Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 9

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Abhi finished his works as early as he could and went to Naina’s house. Naina heard the door bell and opened the door to see Abhi. Naina worriedly said “Bhai….” Abhi not looking directly at her was keep on looking behind in search of Cutie. Abhi “Where is she?” Naina “Inside her room….I think she is sleeping….” Abhi “Glad that u know! I also know she is sleeping….” Naina “Come in Bhai…” She moved aside allowing him to come in. Abhi sat down and looked at Naina who was standing and her sight was towards Cutie’s room.
Abhi “Naina….if u don’t mind can I ask u something?” Naina “Sure Bhai….” Abhi “What happened to Cutie’s Papa?” Naina looked helpless, she know this moment would come and a lot of memories of her past passed in front of her eyes.

Abhi “I am sorry…if it’s very personal then….” Naina “No Bhai….” She let a deep sigh and looked at him. Naina leaning against a wall said “He is no more….he went away to a world with peace leaving us in a world with problems….” Abhi saw how emotional Naina looked with trying to control her tears that were flowing uncontrollably. Abhi “Why can’t u tell this to Cutie?” Naina “How can I Bhai? She is so young….that’s why I lied to her that he went far away from us….and won’t come back….” Abhi “You are right Naina…but she is thinking that he went far away and will come back soon….” Naina “I don’t know Bhai…I am not sure how to explain to her and that’s why I feel I can’t be a good mother!” Abhi “No Naina….you are a good mother! Do u see how smart is Cutie? It’s all because of u!!” Naina looking at Abhi asked “Really?” Abhi “I also had brought up my sister! Trust me! She is as smart as my sister! At times when I look at Cutie, she resembles my sister….I know it sounds cliché but yes I feel I am having my sister’s presence in her!” Naina remained silent. Naina, Yes Bhai she is a part of me too….

Abhi “Let me explain to her….I know it will be difficult for her to accept…but if we never tell then we are just giving false hopes to her….That is not good Naina…False hopes can only disappoint her badly…”
Naina hesitated “But….” Abhi “I will take care….You call me Bhai so many times…let me do something to be responsible for the word….” Naina still looked disturbed. Abhi went to where Cutie was and looked at her awake to the sound of his footsteps.
Naina was waiting anxiously outside her room not knowing what is happening inside. She was scared what would be reaction of Cutie.

Almost an hour later, Abhi came out carrying Cutie and looked at Naina. Naina was still looking very disturbed. Abhi passed Cutie to Naina and said “Naina! Cutie wants to tell u something….” Naina get hold of her and looked at her with tears flowing down her cheeks. Cutie “Ma….” She then looked at Abhi. Abhi “Tell Cutie…” Cutie “Bring me to balcony….” Naina “Why?” Cutie “Bring me na….” Abhi “She is saying right? Just bring her there….” Naina walked towards the balcony and was still carrying Cutie.
Cutie “Look up Ma!” Naina looked up and Cutie “Papa is over there….very far away but we can see him every night….He is that star na….” She pointed to one of the brightly shining star there and Naina nodded her head with teary eyed. Cutie “Friend also said….Papa is always looking at us….if u cry or I cry then he will go away!” By saying that she wiped Naina’s tears with her hands. Cutie “Then he will be very very very far away from us…..” Naina looking at the sky said “So we shouldn’t cry…..” Cutie “Right Ma….Friend also say now he is not shining very brightly as we are sad…..” Naina “So we shouldn’t be sad….” Cutie kissed Naina’s cheeks and said “Sorry Ma….” Naina “I should be sorry Cutie…” Cutie “No Ma….you are always right….You are Cutie’s Ma! Can never be wrong! Right Papa?” She looked up the sky as if asking her dad and the star twinkled more brightly! Cutie in excitement “Did u see that Ma? Papa is saying yes!!! He also say YES to me!!” Naina kissing Cutie on her forehead said “Nobody can say NO to my Cutie!!” Cutie “Really?” Naina “Yes!” Cutie showed her right cheek and asked her to kiss there. Naina kissed there and Cutie “I love u Ma!” Naina “I love u too Cutie!!” Cutie “Oh no! Ma! We should say love u to Papa! If not he will go away!!” Naina smiled and looked up the sky together with Cutie. Both said at the same time “We love you!!!”
Abhi looked at all this from the back and was feeling relieved that he had made something worth to the word Bhai that Naina calls her. Abhi, Sometimes I feel Naina is like my sister….scary cat!! But where are u scary cat??? Why are u so scared to come in front of your brother? I miss you badly…..

