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Hello everyone… may be this update will be small.. sorry for that… let’s go to story…
Episode starts with abhigya..

Ab; chashmish… our office is very close to our flat.. just 10 minute to reach.. so I think.. everyday I will leave first after that you.. so no one knew we are together..
Pragya noded her head.. they both went to respective rooms..
Abhi calls bulbul… through imo..
Ab; hey bulbul… how are you…

Bu; abhi… why are you pretending to be happy…
Ab; no I am seriously happy now..
Bu; abhi from your voice itself you are not comfortable there.. that’s why you call me now.. at night..
Ab; sorry bulbul.. I don’t knew that you are sleeping because here totally different na.. different place.. different people..
Bu; and different di right.. abhi look sad.. abhi I knew its all tough to you to go like this.. but I am telling you that it’s all will change soon.. you will get back your fighting chashmish.. actually I forget to ask you… how many times today you both fight..
Ab; only two time on flight..
Bu; so di will talk with you to fight na..
Ab; yes..

Bu: so you always make a reason to do so..
Ab; bulbul.. it’s not easy to fight like before.. because there is gap or barrier came between us..
Bu; abhi.. love can melt anything..
Ab; bulbul…
Bu; are you thinking about purab..
Ab; yes where is he…
Bu: he is sleeping abhi..
Ab; is he is fine na… please take care of him.. he only knew to take care of others.. abhi wipe his tears..
Bu: abhi…. don’t cry yaar.. it’s not suits you.. I knew you are missing everything..
Ab: no bulbul.. I am not… he rotates his cam around the room.. where his room is full of their group photos abhi with purab their fights..
Bul: wow that so nice..

Ab: when I look at all these I won’t feel that you all are away from me.. it was at that time abhi noticed something.. bulbul…are you hiding something…
Bu: hiding that too from you… why you asked so..
Ab; nothing just I felt that’s it..
Bu; abhi I want to tell you something important.. actually purab decided to do a partnership business with rishab..
Ab:partnership… bulbul if he wish to start a business.. he can do it his own na..
Bu; actually when rishab gave this proposal so.. I forced him to do so.. it’s good na.. to work with someone close to us..
Ab: bulbul. I don’t think it’s a right decision.. purab have the caliber to do it himself..
Bu; if you don’t wish then I will..
Ab; no.. as you agreed with rishab.. it’s bad to move off from it.. anyways everything happening is for good.. you go and sleep now.. I will call later.. I knew your di have called you..
Bu; ya of course… goodnight kadoos
Ab; bulbul tum… call ends..
Abhi smiles.. this girl na.. but why I feel that purab sits next to her when I call him.. as I have seen his shadow on bed.. I knew its purab.. but.. is he is not anger on me.. then what’s all that.. abhi recollect all events.. no may be my heart need that that’s why..
Abhi sleeps..

Next morning..
Abhi comes out of his room.. sees coffee on table.. and sees pragya in kitchen.. abhi take his coffee and read newspaper.. pragya after having her breakfast goes to her room.. abhi have his and get ready and goes out.. as pragya hears door shuting sound…
Pr; so he leaves..
Scene shifted to rv and company..
Abhi is waiting to see M.D. rv
His assistant calls abhi.. abhi gets in.. and show his appointment letter..
Rv: so you are Mr. Abhi.. our new accountant..
Ab; yes..

Rv; take your seat.. abhi.. actually in oh company only less Indians are there.. but I love Indian staffs.. as they work a lot.. so I am expecting that from you…
At that time pragya too enters.. she gives her appointments letter..
Rv; so miss. Pragya arora.. you are too going to join in account section.. so welcome both of you to this company.. and all the best..
pamps ( actually it’s a lady who is all in all in this office)
Rv: pamps… just introduce them among our staff’s..
Pamp; yes sir.. there trio comes out.. so handsome what’s your name..
Ab; abhi..
Pamp; hey chashmish.. what’s yours ( actually pragya don’t like anyone calling her by that name except abhi.. pragya get angered by controlling )
Pr; pragya..

