Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 62

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Pragya worriedly “ Did u all hear what did the Doctors say? If he was continued to be beaten then his vital organs could have been greatly affected. Why is he like this? Is there a need to do all this?”

Naina “ There is no need for him to do but he is doing all this as he needs you…”

Pragya “ You also don’t be like him! Coming up with lines to make me emotional!”

Naina “ Pragya, we are not telling to make you emotional…This is the truth and the fact!”

Pragya remained silent unable to accept all this.

Purab “ Pragya…Doctor say that he needs to take bed rest for a few days…let me bring him back…”

Pragya “ No…let him stay here…”
Naina asked “ Here? Will he allow?”

Man just then arrived and said “ This is a very big house and I have no issues for him staying here!”

Pragya blatantly “ Thanks…”

Man “ But you can’t stay with him!”

Pragya “ I need to be there to take care of him!”

Man “ That’s not an issue! What I meant is you can’t stay with him in the nights!”

Pragya looked away giving a disgusting look towards him and he left from there.

Purab “ I don’t understand his motive of making you stay here….”

Pragya “ I also don’t know Purab but I can’t take the risk of going against him.”

Naina “ You don’t worry too much, let Bhai recovers first and then we will talk about this….”

Pragya “ Naina…if u don’t mind…can I talk to u for a while personally?”

Purab “ I will wait for you outside the house Naina…”

Naina nodded her head in response to Purab and followed Pragya to her room.

Pragya “ Is it true of what Cutie said?”
Naina looked away hearing that.

Pragya “ Naina…if u don’t feeling like telling me then it’s alright…I am sorry for asking about it…”

Naina “ No’s not like that…Bhai and you are the same for me…I was worried why both of you never asked about this until now…”

Pragya “ Then tell me who is the lucky man…” She said with a smile.

Naina “ I am the lucky person to have a person like him in this point of my life…You know him too…” She said that and looked at Pragya.

Pragya “ Who is that?”

Naina “ Purab!”

Pragya “ Purab?”

Naina “ Yes Pragya! Nobody could have been in my life with the kind of understanding he has…”

Pragya doubtfully “ Is he accepting you as you look like Bulbul?”

Naina shaking her head negatively “ No Pragya…it was me who is accepting him and yes I am looking like Bulbul may be the reason that u can think that he loves me but looks only doesn’t leads to love…”

Pragya was surprised of her words.

Naina “ Pragya…I never knew that I would fall in love after Arjun’s demise…I will always love him but now Purab is my love for my family….He is more like Arjun too, in the way he understands my feelings which made me fall in love with him…”

Pragya “ If you are clear about all this, then we can proceed to marriage right?”

Naina “ No Pragya! First it’s Bhai and you getting married after that it’s us!”

Pragya looking down “ I think it’s hopeless…”

Naina “ I am with full of hope that it will happen…Bhai won’t leave you that easily!”

Pragya “ Why both of u don’t understand that I am the problem to everyone! You all should stay away from problems!”

Naina “ Problem? Don’t say like that in front of Bhai….He never thinks u that way…To him you are his peace that he wants!”

Pragya in frustration “ Both of you are the same in thoughts and feelings…I seriously can’t understand why both of u are like this!”

Naina with light laughter “ Manufacturing defect!”

Pragya “ Yes a very big Manufacturing defect!” She said and smiled.

Naina “ Ok Pragya, he would be waiting for me and I leave now first…Call me if u need any help…I know u can take care of Bhai better than anyone, so I am not worried about that…”

Pragya nodded her head with a smile and went out with her from the room.

As for Naina in the car with Purab was silent.

Purab “ Pragya asked about us?” Naina “ Yes…now Bhai would be also knowing about us…”

Purab “ I guess he already knows about us…” Naina looking surprised “ What do u mean? He knows about us?”

Purab “ I think after Cutie told, he would have guessed it was me….”

Naina “ Why do u think so?”

Purab “ Just a feeling…”

Naina “ No…if he knew then he would have talked to me about it…”

Purab “ Naina….maybe he wants you to tell him, why are you hesitating to tell about us? Are u still unsure of me being in your life?”

Naina “ No! It’s not like that! I am very sure of you being in my life FOREVER!”

