Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 63

Naina went to Cutie’s room to wake her up but she was already awake by walking to and fro.

Cutie frowned at Naina and walked passed her with a cushion in her hand.

Naina looked puzzled and followed her by calling Cutie! Cutie!

Purab was in the living room sitting on the sofa and Cutie signalled him to stand up.

Purab also did it as she really looked angry.

He went and stood beside Naina.

Naina “ Cutie! How many times I have to call you?? Are u here??”

Cutie leaving her cushion on the sofa folded her arms in anger. She was looking at Naina and Purab.

Naina whispered “ Why does she looks so angry from the moment she is awake?”

Purab “ How would I know? She never even spoke one word! She is just staring at us!”

Cutie walked towards them still with her arms folded.

She walked around them making Naina and Purab clueless.

Naina “ Cutie…anything serious? We actually went out yesterday night to see….” Cutie “ Ssssh!” Naina kept silent and Cutie went to the dining room and pushed a chair from there towards Naina and Purab.

Climbing up the chair and standing on it she looked at them from top to bottom.

Purab “ Why are u so serious Cutie?”

Cutie frowned and gestured them to tilt their head to the left side.

They also did that and Cutie smiled.

Naina “ How long we have to be in this position?”

Cutie “ Now come back to normal!”

They looked straight and Cutie chuckled.

Cutie “ You two scared of me!!! Yippie!”

Naina “ No we didn’t!” Purab “ Ya no we are not scared of u!”

Cutie “ I know where u all went!”

Naina “ You know? How?” Cutie “ I called di and she said everything!”

Naina in surprise “ Everything?”

Purab whispered to her “ She would have told in the way Cutie understands…not like u are thinking…”

Cutie “ What are u telling?” She asked looking at Purab.

Purab lifting Cutie in his arms “ Enough of your Q&A! Now let’s brushy your teeth!”

Naina saw Purab saw Cutie protesting to brush her teeth later but Purab was not listening and brought her to the bathroom.

Naina with a smile thought, At least now I have someone who can help me control Cutie!

As for Pragya, she was helping Abhi to unpack his stuff that Purab that passed her as Abhi is staying with her.

Abhi walking out from the washroom “ Not bad…now itself u are doing a duty like a wife!” He said with his charming smile.

Pragya “ Nothing like that…I just feel u shouldn’t strain yourself!” She said that and turned to look at him.

She was shocked to see him carrying dumbbells.

Abhi “ You are right baby!”

Pragya irked “ You are ok to carry weights!!! How can u strain yourself??”

Abhi “ Come on Pragya! I am a strong man! Just because I got beaten it doesn’t mean I can’t carry weights!”

Pragya “ Put it down first! Go back to your bed!” She demanded.

Abhi ignored her and continued carrying the dumbbells when she in pain “Haaaa!” Abhi dropped the dumbbell on the bed and came closer to her to see why she shouted.

Abhi “ What happened? You got hurt? Where?” He asked her with concern.

Pragya smiled proudly and he realized she was faking her pain.

Abhi “ Naughty girl!”

Pragya “ Good boy!”

Abhi “ Haye! Am I a good boy?” He asked with excitement.

Pragya “ Any doubts?”

Abhi “ Yes I do have…” He said by trying to hug her when she moved in sideways to avoid his hug.

Abhi looking confused “ Why are u moving like this?”

Pragya “ Nothing…” She said with a faint smile.

Abhi “ No there is something!” He said by going near her when she escaped from her by running away.

He too ran behind and collided with the man making Pragya nervous to the core.

Man furiously “ What is this? Is this a playground for you all to run and play?”
Abhi never replied to him and walked passed him to where Pragya was standing.

Man in a stern tone “ I am asking something and u are walking away!”

Abhi walking back holding Pragya’s hand said “ Here I am!”

Man “ Oh…that means u won’t leave her at any moment?”

Abhi “That’s why I love her!”

Man let a sarcastic laughter making Pragya irritated.

Man “ I have to check on that young man!”

Pragya was about to tell something when Abhi stopped her by holding her hands firmly.

Man “ One more time I see you two running here and there, I won’t leave u all!”

Hearing that Abhi smirked and went with Pragya by placing his hand protectively over her shoulder.

Pragya, Sometimes I feel he is hiding something from me as usual…The more he tells of how much he needs me and loves me, I feel something secretive behind it.

Abhi bringing her to the kitchen “ So do u cook here?”

Pragya “ Abhi…do u hide anything from me?”

