Suhani reaches the park.. She looks around but cant see anybody in purple shirt with black jacket.. She waits..
Yuvraj too reaches there and searches for the girl in pink kurti.. They are standing at some distance..
Suddenly suhani sees yuvraj and gets shocked.. She thinks- OMG.. Is he following me??
Then she notices his purple shirt and black jacket and thinks- di has chosen him?? No.. And his name is not sharad.. Is he playing with her life? I have to find out..
A kid comes to yuvraj and hands over a letter to him.. He reads it.. “Sharad, plz come behind the golgappa stall.. Bhawana..”
Yuvraj thinks- what what this sharad does with bhawana..
He goes.. Yuv waits behind the stall.. Suhani sees him and thinks of teaching him a lesson.. She comes with four men their with crocodile tears in her eyes, and says- bhaiya, this guy is harassing me.. Plz help me..
They beat him very badly with stick.. 4 men turn into a crowd.. Now yuv cant even stand up on his feet.. The crowd leaves..
Suhani comes to him and says- this is ur punishment for messing with my sis.. Think 1000 times before doing this again with any girl.. And just forget about going to Suhagi.. I will go alone..
She leaves from there..
Yuv is not even in a state of speaking.. He cant understand anything said by her..
He calls sharad..
Sharad comes and finds him unconscious and takes him home..
Suhani goes back home.. She thinks bhawana will be heart-broken if she gets to know about her sharad’s truth.. But hiding it will also be wrong.. So she decides to talk about it next morning..

Yuv is resting.. All think what must have happened in the park and why did he go there..

Suhani is in temple.. She prays to God- plz show me the way coz i will be revealing the truth to di today..
She turns to leave and collides with Pratima..
Su- i’m so sorry aunty..
Prat- its ok beta..
Su sees prat’s teary eyes..
Su- aunty y r u crying?
Prat- my son……
All of a sudden, its starts thundering and raining heavily..
They look at the weather..
Prat prays to God for yuv….
Suhani waits for her..
As they come out, the driver says to prat- maaji, the car’s tyre is punctured..
Prat- what? Now i’ll not get an auto also in this weather..
Su- aunty, shall i drop u?
Pratima nods..
They leave..
Su- aunty, what were u saying?
Prat’s phone rings..
Prat- maaji i’m coming home.. A girl has given me lift..

They reach BH.. Prat insists suhani to come in.. Su agrees.. They enter the house..
Prat- maaji this is suhani.. She helped me today.. Thank u beta..
Su- aunty its ok.. I believe we should always help others in times of need..
Prat- come, i will introduce u to my son..

Sharad is with yuv in his room..
Yuv- just once.. Let her come in front of me….
He sees her entering the room with prat..
He frowns and says- u??
Su also shocked..
Su- u??
Sh- both of u know each other?
Su- yes..
Yuv- shez responsible for this state of mine..
Prat- what?
Su- yes aunty.. Do u know why? Coz hez playing with my sis’ life by changing his name to sharad..
Prat, yuv and sharad look on..
Yuv- hello.. I dont even know her name..
Su- dont act smart.. If u dont know bhawana di then y did u agree to meet her?
All are stunned and confused..
Su continues- my di is madly in love with u.. If she gets to know that u cheated her by changing ur name, she will be heartbroken..
Sharad looks on and thinks- it means Bhawana loves me too..
He smiles.. Yuv notices and asks him- now y r u smiling?
Sh- nothing guru.. I will just come..
He leaves..
Yuv to Su- and u.. So u’r bhawana’s sis?
Su- yes.. And from now on, don’t even dare to take her name from ur dirty mouth.. How can u change ur name and….
Yuv- just a minute….
Su- I don’t wana hear anything..
Prat- but beta, my son…..
Su- I know aunty u’r hurt but its the truth.. If my sis gets to know about it.. But I will have to tell her..
Prat- but beta his name is…..
Su- yuvraj na.. Then y did he say sharad to my sis.. Wait I will bring her here..
All put their hand on their head..
She continues to speak non-stop..
Yuv frowns and gets up.. He comes to her, turns her towards him and grabs her arms.. Her wet hair passes through his face.. He is mesmerised and puts his hand on her mouth.. They have an eye-lock..
Yuv breaks it and says- y dont u let others speak??
Yuv then explains everything..
Su- then u should have said before na..
Pratima bursts out laughing..
Yuv (sternly)- did u let anyone speak?
Prat smiles seeing the way they argue..
Dadi calls prat..
Prat- both of u talk.. I will just come..
She leaves..

Yuv lies down on the bed to rest.. Su looks at him..
Su- I’m sorry..
Yuv- for what?
Su- for ur condition..
Yuv- oooo…. I wana go to suhagi..
Su- what?? Look at ur condition..
Yuv- exactly.. And its upto u how will I go there..
Prat hears this..
She comes in and tells suhani to stay there for two days and take care of him..
Su- what?? Aunty I have already apologised to him.. I m not his nurse..
Prat- I’m saying this so that u can discuss on the contract also..
Yuv- its like a chance for u to apologise for ur sins..
Su looks at him grinning and he smirks..
Suhani thinks its all coz of her and so she should help him..

She agrees..
Yuv thinks- now u’r my maid for two days.. And u will do whatever I want..

PRECAP: YuvAni nok-jhok..

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