He had tears welled up in his eyes and wiped it when he saw Naina was about to turn back.
Naina still carrying Cutie walked towards Abhi. Naina “Thank you Bhai….you made everything easier….I thought all this would be difficult for her to understand….but you…” Abhi “I said that Cutie is smart! She understands difficult things very easily!! Am I right Cutie?” Cutie “Yes Friend! Ma is not that smart!!” Naina “Oye Cutie! I am not smart?” Cutie “Not like me! I am smartie!!” Then in a low tone she said “ You are just smart!!” Naina burst into laughter and tickled her. Cutie giggled and Abhi “Cutie! She is also smartie!!” Cutie was still giggling and said “No! I am smartie!!” Naina “Okok fine! Now get down! You are getting heavy nowadays!” Cutie “Then pass me to friend! He can carry me!” Naina “Naughty girl!” By saying that she passed her to Abhi was very willing to carry her. Naina “Let me bring something for u all to eat!” Cutie with a pout said “Ma! I want Osaka!” Naina “You always want that!!” Abhi was confused hearing that and asked “What is that Osaka?” Naina “ A city in Japan!” Abhi “That I know but how can she eat that?” Naina walking towards the kitchen said “Wait Bhai! You will see what is Osaka in her meaning….”

Abhi sat down on the sofa and Cutie was keep on explaining about Osaka’s taste. Abhi was getting more curious. In a while, Naina came with a tray that had bowls of gulab jamuns and Abhi looked perplexed. Naina “Why are u looking like that Bhai?” Abhi “Is this Osaka?” Naina “Haan Bhai…I always have to either make or buy this and keep in stock!” Abhi “Why?” Naina “Look beside u!” Cutie was already staring at the bowl with full of happiness. She was with her arms open as if she wants to hug the bowl.
Abhi “Hey Cutie!!” Cutie “Don’t disturb me!! I am talking to Osaka!” Abhi “You are just looking at it!” Cutie “Silent language!” Naina passed the bowl to her. Cutie gobbled and chewed the gulab jamuns in happiness and was keep on saying yummy….Osaka I love u! Osam!!

Abhi chuckled seeing that and he was about to eat his bowl, that’s when Cutie looked at him in side ways. Abhi “You want this bowl?” Cutie nodded her head many times and Naina “No! Cutie! Enough! Let him eat!!” Abhi “It’s okay Naina….” He passed his bowl to her and Naina “She is already eating Bhai…..” Abhi “She will eat on my behalf….In fact, I don’t….” Naina interrupted and said “Don’t like sweets” Abhi was surprised and said “How did u know?” Naina “Just assumed….” Abhi smiled broadly and turned to look at Cutie eating with full of joy.

Naina, I am very sorry Bhai….I know I have to tell u that your sister is here….just in front of u….but I know you will be very worried to know that I lost my husband….lost happiness and a lot of things that u wished me to have….Now my only aim is to make sure u don’t have any loss of happiness….
Their day ended with having dinner together and Abhi then went back to his house.

Abhi was about to change to a comfortable wear and that’s when he heard his phone ringing. He saw an unknown number and answered it. Pragya again in a tensed tone “Hello…Is this Abhi?” Abhi “Yes but who is this?” Pragya “Pragya!” Abhi “Okay…what’s the matter?” Pragya flustered with words “Wo…did….I…as in…u…scolded…today…I” Abhi “Ms Pragya! Are u ok?” Pragya “Ya I am fine…but..” Pragya, How can I ask him directly?
Abhi “Are u there?” Pragya “Yes yes!” Abhi “Ms Pragya…I am already tired….if it’s about the prize then I am sorry as I think I have misplaced it….” Pragya “Oh….” Abhi “Anything else?” Pragya “I am very sorry for disturbing u again” Abhi in a calm voice said “It’s okay….but I will try to pass it to Boss soon…By the way, what u spoke today was very true!” Pragya “Sorry…but I wanted to ask u about that too…” Abhi “Yes what u want to ask about that?” Pragya “I am sorry again for making u…..” Abhi “Now I understand! All this is because of Boss! Ms Pragya…I was not affected by the words of Boss….anyways she always taunts us…but it’s all for fun!” Pragya “But still….she scolded u right?” Abhi “When did she scold me?” Pragya “She said that she scolded u harshly….” Abhi “Our Boss starts to lie too! No Ms Pragya she never did like that!” Pragya hearing that was relieved. Abhi laughed silently and said “Anything else?” Pragya “…bye!” Abhi “Good night Ms Pragya!” With that their conversation ended.
Abhi, Why this Pragya is so much concerned about me? How does it affects her if I get scolded?

Pragya, Everything about u affects me….as u are the only one who can affect me now…..
Both doze off to sleep with the thoughts of that day……..