They come to the staff section..
Pamp; so my handsomes and ladies.. this is abhigya..
All shouts abhigya..
Pamp; I mean abhi and pragya… our new staff members going to take charge in account section.
Let’s welcome them to our family.. everyone claps.. the main thing is they are from India.. all shouts India.. ( actually all of them love out country.. its culture and tradition )
Abhigya sits in their place.. actually their cabins are too close..
The one sitting next to pragya: hai pragya I am arjun.. if you need any help you can ask me.. I will help you..I am from mumbai… and look at her.. actually his looks so weird
Ab; hai arjun I am abhi.. from chennai..
Ar; nice to meet you buddy…

Actually it’s really easy for abhi to get company with everyone.. but that not in case of pragya.. in her place she is not like that.. but here.. new atmosphere new person’s..
They both returned to house..
Abhi after fresh up.. comes out of his room.. and sees pragya knocking and shouting… abhi gets in her room..
Ab; hey chashmish why are you making such noise..
Pr: I am not mental.. to do so.. actually look is jamed there.. so I can’t come out..
Ab; you just try..
Pr: lam tried of doing..
Ab; just wait I will try.. he too can’t.. he take knife and tried to open.. but all his doing get wasted.. so abhi decided to hit the door.. for that abhi.. moves backwards and run forward to get some force.. abhi coming to door.. and pragya opening the door happens at same time.. so abhi and pragya together moves back and falls in water tub..
Pr: abhi what is this..
Ab; I was trying to open na.. you can tell me that you opened it.. then..

Pragya tried to get up.. because of soapy she can’t falls over abhi…
They both share an eyelock.. ( sayyara tu sayyara plays )
Pragya again tried.. but she falls again..
Abhi holds pragyas shoulder as she tried to move again..
Ab; wait… I will help you.. actually abhis that touch make an effect on pragya..
Abhi gets up.. and helps pragya too.. but pragya is lost at somewhere.
Abhi waves his hand.. pragya came to sense..
Abhi moves forward which makes pragya moves backward.. at last she get hit on wall.. abhi is getting close to her.. pragya closed her eyes.. then opened… our abhi is taking the bucket which lying just near to place where pragya stands and pour over him.
And shook his head and goes..
Pragya smiles..

Days goes like this.. abhi and pragyas gap was not decreased.. but even increase more.. abhigya spent their leisure time a their room respectively.. when abhi comes out of room.. to see tv.. if pragya is sitting and watching it will go inside her room.. same happened in case of abhi too.. but love can’t stay like this.. is love is true.. it will make person to feel.. it.. it will decrease distance and increase closeness between two.. that is truth it will happen here too.. but how…??? Let’s see it on next episode..

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  1. Vishvaja

    Super di….awesome di…waiting for the next episode di… love you so much di

  2. wow super honey dear………………

    love u love u love u

  3. Princesskrisha

    Supeebb haritha di its so nice wanna unite abhigya soon

  4. Princesskrisha

    Supeebb haritha di its so nice wanna unitee abhigya soon

  5. Saranya24

    Wow darlu its too goooddd loved it a lot waiting fr thr union and love love u dear?????

  6. Reshma_Pradeep


  7. Oh come on…..pragya is doing too much…i know abhi did was not right but its too much…she promised to him right she will be fighter friend….but apadi terila….anyway today I love the relationship between Abhi and bulbul as I said earlier and Purab was beside bulbul right I like it……keep going yaar….i love it

  8. Aishwarya12

    Awesome akka…I loved it…waiting for next epi

  9. Prathi

    Lovely epi dear… Make them fight so they will come closer.. hoping for some fights

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  11. princesskrisha

    Di when is nxt update

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  13. Monesha

    Wow….. Awesome….. My dear baby doll di. Loved it to the coreeeeeeeeeeeee……. Keep rocking….. Love you a lottttttt….. Loads of huggggggggs and kisses to you ummmmmmaaaaaaaa….. ???

  14. Awesome chechi ????

  15. superb and nice episode loved it

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