Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 5

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It was just a normal day where Abhi came to his workplace and was checking whether all the photos that he taken had came out well.
One of his colleague came to his cabin and looked at him. Abhi “What are u looking at Manoj?” Manoj “Just to check whether u are free to play some games?” Abhi asked in a puzzled tone “What? Games?” Manoj “Ya I heard nowadays u are playing games with small kids at your apartment!” Abhi “How did u know? Do u have a spy or what?” Manoj “I know…how I know all that is suspense!” Abhi “What u want now?” Manoj “Play games with us!” Abhi “Who is this us now?” Manoj “Nothing big….our boss had planned to play a game with the name of the new staffs that joined us!” Abhi “With names there is games? What is she thinking of us ah?” Manoj “I think she is thinking that we are very free!” Abhi hearing that laughed and said “Ya true….she is always like that!” Manoj “Now leave all this and come with me yaar…I need some support too!” Abhi left his things on the table and he went out of the cabin to the cafeteria.

Abhi whispered to Manoj “If u ask me to eat here then I will do that happily….but playing games and that too with her is very boring!” Manoj “I know right! She doesn’t know….” Their boss looked at them and signalled them to sit opposite to her. Boss “As u all know that a group of new staff had joined us and I want to play a game with their names!” Abhi and other colleagues smiled in response. Abhi “But Boss…where are the new staff?” Boss in a teasing tone asked “Why are u so eager? Do u want to flirt with girls?” Abhi with a witty smile said “Not as much as I am eager to flirt u…” Manoj “Do u know what are u telling Abhi?” Abhi “Sorry Boss….I just said that for fun!” Boss gave a deadly stare towards him and continued to say the instructions of the game.

Abhi, How weirdly she had planned a game! First she will give papers with the first letter of the new staffs. There would be blanks after the first letter and we need to guess their name! How can we even guess strangers’ names???

Boss “ I know what u all are thinking but this is the cheapest game that I can think of! No expenses! The papers used are the rejected contract papers! I am using the back of the papers which are blank!”

Abhi, How stingy is she? For this she could just save the time by not even playing this game! She even calls the game she planned as cheapest game!

Manoj looking at Abhi’s expressions laughed out loudly. Manoj “Abhi! Can u stop giving an expression as if u are having constipation!” Hearing that all the other staff laughed and Abhi got furious looking at all of them. Boss “Silence!!” Abhi “Let me start this game and then leave first….I have lots of work to be done!” He took the paper randomly and saw the first letter as P. Followed by him the rest of them also picked the papers and were deeply thinking of the names.

Everybody were giving different names and boss said “Ok I know this is a ridiculous game but from u all I have lots of idea for writing a names book for babies!” Abhi was silent all the while staring at the paper and suddenly said “Pragya!” Boss looked surprisingly at him. Manoj “Why do u have to tell this name so loudly?” Abhi “I don’t know…I just thought of this name!” Boss “Actually Manoj, Abhi is right! One of the staff that joined us is called Pragya!” Abhi was also even surprised hearing that and gave a victorious smile. Boss “So Abhi! Do u know what is the prize for this game?” Abhi “Boss! U should tell…after all your prizes would be as different as this game!” Boss “Thank u! At times, I don’t know whether u are praising me or…..” Abhi in a dramatic way said “No Boss…How can I even? I can’t even think like that…Please Boss….don’t ever say like that….I feel like my heart is bursting now….” All his colleagues tried to control their laughter looking at Abhi’s antics….Boss “Ok so the prize is….” She took something from her bag that was on the table. Boss “Abhi! This is the prize and see what’s inside this later!” She passed him a blue rectangular box and he thanked for the prize. After that, all of them parted to their respective cabins and resumed their work.

Manoj “Abhi! Tell me what’s inside it later!” Abhi winked and told “If it’s nice then I will surely tell u man!”
Abhi placed the prize in a drawer and was busy in his works. Time passed, his work ended and he switched off the lights before leaving his cabin. That’s when he remembered about the prize and he took it from the drawer and kept inside his bag.

He left his workplace by driving his bike and reached the apartment. That’s when he received a call. He picked up the call “Hello!” Pragya in a hurried tone said “I am sorry to disturb u….but the prize that Boss gave u is not the right one…” Abhi “Oh I see…I haven’t opened it yet…Does boss want me to return it to her now?” Pragya “No….it’s not that urgent! You can return it to her tomorrow!” Abhi “Ok Thanks for informing! By the way who is this?” Pragya with hesitation said “The same name that u had won this prize for….” Abhi didn’t know how to respond and stumbled with words. Pragya chuckled lightly hearing to him and said “Bye and Good night!” Abhi “Bye and Good night Pragya!” With that their conversation ended.

Abhi with a pleasant smile thought, Very familiar voice but can’t remember when I heard her before…..Very soothing voice too…

Abhi saw his phone and he received a text from Cutie. He read the message and smiled widely.
Cutie sent the message as:
Good night Friend! Happy News: AK 47 is not teaching me anymore! 😉 I will tell u the story behind this tmrw….Ma is staring at me now!
He too replied Good night to her and head to his house by taking lift.

Abhi went to his house and he was too exhausted to even change his clothes so he just slept on the sofa.