A few days later,
Abhi impatiently said “Come Cutie!!” Cutie “Coming friend!! I have so many things to take in my bag!!” Abhi “Then let me help to pack!” Cutie “No Friend….di always say I should do my work!” Abhi smiled in return and was waiting for her to pack her bag. Naina “At least let me help u!” Cutie “No!! You help me put all the things here! I will pack my bag!!” Abhi “Naina….just leave it!” Naina gasped in frustration and looked at Abhi who standing all the while. Naina “At least u sit down Bhai…” Abhi grinned and said “It’s okay…” Naina “Nobody is listening to me….both of u are stubborn!” By saying that she sat down on the sofa.
Abhi said “That’s why we are friends Naina…we don’t listen to others! Am I right Cutie?” Cutie “Haan friend! Don’t disturb me!” Abhi “Okok….no disturbance….” Cutie finally packed her bag and zipped it. Then she turned to face Abhi. Abhi “Done?” Cutie winked at him. Abhi “Then let’s go!” Naina “Then what is this Cutie? Where will u put your lunchbox?” She said that by holding onto the lunchbox. Cutie looked sad. Naina “Why are u sad now?” Cutie “I packed everything….now need to take everything out….” Naina patting her back said “No problem Cutie…” She opened the bag and placed it on top of the things that Cutie had packed. Cutie “Ma….but….” Naina “Now u go! Next time I will teach u how to pack….ok? Do u know how long your friend is waiting for u?” Cutie “Sorry Ma….Sorry friend…” Abhi came towards her and carried her together with the bag. Abhi “No need to be sorry! Let’s go!!!”

Naina “Bhai! I am very sorry…she never inform me that u want to bring her out for picnic…if not I would have told her to pack a day before….” She said that by staring at Cutie. Cutie turned away not facing Naina in fear. Naina in a stern tone said “Now u turn away!” Abhi still smiling said “She is young na…she was very excited about this and could have forgot to tell u in excitement….”

Naina “You always support her….Cutie are u listening? Behave yourself and if u want anything ask him…don’t do anything naughty! And very importantly don’t run everywhere!” Cutie replied in alow tone “Okay…” Naina “Just ok?” Abhi interrupted “Naina!! I will take care of her and just tell her bye with a smile!” Naina smiled and looked at Cutie who was still not looking at her. Naina “Bye Cutie!” She said that cheerfully and Cutie looked at her. Cutie too cheerfully said “Bye Ma!!” Abhi “Ok all fine now!” By saying that he left with Cutie for picnic.

Abhi and Cutie reached their picnic spot and played different games. Suddenly, Cutie was making weird faces and Abhi asked “What happened?” Cutie “Friend!! Ugent!! Very Ugent!!!” Abhi “Huh? What’s Ugent???” Cutie making a sad face was holding onto her stomach with both hands in pain. Abhi “Oh no! Urgent!! You want to go toilet?” Cutie shook her head in response. Abhi was clueless of how can he bring to toilet in the place they were. Abhi “Ok u come with me….I think there should be some toilet here….” That’s when he saw a lady wearing a scarf on her face was standing in front of him. He called her and she looked back. Abhi hurriedly said “Mam…can u help me? She wants to go toilet and can u accompany her to the toilet there?” Pragya was shocked seeing them but tried to act normal as her face was covered. Pragya nodded her head and brought Cutie to the toilet. He waited for them to return and Cutie with a broad smile holding onto Pragya came out of the toilet. Abhi now looked at them and realized Pragya looked familiar….The more she came closer the more he tried to remember the eyes…..

Abhi, This is the same eyes of Cutie’s di……

He saw her lips curving into a smile as the scarf was slightly removed due to the blow of wind.

Cutie let go off Pragya’s hands and ran towards Abhi. Cutie distracted Abhi by saying “Friend!! She can’t speak!! Then she did some sign language….you know I am smartie na so I understand it!” Abhi hurriedly said “Ok!” He looked up to see Pragya again but she went missing in the crowd.

Abhi, She can’t speak!! No she didn’t want to speak!! She just helped Cutie and went missing!! But wait!! I remembered this smile before….I have seen this somewhere else…..The lips….ya!! Don’t know where…but I definitely had seen this before…..

He came back to senses when Cutie was keep on calling “Oye Hoye!!!”

As they walked back to their picnic spot Pragya’s scarf flew and came on his face as the blow of wind was even more stronger……
He saw someone running towards him to get that scarf but then looking at him from a distance the person ran away.
Abhi, This is just a scarf! Why did he ran away back? Strange…..

He looked at the scarf and realized it was same as Cutie’s di was wearing just now.

Cutie “ I want this scarf!!!” Abhi gave it to her and ignoring his thoughts he continued to play with Cutie.
Pragya “Thank god! You knew it’s him! If not I can’t even imagine what would have happened!” The boy “I know di….Cutie was also there that’s why I know it was Abhi….” Pragya with an unknown worry said “Ya I also know….we have to leave now…..”

Cutie opened the prize hidden under the sofa. She looked at the photos inside the box and was surprised to see Friend and di standing far away from each other in a wedding. She saw another photo where Abhi was holding onto her cousin brother’s baby picture.

In another situation,
Pragya telling to someone “Love is not only about living the life with your loved ones….love is also living the life left behind by your loved ones….”

Thank u everyone for reading and I am planning to rest a bit as my hands have some kind of pain that is like again coming up! So I will try to update on Thursday or Friday for both ffs. Hope u all can understand and once again thanks for the support! All the ff writers are rocking as usual! Keep rocking! Bye guys!!! Extra info: From episode 10 onwards there will be more Abhigya scenes due to 3D games! And sorry for this delaying but I am scared of this pain so let me rest a bit and I will be back soon…..

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