My Destination: Cafe Coffee Day- Chapter 6 by Jerry

Shivaay was shocked at his own words after they left his mouth. Nevertheless she was looking beautiful. Extremely beautiful. Her hair was partitioned sidewards and she was looking magnificent with a beautiful off-shoulder night gown which was cream in colour with orange flowers attached to it. Her hair dropped to her waist in loose curls. Wedges adorned her.

He pretended to be unaware of her still how can he ignore, that too her but then stared at the night sky blankly. “Hey Mr.Oberoi you too here ! Looks like today all the ones dear to me are present here.” Anika spoke, cheerfulness clearly visible in her twinkling eyes.
“Dear ? I am dear to her. Yayyy but she must have said it in a friendly way. Ohh. But who is another dear to him. Does she have a boyfriend, she is pretty maybe she can, but how can she..?” These thoughts were not leaving Shivaay and he finally muttered some courage and said “Many dear ones !! Ohh Boyfriend also…?” “No no nothing like that actually I met one boy and he is really cute. His personality can impress anyone but he is like a brother to me. His name is Rudra.” She completed with a smile thinking of her newly found brother. Shivaay heaved a sigh of releif listening to her and suddenly thought ‘rudra’. He too smiled listening appreciation of him from someone like her. At least from someone ! In college, complains only greeted shivaay about Rudra. It was a proud moment for him.

“Rudra is my brother.” He told still having a genuine grin. “Oh bete ki ! ” She spoke the three magical words of her own dictionary. “He is your brother ! I like him very much. Just like a baby !! I will surely come to your house to pay him a visit.” She replied excited already thinking of the fun they both will create. Rather a pandemonium. Shivaay was all the time looking at her and still was finding words to describe her. But he heard the last line making a mental note to remind her of the visit.

“Oh shit !! My boss” saying so she rushed downstairs. Stopped in middle, turned to him and tagged him along by his arm. All this was done in fraction of seconds and he was loosing track of her. But thanks to her cologne which she carried along, which made him carried away.

“Beautiful ladies and Gentlemen, welcome all to the grand success of the Cafe Coffee Day. We would like to thank Mr Chopra for his constant aid to help us and Miss Anika for helping and managing everything beyond perfection. And we would also like to thank….” The host announced. The list now was going and everyone was busy with themselves. Suddenly all the attention was once again grabbed by the host. “And now its time for the much awaited part the night. DJ.” The crowd roared.

Rudra wanted Anika to dance with him. He asked her but she refused. Rudra thought and thought and then implied his favorite trick for which everybody accepted defeat. His family too was in the list and even his brothers. Puppy Eyes. Anika too gave up. They both danced to their fullest on the hit pop songs. Then came the most wanted song- Tamma Tamma Again. Moonwalking, swaying their heads sideways, making patterns with their hands, tapping their feet and doing all the steps they could memorize of the song. All the youngsters were amused and happy at their bond, especially Shivaay.

The night was ending and everyone headed back to their homes. Shivaay made an excuse of work and said he was going to office. On repeating insistence by The Oberoi clan, he still went.

Anika was too going home in the late night. She went towards the parking area to catch up with her Champa. She was about to go when a man that seemed to be drunk to the eternity came before her and started speaking rubbish about her. Shivaay who was in the car and saw this was all ready to hit him hard, to make his face in a shape he could not even recognise but then stopped. The drunkard was begging her to leave him but anika continued beating him with her wedges mercilessly. At last he ran still tripping for his dear life.

Anika dusted her hands in a filmy style and went back to start her scooty. Shivaay’s jaw dropped by seeing another side of anika-her bold side. He was impressed. He went to her and told “wow !! I am impressed. How good you were at beating him…!! ” Anika smiled and lifted her imaginary collar. He smiled. “So you are coming to Oberoi mansion tomorrow no. You said na..” Anika cursed his memory. He saw her expression and smirked.


Heya cuties !! Really sorry for uploading it late as well as a short chapter. I can’t really promise to be punctual next time as work comes anytime. But I can promise to upload it on Sundays. I hope you found this chapter interesting. One of my reader asked me to show the bold side of anika. I hope you are satisfied. Shivaay will explore nore of her bold side in frurther chaoters. Do Tell me your views regarding it. Everyone along with Silent readers. Thank you for reading❤

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