Purab smiled hearing the way she said forever and asked “ Then what’s bothering you?”

Naina “I don’t know…It’s the same feeling that I felt when I loved Arjun….I was very scared of Bhai’s reaction although I knew that he will accept my decision….” She said in a shaky voice.

Purab “ Why are you scared when you know that he would accept your decision?”

Naina “Because my Bhai gets more excited and he would be taking the pressure of doing the best things for me! He have always been like that! He is my mother and father! Purab, now it’s not like earlier, but then I really don’t want him to pressurize himself to do anything for me…”

Purab “ I understand it but we can explain all this to him!”

Naina “ No he won’t listen to all this. Right now, his focus should be on getting Pragya in his life! That’s why I told Pragya that our marriage will happen only after theirs….I never even discussed about this with you…Do you mind this?”

She asked looking at him with uneasiness.

Purab “ You are telling as if we are getting married for the first time! I am ok with this and this is the way it should happen too! Even I was thinking of this way but before that u had informed it to Pragya…”

He said with a wide smile making Naina to feel relaxed.

Purab “ But you have to convince a very important person about this!”

Naina with confusion “ Who is that? Your Ma?”

Purab shaking his head as no “ Even more important than her! Cutie!”

Naina chuckled and said “ Oh ya…Cutie, even if I am not excited about this, she is the one who is so excited saying everyday that when our marriage happens she will do dance and singing with her friends!”

Purab “ That means you are not excited about our relation?” He asked sadly.

Naina smiled inwardly “ Why should I be excited? This is not our first time getting married right?”

Purab “ Oh ya…” He said looking straight by driving.

Naina smiled at him being disappointed.

Naina “ Actually…The person coming into my life will excite me everyday…”

Purab “ Is that so?” He asked with excitement.
Naina “ And he will easily gets excited with whatever I say…” She said with shyness.

Purab “ He will not only get excited by what u say but also with what you do…”

Naina in a puzzled look “ With what I do?”

Purab “ What you do like when you were drunk that day!”

Naina remembering her kiss to him blushed badly and Purab liked seeing that.

The next day,

Pragya came inside the room where Abhi was and saw him sleeping soundly.

Pragya slowly sat beside him and was admiring him.

Abhi “ What are you looking at baby?”

Pragya “ You are awake?” She asked in shock as he opened his eyes.

Abhi “ I was waiting to see you!”

Pragya “ are you feeling now?”

Abhi trying to move said “ Tired…but no pain!”

Pragya helped him to sit and asked “ Do u need anything?”

Abhi “ You are asking as if I am hospitalized!”

Pragya “ Doctor had attended to you and he said you should take bed rest for few days…”

Abhi “ Why I didn’t know about this?”

Pragya “ You were sleeping that time…”

Abhi “ So you are my Nurse now?”

Pragya “ Kind of….” She said by trying to take off his shirt.

Abhi shrieked “ What are you doing? I don’t have energy for all that!”

Pragya “ Chee! I am helping to change your t-shirt! Always in that thoughts!”

Abhi sadly “ So u never had those thoughts?”  

Pragya smiled inwardly and was wiping his chest and back with a wet towel.

Abhi “ I am asking u! You don’t have those thoughts?”

Pragya “ Shut up Abhi! First you need to be beaten for talking like this!”

Abhi “ Very bad Pragula!”

Pragya making him wear a new shirt “ First you take rest and I will bring your breakfast!”

Abhi “ I am resting for hours now…let me come with u too!” He said by trying to wake up when she kissed him on his cheek.

Pragya in a stern tone “ Statue! Remain like this!”

Abhi remained in shock of her sudden kiss and she smiled as she left the room to take his breakfast.

She coming back with the breakfast in a tray, still saw him in a state of shock.

Pragya exclaimed “Abhi!!!”

Abhi shaking his head came back to senses and looked around.

Pragya “ What happened now?”
She asked by sitting beside him.

Abhi “ Why do you kiss me without informing me?”

Pragya “ Oh so I have to inform you before doing that?” She said by feeding him with a spoon.

Abhi “ Ya and I never even brush my teeth!”

Pragya “ So bad…but it’s alright as you are a big baby and never eat anything from yesterday evening!”

Abhi munching his food looked away.