Abhi opened the fridge and took the bottle of water from there and started to drink water from it.

Pragya “ Abhi…I am asking you something!”

Abhi after drinking the water said “ Ya I know!”

Pragya “ What you know?”

Abhi “ You trust me right?”

Pragya “ Yes more than myself…”

Abhi “ I will tell when I feel it’s the right time to tell you…”

Pragya looked perplexed and he smiled by saying “ You don’t have to think too much except for doing something now…”

He picked an apple from there and threw it towards Pragya.

Pragya “ What? You want me to cut apple?”

Abhi laughing “ No yaar…Just Hug me!”

Pragya “ Now?”

Abhi in a mischievous tone “ No…”

Pragya “ Then?”

Abhi walked towards her and she kept walking backwards hitting the wall.

Abhi “ Mushy pushy!”

Pragya widened her eyes in shock and asked “ You know the meaning?”

Abhi “ My meaning is different baby…”

Pragya “ Different?” She asked innocently.

Abhi told her what was his plan and she shook her head in disbelief.

Pragya “ How can I do this?? It’s insane!”

Abhi “ Please…for me…” He asked pleadingly.

Pragya looked uncomfortable.

Abhi “ Just for a while baby…”

Pragya “ Alright! Only for you but u should tell me what u are hiding soon!”

Abhi looked away and she said “ You are telling it right?”

Abhi “ Yes I will…” He said in a low tone.

After a while both Abhi and Pragya came out of the kitchen chit chatting cheerfully and seeing that the man stared at them.

Man “ You two won’t have anything else to do ah? Always sticking together like glue!!!”

Abhi “ So what? Anyways what’s my round 2?”

Man “ So fast u are ready to do it ah?”

Abhi kissing Pragya’s cheek “ Yes as long my baby is beside me!”

Man seeing that can’t stand it and screamed “ Stop it!”

Pragya and Abhi hugs each other when Man screams at them.

Man yelled “ What the hell is this now?” Abhi and Pragya hugging each other passionately with their eyes closed and are acting as if they can’t hear him.

Man finds this insanely irritating and walks away.

Man, He is purposely annoying me with my daughter!

Abhi “ He is gone! Now leave me…” Pragya “ He is gone na…then why do I have to leave you?” She said in a moody voice by hugging him tightly. Abhi looks on and is speechless.

Pragya moving away whispered “ He was still looking at us….” She said looking away in shyness.

Abhi “ Oh…but your voice was very moody….”

Pragya quickly turned behind when he said “ Let’s go!”

Pragya “ No! I have something to do in kitchen! You go first!” She said blushingly.

Abhi “ I understand that u are suffering from side effects…Isn’t it sweet baby?” He said in a naughty voice making her blush even more.

Pragya simply nodded her head and remained in silence.

Abhi “ Okok! I will go first! Now u can head to the kitchen without shying too much!” He said by back hugging her and then both parted ways.

Pragya didn’t went to the kitchen instead she went to her room after he had went inside the room he was.

She frantically searched for something and found the diary.

Pragya “ There I got it!”

Pragya, I didn’t want to read this without his knowledge. But with what he is hiding from me all this while, I think there is a need for this now…

She had took his diary with her when she had slipped into his house sometime back to seduce him.

Pragya flipped to the first page and read it and then came across a page saying,


Pragya, He is saying sorry to me?

Every page she read she felt her heart aching and feel like she was stupefied.

Pragya unable to read the diary further closed it and threw it away.

Pragya looked at Abhi smiling at her and she too tried her best to smile.

Pragya, I am waiting Abhi for the day you will admit what u have done….

In another situation,

Bulbul “ Di…He won’t understand me yaar…” Pragya “ He will…just try na…”
Bulbul “ No! He is also like his brother! Both of us end up in a cave filled with darkness!” She said that and packed her stuff to leave for work.

Bulbul was about to leave the room when she turned behind and said “ Di…I love him so much that I don’t need his love in return….I just need a look towards me from him…” She said that longingly and left in tears.

Pragya in worry thought, When will this Purab understand her love?

Thank u everyone for reading!

SamyuSam: I know there is still lot of doubts that is still uncleared. Please wait and I will reveal them gradually and yes I have not yet told anything before that u have mentioned except for arjun and naina briefly in the way naina tells a bed time story to Cutie. Since u have asked it, then i thought why not reveal the past now…so that’s what u see in the precap! It’s Purbul story first and the others on the way

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