Destinied To Become Mr. Khados’s – KaNchi FF (Part 6)

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Now let’s see what happens on the next part … Hold ur breaths ??

———————– Part 6 ———————-

Next day …. 
SaVeer were talking over the phone all night long and now both of them were sleeping like horses …Today the 4 will become 2 for the rest of their lives  …. 
It’s the most awaiting day of their lives ! Wedding days ?

Kabir’s place:

Kabir- Mujhe ek kidnapping karwana hai … 
Anonymous-  5 lac lagenge …. 
Kabir- I ‘ll pay you twice more ! But make sure he is held there for 24 hours… 24 ghante ke bad use chod de na ,make sure ki lage woh bhaga hai! Use bhanak bhi nahi lagni chahiye ki tum logone jan bujhkar usey chora! 
Anonymous- Aap tension mat lije…
Kabir- Main uska photo tumhe bhej raha hu air payment ki 50% advance …..
Anonymous- Okay boss … 

Kabir’s P.O.V-

Bas bohot hogaya veer… Bachpan we lwke aaj tak , tumne mujhse mera sabkuch china hai …Mera family, mera ghar, mera ma ! 
Gayatri and Malhotra are having a clash ! 

Gayatri- Agar tum mujhe apna hi nahi sakte to shaadi kuyn ki? Mere bare mein na sahi apni bete ke bare mein to socho… Please Anand , at least uske khatir aisa mat karo…. I beg u …
Anand- Gayatri , Adbhay is my so… He ‘ll get all the rights he deserves… Aur aisa tabhi  possible hoga jab woh Savitri ko apna ma manega … And tumhare liye main har month 50k transfer karta rahunga … 
Gayetri- Mujhe aur nahi mere bete ko tumhari bheek ki zaroorat hai… Main apni bete ko khud bara karungi … I ‘ll give him all that he deserves… 
 Anand- yeh koi khel nahi hai … It’s about my son’s life … 

Gayetri- Don’t you dare Dr.Anand Malhotra …. Adbhay is only my son and I promise I won’t ever face any problem for any of us …The door is right there…. 

Adbhay was only 6 when he saw his parents quarreling for his custody … He was devastated ! What was his fault ? He wanted to lead a normal life like the other kids ! But why wasn’t that happening ? 
One day while traveling to Delhi Adbhay’s mom and ge met an accident where somehow adbhay survived and gayetri died … When Anand rushed to the spot Adbahay ran away from there … He we’re taken to an orphanage and there a loving couple Dr Arnab and his wife kusum who didn’t have any kid adopted him and raised him with love, care and support and gave him the name “Kabir Kapoor”… He never shared his sorrows with them … But he never felt the importance as they never ever hurt them … He also loved them with all of his heart like they did … And he vowed that someday he ‘ll confront Dr Anand Malhotra and bring his devil side in front of his own family …. 
Flashback ends … Tears rolled down from his eyes making them bloodshot …

In the evening … 
 Both the bride’s were ready in their wedding attires… veer went to the shopping to buy a gift for Sanchi but on the way some guys surrounded him and forcefully made him sit UN the car and injected sleeping pills in his body… 

Kabir wrote a hired a handwriting expert to write a letter in Veers handwriting …. 
 On Mandap – 
Panditji- Dono var badhu o ko bulaiye … 
Avinash – priya were there … But Sanchi was alone … Everyone were looking for Veer ! When ishagya found a letter in his room … They were shocked reading it and ran to Sanchi’s mother…. 
Sanchi’s mother faints reading the letter … Everyone was busy with her state , when Malhotra took the letter and read it loud ,

” Sanchi, I m really very sorry ! Main tumse shadi nahi kar sakta … Actually it all was a dare which I was told to do by Nihal … And so I did” 
Dr Malhotra goes to Dr Novak and slap him tight… 
Malhotra- Shaadi tum logo ke liye truth and dare ka game hai, bas?
Sanchi bacame like a statue… she could not believe what just happened! 

Savitri couldn’t believe her own ears , Jaya got consciousness … She was crying like hell … 
Isha Gya were trying to move Sanchi but failed… 
 Isha- Sir , Sanchi is not moving! She is standing like a steal …  
Malhotra ran to her …
Malhotra – Sanchi beta , I m really sorry , beta … She didn’t even got bothered! 
Thats when Panic  seized kabir!
 After loads of effort Sanchi spoke…

Sanchi- Meri to mazak bana dia veer me duniya or samne! He smashed my emotions my pride everything … Why should I even live! I should better die ! 
Saying this Sanchi ran to the doors and kabir held her … 
Sanchi- Choriye mujhe … Please lemme die ! just leave
 Kabir- Sanchi , it’s nothing … Everything will be fine , trust me … 
Sanchi looked into his eyes and asked
Sanchi- Aap ka dil kabhi tuta hai!! Aap nahi samjhoge how miserable I m feeling … like a trash … 
Saying this Sanchi again ran to the door and was about to step out when kabir said 
Kabir- Kisne kaha mera dil nahi tuta? Main bhi to tumse pyaar karta hu… 
Sanchi turned back and looked at kabir …. 
Kabir- par before I realized it,  I lost you already! 
Sanchi – Sir aap yeh!
Kabir- I m telling the truth ,Sanchi… He bent down to his knees and says “will u marry me?”
Sanchi- Sir , please… I don’t deserve u… I m sorry for everything … 
Jaya went to kabir…

Jaya- Do u really love my daughter?
Kabir- Apne Jan se bhi jyada .. 
Sanchi- ma aap… 
Jaya – U stop Sanchi! Bohot sunli maine tumhari…
Jaya- Khush rakh paoge use… 
Kabir- uski khushi main hi meri khushi hai ! Aur mujhe khudko khush karna,aphiki beti me sikhaya hai… 
Jaya goes to kusum and asks what she thinks!
Kusum- Mujhe to Sanchi hi apni bahu ke rup main chahuye thi aab jab mera sapna pura ho jaye bas …
Jaya takes Sanchi and kabir to the mandap…
Jaya- Pandit ji…. Shuru ki je… 
All the rituals were do ne and four of them got married … 

Precap-Reception of KaNchi.. Sanchi and Kabir starts afresh … Veer ran out from the kidnappers …. Veer shocked seeing KaNchi…

  1. Anonymousaa

    Oh no Kabir married Sanchi with a lie ! Will they be able to live a marriage with truth ? I wish Kabir would very soon confess his deed.
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    1. Maisarah

      Hey Riya, it’s my sis who is a huge fan of Barun sobti and always blabbering about him ? That’s why it popped into my head?

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    1. No need to say sorry so adorably(kan pakarke)?? as there is nothing wrong ! I m writing this FF for u guys so u ‘ve 100% right to say … Let’s see how ‘ll Sanchi digest the truth… Loads of love

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