Once again, the next day he was waked up by the door bell and he knew it would be Cutie.
He opened the door and saw Cutie in home clothes. Abhi with surprise asked “Hey Cutie! Today u are not going to school?” Cutie “No friend….Today I don’t feel like going and Ma also say I can stay at home” Abhi “Come in Cutie….” Cutie came inside and looked Abhi from top to bottom as he looked very messy. Abhi “Why are u looking like that Cutie?” Cutie “Friend! You never bath ah?” Abhi sheepishly looked at Cutie and said “I never even brushed my teeth too!” Cutie said loudly “Chemelly!! Chemelly!” Abhi “It’s smelly Cutie!” Cutie still mispronounced it as Chemelly….Abhi “Okok I will go brush and bath! You just stay here!”
Cutie couldn’t stay at one place and walked around the house and saw the white cloth on his chair. She took it and was waiting for Abhi to return. Abhi came with a fresh look and saw Cutie holding onto the cloth. Abhi “Cutie! Give me that cloth!” Cutie in an excited tone asked “Friend! Are u playing game?” Abhi “No Cutie…just give me the cloth…” Cutie “Friend…I saw Ma using this cloth before….Can u give me?” Abhi thought for a moment and realized why can’t Cutie’s Ma be the unknown person?
Abhi bent down and asked Cutie “What’s your Ma’s name?” Cutie remembered her Ma’s words and said “Naina!” Abhi “Cutie! I want to see your Ma! Is she at home now?” Cutie “Yes friend she is mostly at home! Come I will bring u!” Cutie brought him to his house.
Will Abhi find out Cutie’s Ma is her sister? Or something else will happen?
There is a small twist in this and I think some of u all could guess it too! Please wait to know that!
I heard there is some Jallikattu issues going in Tamil nadu and as a half Tamilian, I hope that proper rules and regulations could be implemented and the ban on it can be cancelled. Aditi roy! It’s great of u in supporting and I tried commenting in yours as usual my comment was not posted! 🙁 Hope everything turns out to be well and I heard some people in Singapore just like in other nations are also doing some activities to show their support towards this issue. I hope all this are taken into consideration by the authorities. With hopes bye from a Singaporean Indian…….

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  1. Amazing friend…

    1. Maya

      Thank you friend!

  2. Saranya24

    Superb dii waiting eagerly fr it and yes i too hope all prblms of jallikattu get sorted out soon coz poor studenrs suffering fr 3 days continuously anyway love u akka??????

    1. Maya

      Yes Saranya sis hopefully everything gets sorted out soon! Hope is the only thing is present with everyone! Love u too sis!

  3. So sweet of u sissy i too hope the same but necessary actions have not taken still our ppls r struggling hard so sad by hearing PM’s stmt praying tat gud things to be happen soon n update so lovely atlast they communicated n u stopped with suspense asusual eager to know wat will happen nxt keep rocking eagerly waiting for ur nxt update sissy

    1. Maya

      Yes I also saw that in news and hopefully good things happen considering a lot of people’s support towards this! The govt should really take people’s hopes into consideration. Ya for the update they finally communicated and let’s see whats happen next. Please wait and u will know what happen in the nxt update!

  4. Asmithaa

    Awesome episode… and me too support jallikattu.. Our side The protest is still going on Di!!! I am very happy that u too support jallikattu… love u?????

    1. Maya

      That’s good CA! Yes I know and I am updated with news too! Hopefully the right decision is given! Love u too! Thank u for reading!

  5. Aamazinggggg MTMP ! Twist twist reveal soon ! Lol your way of interpreting our usual attitude through the boss was Awesome !

    1. Maya

      The next update u will know the twist! Haha Glad that u find the interpretation awesome!

  6. Superb yaar…

    1. Maya

      Thank u Varsha!

  7. B_Ani

    awesome didi…and yeah, i am too supporting it. in our classes also few students are participating in the protest.
    hope everything gets sorted out soon.
    any ways, love u???
    and, i hope u saw my comment in the pre epi

    1. B_Ani

      didi, i saw ur reply to my comment. and one more thing…i am sry to ask this by the way, but still i want to ask….MMMM????

      1. Maya

        That’s great to hear and hopefully everything gets sorted out soon! The govt should take into consideration of all the people’s support towards this! And for MMMM, I wish to write or at least scribble something on it but still….nothing nice is coming up in my mind to give u all….I also don’t know what can I do to make it happen…Totally helpless and hopeless about it….I am very sorry about that….

  8. Nice episode…..

    1. Maya

      Thank u Sangi!

  9. Awesome again ???

    1. Maya

      Thank u Somiya!

  10. Awesome?

    1. Maya

      Thank you Aliza!

  11. nice dear I pray everything get sorted in ur town and please can u describe how a person suffering from constipation face luk lyk haahaahaa jux jocking okey

    1. Maya

      That’s so sweet of u Lopez but I don’t have anything happening in where I live as I am in Singapore and I am talking about the issue happening in India that I have seen in news….and I don’t know how to describe that expression….Hope u can just imagine it lol

  12. Aditiroy

    Thank you so much friend….

    1. Maya

      We are proud of u friend! Hope everything expected happens soon! Take care friend!

  13. Awesome akka…yeah i too supporting for jallikattu….but still this government didn’t understand our tradition ..hopefully everything will sort out you??

    1. Maya

      That’s great Lokha sis! Yes hope everything will happen as expected and love u too and thanks for reading!

  14. superb episode di

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