Destined to be yours, Raglak, part 3

Sanskar looked at Ragini painfully.

San: I never wanted to put you through all these, but Laksh…….Still there is no fault of yours, I promise you Ragini, I will never let you sad, I will always ensure your happiness.

(I really don’t know how, when he himself spoiled her life!)

He went to freshen up.

Ragini went to her room with Laksh’s coffee. Laksh was waking up when she came in. He was dumbstruck seeing her, she looked like an angel and he couldn’t take his eyes off her. He kept staring her without blinking. Ragini was blushing under his intense gaze so she called his name. That helped him to come back.

He looked at her shocked. He was drooling over HER. How?? That was the only thing which was running through his mind.

Ragini smiled seeing his shocked face. She kept the coffee on the table and went to cupboard to take out his dress.

Rag: I know you are shocked to see e, in fact I too was shocked when I woke up, it took me some seconds to register that I am married, same with you too right. You would not have expected to see me when you wake up, right.

She turns to him smiling. He nodes, he was still in shock.

Rag: I think it might take some time for us to get adjusted. Here,

She passed him his dress.

Rag: I am going to kitchen, it is my first rasoi.

He nodes and she leaves.

He looked at the dress she gave him, why is she doing this??

He was confused and went to take bath.

Lak: What was that, I was drooling over Ragini?? I was getting attracted to her?? How and why?? Well, there is no harm in being attracted towards your wife, but me, I mean I love Swara, then how can I get attracted by someone else, what will she think of me, but she is my wife… only by relation, I can’t accept her by heart, then what was I doing?? Go why this is so confusing!

He took bath, he was thoroughly upset, he was lost by seeing her and he wanted an answer for that action of his.

Ragini rushed to kitchen and blushed remembering Laksh’s gaze. She was happy.


Ragini and Pari were serving food. Everyone other than Laksh was having food, he was in some other world, whatever happening around him was too much for him to handle.

Ragini was looked at everyone excitedly; she became dull as she found that Laksh didn’t even touch his food. Sanskar noticed the change in Ragini’s expression and followed her gaze.

San: dosth, today’s food is so tasty, not like what Mom prepares.

Everyone laughs while Sujatha frowns.

Suji: So my food not tasty?

San: No it is not tasty, I like this one only, I need this food every day, from where did you brought this?

Pari: Your dosth cooked it.

San: Really, dosth you are amazing, now you have to feed me.

Ragini smiled and sat beside him and started to feed him. Family smiled seeing them.

That was only when Laksh realized that it was Ragini’s first rasoi and he has not even touched his food. He looked at her, she was smiling.

Lak: (in mind) Thank God she didn’t notice me not having food.

He started eating and was impressed by the food.

Ragini was happy feeding Sensor, he was like a baby to her and she loved taking care of him.

Dp: Laksh from tomorrow you must start coming to office.

Laksh coughed, office an him? Others laughed seeing him.

Lak: oh, Ohk Papa.

Ap: Ragini beta, after breakfast you leave for you maika for pag phera rasam, Laksh will come to pick up you in the evening.

Ragini nodes smiling and Sanlak were shocked. Because after the marriage, it would be the first time Laksh will come across Swara. Laksh felt like he was not strong enough to face her now, and Sanskar was afraid for Ragini, because he felt like Laksh will definitely ignore her after seeing Swara.

San: Dosth where are you going?

Rag: Home.

San: But you promised me that would be here only, then why are you going?

Rag: Sanskar I will come back in the evening.

San: then I will also come with you.

Ap: But Sanskar,

San: No, no, no, I will go means I will go.

Ragini smiled seeing his stern face.

Rag: Ok then, we will together go.

Suji: But beta,

Rag: It is ok Chachi, I will take care of him, please can I take him along?

Dp: Yes beta, take him with you.

Sanskar clapped his hands happily. Ragini admired him.

Rag: (in mind) Your innocence is your biggest asset Sanskar.

San: (in mind) I will make you busy so that you won’t notice Laksh, I will never let you to be sad.

Laksh was thoroguly upset and Ragini noticed this.

After breakfast:

Rag: Laksh, I know you are tensed about office, but we can’t depend on others always right?

Lak: I ,me….

Rag: It is perfectly ok to feel tensed Laksh, it is all new for you, but you are not alone, I will always be with me.

He kept staring at her.

Rag: Still not happy?

Lak: no, I mean nothing, well, I was thinking of meeting my friends, after all from tomorrow I can’t na.

Rag: yeah, but don’t forget to pick me up.

Lak: Wh, why do you fe, feel so?

Ragini laughs.

Rag: Laksh I was just kidding.

He smiles fake.

Rag: I have to get ready.

She leaves.

Lak: Why do you care for me this much Ragini, I don’t deserve it.

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