihaan – wo actually…. (He explains him everything)
Paan – who were those men?? Tell me I’ll not leave them….how could they do this to u n bhabhi!! (In anger)
Bihaan – no Paan …I don’t want to…..
Paan – bhai let me tell bhabhi about everything
Bihaan – no no not needed. She’s not going to stay with me always so…..these things r meaningless….. Let it be paan
Paan – but bhai…..
(Bihaan cuts him n says)
Bihaan – let me sleep now….will talk u later good night
He cuts the call
Paan (to himself) – no Bhai I can’t see u like this….I have to do something…

Later in thahaan room
Thapki comes to the room n sees bihaan sleeping….
Thapki (to herself) – I don’t know why….I sometimes feel bihaan is innocent…. but today he proved me wrong …..( tears rolled out )
Thapki’s phone rings….
Thapki – hlo who’s there??
Voice (in a fearful tone) – I’m sorry sister I did everything…. Bihaan is innocent…..( he was the goon who was teasing thapki) he tells her everything….. Plzz forgive me….n cuts the call

Unknown place…

Goon – I explained her everything now leave me plzz
Paan and his men was shown pointing gun at goons n he said..
Paan – will u ever again dare to do this with bihaan Bhai??
Goons – no no I’m sorry….. Plzz forgive me …I’ll never tease any girl….plzz leave us…
Paan leaves them with the warning.

Thahaan room-
Thapki was in guilt n shock!!
Thapki – wha….wha…what..!!!!! Bihaan is innocent!!! I didn’t trusted him!!! O my god….I hurted him!!! N he was doing all this for me….. Oooohh no!!! I’m so sorry bihaan …..( she says to herself )
Paan on the other side was thinking
Paan – one task is completed Bhai. Now its time for next ….(he smiles)
At night
On dining table..
Everyone was their except thapki and bihaan..
Dadi – where is thapki??
Preeti – dadima she’s in her room with bihaan devarji…
Dadi – ohkk
Dadi to vasu – I said na something will definitely happen between them!!
Vasu – maa…if this will happen it’ll be good for everyone …..(she smiles n thinks – specially for my dhruv)
Thapki comes their
Dadi – where is bihaan thapki beta??
Thapki – dadima he’s in room (she doesn’t tells anything to them ) n says……- bihaan wants his food in room ..can I??
Dadi – yes of course beta….n take your dinner too…:)
Thapki – thanks dadi
In thahaan room
Bihaan was sitting on couch checking his wounds…
Thapki enters
Thapki – bihaan here’s your dinner..
Bihaan – thanks thapki….come let us …(he stops)….can we do dinner together?? I mean u don’t have any objection na?….(he continues but thapki cuts him )
Thapki – yes bihaan ….. We’ll do dinner together
Thapki gives plate to bihaan….
They start eating…. But bihaan was unable to eat by himself
Thapki sees this…
Thapki – bihaan wait….
She comes to him…n feeds him
They have an eyelock…(…na…na…plays)
Thapki – bihaan ….wo I wanted to say u something…
Bihaan – yes say thapki….
Thapki – actually… I’m sorry bihaan …..I shouted on u without knowing the reason….I hated u for that
( bihaan gets shocked as he thinks whether she knew about our marriage or what??? ) he coughs
Thapki hurriedly gives him water
He drinks it while looking at her…
Bihaan – what were u saying??
Thapki – bihaan…. I’m so sorry…..u got these wounds because of me …..n I was shouting at u…she starts weeping….
Bihaan – but….how did u know?
Thapki – that’s not important….. Just forgive me…I’m sorry
Bihaan sees it..n for cheering her up he says
Bihaan – Oh my god!!! The chuk chuk gadi herself saying me SORRY am I dreaming or what!!! (Funny tone plays in BG )
Thapki – ohh so u think I can’t say sorry to anyone?? (She looks at him pretending to be in anger)
Bihaan – no no when did I said that!!…I meant that chuk chuk gadi can say SORRY to anyone….but how could mahaan aatmaa say SORRY to Bihaan Pandey!!…sounds weird!!
( they finished their food while talking these …thapki goes to the jug to take water….she goes their as she was smiling…. But pretending to be in anger)
Thapki – Oho…will u stop teasing me…n saying me chuk chuk gadi n mahan aatmaa ?
Bihaan – Impossible!!…these r my favorite things…I luv to tease u…n to call u chuk chuk gadi….
Thapki – OK baba call me what u like …n finish this haldi milk….ur injuries will be recovered.
They both go to sleep
Bihaan was sleeping on bed n thapki was on couch
Bihaan (mind voice) – I know its u paan …thanku very much…u r a true friend. I don’t know why…but I’m loving to spend time with u thapki…u cared me so much even when u was unaware of truth….I wish we could stay together always…
Thapki(mind voice) – Bihaan my heart always feels that your heart is pure but my eyes always….. I scolded u so much….but u even didn’t said anything… U should’ve tell me na….. I love to spend time with u…. Bihaan …..I wish we could stay together always….. But yes I can’t forgive u for this marriage…. n I’ll not let me forget too…. I don’t know what’s happening …
(While thinking this…she too sleeps)
Both started liking each other’s company ….
But they both are insecure too…
Thapki isn’t able to trust him as he did a big cheating with her life…just because of her stammering problem
Bihaan is also insecure…as she was love of his brother. He was also in a big guilt as he cheated his chuk chuk gadi and his brother…. He wasn’t even able to face himself.

whether their DESTINY decided to keep them TOGETHER
or once again their DESTINY will CHEAT them??
Its all about DESTINY ……

will be revealed soon….
stay tuned…
#Precap – thahaan date
Thanx for reading guys…
Do comment
Luv u all ❤

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  1. Vinolin.d

    its amazing episode.keep writing dear Vinni.

    1. Vinni7

      Thanx Vinolin ??

  2. Navami

    Nice epi drr

  3. Thenkani.M

    Cute story n the way u fnish the story is great…n pans character is great too as nw they r together…the desnity must make them together cauz they made for each other??

    1. Vinni7

      Thakuuu so much…. Yes they’ll be together ……?…I tried finishing story this way…as I already mentioned… I’m not a good writer…. So bear me…n keep commenting ???

      1. Thenkani.M

        Are u kidding me sis…u r such a great writer..i wil keep support jst keep writing sis u duing so well ????

  4. Nice episode

  5. Alia919

    Nice update dear..

    1. Vinni7


  6. awsome epi… to read it….

    1. Vinni7

      Thanku sadia ??

  7. Jacqueline Nicole

    Finally !!! I was waiting fr ths….. cute epi as usuall. I hope destny brng thm together… thank u fr ths ff once again… keepwriting … we always be wth u no matter what.

    1. Vinni7

      Thanku so much Jacqueline…. U always gives me motivation…. ??❤

  8. Manish ki deewani

    Nice episode dear

  9. Amazing episode …. ?? And Destiny would surely bring them together … ❤ Plz continue … Waiting for ur next episode ?

    1. Vinni7

      Thanku so much naitan??

  10. Nice episode again Vinni

    1. Vinni7

      Thanku Priya??

  11. Good dear.. i like it..

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