Destined to be yours, Raglak part 5

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I don’t know what all experiments i am doing with Sanskar’s character. I mean from the point where I started the story, I couldn’t make him neither positive nor negative


Next day:

Ragini woke up with a wide smile on her face. She was thinking about the previous day’s events. She was amazed by her own behaviour. Laksh was right, being with Sanskar she was herself being a kid. She felt like Sanskar was bringing out the kid in her, that kid who she hide long back inside her due to her conservative upbringing. Yesterday she felt like she was  free.

She was happier thinking of the nights events. Even though she loves Laksh a lot, she was afraid of how their relationship will be. She felt so happy when Laksh told her to be free with him, but was not sure how she will be. But the nights events took off her fear. Laksh was so free with her, that he shared his worries with her. And then in her attempt to cheer him up, they ended up in challenging each other. She chuckles remembering it.

She thanked God for bringing Laksh and Sanskar in her life. Laskh is her love, her life and Sanskar, he is an angel in her life. She wished that they would remain with her to the end.

She then looks at the sleeping figure of Laksh and smiles widely.

Rag: So Mr.Maheswari, get ready to win the kiddo title.

She smiles and went to get ready.

Laksh too woke up with a pleasant smile and like the previous day, today to he was greeted by Ragini. He felt really good seeing her in the morning. He went to get ready.

He too was thinking of the previous day’s events. Omi is right, he should concentrate on his wife now, and he was happy with the way their relationship is progressing. He was so free with her just like he is with omi and was with Sanskar and the funny thing is that he never felt this freedom with Swara. He is happy but soon it changed into worry thinking about office. He took a quick bath and came out only to find his things arranged by Ragini. He smiles.

Ragini prepared all Laksh’s favorite food, she know how tensed he is. She also prepared kheer. Lalsh was happy by this, a good breakfast always refreshes mood and today he needed to be in a good mood.

Ragini stopped Laksh when he was about to leave.

Rag: Tensed?

He nodes.

Rag: Good, you should be, this shows that you are trying something new. Remember a person who makes no mistake tried nothing new.

He smiles.

Lak: Tough task it is, me making a mistake, but as you said I will try to make a mistake, still difficult.

He winks at her and she shook her head in disbelief.

Rag: Pompous Maheswari.

Lak: I know it was self praising, but it is the fact.

Rag: yeah yeah. Now go, otherwise Mr. No mistakes Maheswari will make his first mistake by getting late, that too on his first day.

They smile and he leaves.


Rag: Ma can I go to market?

Ap: beta, don’t ask for permission, it so your home, you can go wherever you want, but ha inform before going.

San: Dosth I too will come with you.

Rag: ok, Ma, shall I,

Ap: I told you, not to take permission.

Rag: ji Ma, Ma is there anything I should buy for you, I mean,

Ap: No beta, do your shopping and be safe.

She smiles, Ragini and Sanskar leaves.

Sanskar was puzzled by the things she bought. She bought a long white board and many sticking smileys. What she is gonna do with them. Oh no, is she planning to make me play with them. Please God no.

She then took Sanskar to A toy shop and bought some toys for him. He was irritated by these toys but faked smiling.

After returning home she kept his toys in his room and started to leave with the things she purchased.

San: dosth, what is this?

Rag: This, this is a secret.

San: (excited)secret, then me also na.

Rag: ok, but don’t tell to anyone. Promise?

San: Pakka promise.

She told him about their challenge and then leaves. Sanskar looked up in disbelief.

San: Oh my God, these too are such kids! Competition, really?? Anyway the competition is going to be really tough. Whoever is going to win, will only by a point or this may even end in tie.

He smiles remembering the childish acts of both, yes both were childish when they are with him. He smiles but then he thought of his present equation with Laksh and tears started to flow from his eyes.

San: why Lucky, why did you betray me? Why did you make me hate you. You were always my little brother.

He cried.


Everyone returned from office. Dp and Rp were happy by Laksh and they praised him. He was too good for a beginner.

All except Sanskar were having evening tea, he was descending stairs to join them. He was jumping on them and lost balance. But before he could call down, he was supported from his either sides. He looked up and saw a worried Raglak. Both were very scared for him.

Lak: Bhai, you are fine na?

San: Ha Lucky, thanks, you saved me.

Laksh immediately hugs him. Sanskar could feel Laksh’s love for him in it. He was disturbed by this. He looked at an equally worried Ragini. Now he was guilty to. Till when he will put this mask of mental disability?
He eyes were brim again. Raglak thought that he was scared and hence stayed with him. They left his side only after him sleeping.
Others admired the trio.

Raglak’s room:

Both Raglak were sitting on the bed and and were staring at the board which was hung on the wall which was in front of them, which is now now disabled into two. Both and very serious expression like they were in some big mission.

Raglak: ok so no cheating and be honest.

They laugh.

Ragini got up from the bed and stick each smiley on both sides.

Lak: Hey what is that?

Rag: Laksh just think, this whole challenge itself is childish right, so the first smiley is for this childish challenge.

Laksh fumes.
Lak: I am not child.

She sticks one more family on his side.

Lak: what are you doing?

Rag: Lakh only kid says, “I am not a child.”

She winks at him. He too got up from the bed and then sticks one family on her side.

Rag: What is that for?

Lak: yesterday you too said that you are not a kid.

Rag: arrey Laksh, for the whole yesterday thing only I placed the first smiley.

She tried to take they smiley, but he stops her.

Lak: if you are taking that, then take mine too.

Rag: No Laksh, you are a child.

Lak: I said na I am not, and I won’t let to take that one.

Rag: ok fine.

She sticks one more in his side.

Lak: Explain the last one.

Rag: for fighting like a kid.

There was a triumph visible in her eyes, she was tried hard to hide her evil smile, but Laksh caught it.

He smiles and stick a smiley on her side.

Lak: This one is for your evil move.

Rag: Which move?

Lak: Now don’t act, you were intentionally provoking me right. You put the first one to provoke me, and when you understood that I was falling in your trap, you provoked me again. But you forgot with whom you are playing Mrs. Maheswari. I will find these kind of tricks in seconds.

She pouts.

Lak: (proudly) Now we are equal.

Rag: Ok ok, tell me what all blunders you did in office.

Lak: Nothing yar, I mean you know how tensed I was, I genuinely tried to learn things and hence it was serious affair inline my usual days.

She nodes.

Lak: Now you?

Rag: Mine too was a serious day only. I had household works, then went to market. the only happy thing was that Sanskar was with me throughout. He wanted to help me in everything.

Laksh’s face fell hearing Sanskar.
She hold his palm.

Rag: Laksh,

Lak: I wish bhai was normal, you know today I miss him a lot. He was always a good boy and wanted me to be so. He would have been happy today. You know, Adarsh Bhaiya told me that he is proud of me, tha… that I am a very good beginner, I was imagining  how would have bhai been reacting when he would seen me working, I mean  actually working.

He had tears in his eyes, he held his palm tightly.

Lak: Till he returned, I wished for him to be alive. But now I am being selfish, I want him to be normal too.

Rag: He will be fine soon Laksh, he is with his family now. Love is a great medicine, and also he is having his medications and check ups once in a weak. You see, he will be fine soon.

Laksh smiles.

Lak: yes he will be, I will do anything for that.

Ragini smiles.

Rag: Laksh enough now, it is late and you have to go to office also. We will sleep.

He nodes.


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