Pragya “ Why is Big baby angry?”
Abhi “ Big baby don’t like small baby kissing him suddenly!”

Pragya “ Acha…so sad…” She said by feeding him the next spoon of food.

Abhi “ You are not taking it serious!” He said by looking at her.

Pragya murmured “ He is saying as if I need to make announcement before kissing him…”

Abhi “ I heard you!”

Pragya “Did you?”

Abhi “ Yes I did and I am very upset about this!”

Pragya “ So sad as I am very bad…”

Abhi frowned at her and she too frowned at him.

Pragya “ What happened to you? Did you lose your mind after getting beaten?”

Abhi yelled “ No!!”

Pragya “ Sssssh! This is not your house or mine!”

Abhi  “ I know and I don’t care…anyways it’s my father in law’s house na….” He said that and winked at her.

Pragya hearing that looked away keeping the bowl and spoon on the side table.

She was about to stand when he pulled her towards him.

Abhi “ Don’t you trust me?” He asked softly.

Pragya “ It’s not about trusting you…I don’t want you to do all this!” She said by trying to get his hands away from hers.

Abhi firmly holding her “ I want you and I will do this!”

Pragya “ Why are you not understanding this simple thing? I left from Ranveer’s house without informing anyone as I don’t want anything now….”

Abhi “ Really? You don’t even want me?”
Pragya “ Yes…” She said by trying not to be emotional. Abhi “ No…your eyes is not telling that…”

Pragya “I just want all my loved ones to be safe….” She said by looking down.
Abhi “ For that you want to be unsafe?”
Pragya “ I am safe here! He is my father and what can he do to me?”
Abhi “ I am talking about your feelings being safe…It’s only safe with me!”

Pragya looked at him and hugged him.

Abhi rubbing her back “ Pragya…think this as our last step to be destined together…”

Pragya looking emotionally asked “ Do you think so?”

Abhi “ Haan Pragya…No matter whatever problems come up, you know that we need each other in every situation…” He coaxed her.

Pragya breaking the hug “ But you are not doing what he demands! This 7 rounds and all it’s unnecessary Abhi!”

Abhi “ It’s not about whether it is necessary or unnecessary Pragya, it’s about doing it to prove him that our love is necessary to us!”

Pragya “ Prove? Why do we have to prove him? We know who we are to each other! That’s enough Abhi!”

Abhi “ Then what you expect to do? We can’t go against him Pragya…”

Pragya “ That’s why I am saying, just drop all this! You leave from here and let’s end this!” She said by wiping her tears.

Abhi “ You have started it again! I am fixed in my decision of doing this!” He said sternly by holding her shoulder.

Pragya unable to understand him says “I hate you for being like this!” Abhi “Then what else?” Pragya stressed “I am telling I hate you!” Abhi “ You know hating is also a kind of love!” Pragya holding his face in her hand “Please leave na…don’t stay here…” Abhi “I will and get used to it baby!”

Pragya “ Why are you like this?” She said by looking at him caringly.

Abhi smiled and said “ Pragya…I don’t have the energy to repeat the same thing again….Even if my mind thinks of being distancing from you, my heart never distanced itself from you….It always have felt that you are my destiny! I need you as my destiny and destination to live! It’s the same for you…Am I right?”

Pragya nodded her head and was about to tell something when he covered her mouth with his hand.

Abhi “ Don’t say anything as everything is said by your eyes…”

Pragya, What else I can do? I can’t convince him to leave when he is convincing me to leave my fears!

Cutie folding her arms in anger and was looking at Naina and Purab.

Naina whispered “ Why does she looks so angry from the moment she is awake?”

Purab “ How would I know? She never even spoke a single word! She is just staring at us!”

Cutie walked towards them still with her arms folded.

She walked around them making Naina and Purab clueless.

In another situation,
Pragya and Abhi hugs each other when Man screams at them.

Man yelled “ What the hell is this?” Abhi and Pragya hugging each other passionately with their eyes closed and are acting as if they can’t hear him.

Man finds this insanely irritating and walks away.

Abhi “ He is gone! Now leave me…” Pragya “ He is gone na…then why do I have to leave you?” She said in a moody voice by hugging him tightly. Abhi looks on and is dumbfounded.

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