My Destination: Cafe Coffee Day- Chapter 26 by Jerry (last chapter)

The beams of the sun directly hit Anika on her face. She squinted her eyes and tried to hide behind her fragile palms. Once regaining her composure, she sat down resting her head on the back of the bed. “Urghhh ! My head.” She groaned.

The cool wind that flowed during the sunny day stroked her and she smiled admiring the nature. All the events from yesterday came back to her.

“Hey !! Shivaay right ? How are you dear ? Long time, we haven’t met each other.” A girl wearing wedges and a midi approached Shivaay who was busy in thoughts of Anika. “Swarnima !!!” He exclaimed delighted. She hugged him. “I missed you so much yaar !” She said. “Ahem ahem !!” Anika tried telling them about her presence. “Shivaay, you never told me about her !” Anika tried sounded confused gradually sliding her right arm around his, inching closer.

Shivaay was overjoyed would be an understatement. He knew pretty well that his Anika has now become a little possessive about him. Sliding his another arm around her waist, he held her protectively. They both looked into each other’s eyes. “Swarnima, meet Anika my wife-to-be.” Shivaay said beaming as Swarnima hugged her, “Congratulations !” She said. “I think it will be a little difficult for you to live with him. My brother is a bore ! Hope you can handle him !” She showed her tongue to him and he glared at her. ‘My brother from another mother’ was a true statement. From his college life, she had become his sister who supported him through out.

“Oops ! Swarnima is her sister.” Anika kicked herself mentally.
Flashback ends.

He never fails to make her comfortable. Be it anywhere. “Anika are you fine now ?” Tia asked as she approached with a tray of soup. Anika was flabbergasted. “What happened to me ?” She thought and asked the same to Tia. “Anika, you had high fever yesterday. You know Shivaay took care of you whole night. As I woke up early, I saw him keeping the white cloth lovingly on your forehead.” She said eyeing to the bowl.

Anika was dumbstruck. What had she thought about him, that he won’t be able to take care of her. And what he did, was just a full proof of his actions. He cared about her immensely. He could have asked someone to do the same. Who wakes up the whole night to take care of you. Only if that ‘someone’ loves you to the level of infinity. She was so wrong in judging him, her feelings but now not anymore. She was stupid just to think it as a mere infatuation, when he loved her and desired for the same. And what did she do, she rejected his feelings, his proposal. But now she will do everything for his happiness. Sahil was indeed correct.

Her eyes welled up. Tia smiled and went away from there. The last thread to their relation was joined by her. She knew the truth about their relation, from Om and Rudra of course.

“Rudra give me your phone.” Anika demanded. “But why ?” He asked. “Rudra…” She said glaring. “Accha take it, but don’t open the gallery. Okay ?” Rudra said. She hummed in response and sent a message to Shivaay.

‘Bhaiya. Please come to CCD soon. There is a serious matter.’

Freshening herself up, she wore a Royal Blue kurti with denims. She sprayed a little on her face with refreshments. Today was a very special day. The earrings added more to her beauty. She was looking attractive with her perfect figure just to kill someone. Her eyes perfectly lashed with eyeliner looked inviting. Flipping her hair, she made her way to Her Destination: Cafe Coffee Day.

“Rudra !!! Are you there ?” Shivaay asked as he went inside the cafe. Today a silence crept upon the dim lighted place. No one was there. A tap on his shoulder made him alert. He turned around to meet with his own reflection, the mirrors were to be grateful of. He was going to turn, when his gaze went to ground and he felt giddy.

Anika was sitting there, legs folded on the freshly smooth surface. Forwarding a cup of espresso she gave him a cheeky smile, a ear to ear one. He was shocked would be an understatement. “I love you.” She said still placing the grin on her face.

“Anika !!!! Get up, why are you sitting down and that too on the floor ?” He asked making her steady. “Actually you proposed me by bending on your knees, so I thought that this much toh I can do for you !” She said praising herself. He stared at her in disbelief. She was mad. “So..I think you have to reply I love you too !” She said annoyed by his silence. “But I don’t !” He stammered avoiding the eye contact, keeping her health at his priority. “Okay !” She said and started walking away.

Shivaay was shocked. He expected her to ask him and make him accept but she was walking casually as nothing happened. “Anika !!!” He called. “Hmm” she said approaching him. “Woh …I ” he again was at loss of words.

“I know you have said no because you think you are responsible for the fever that I had yesterday. You are mad. I mean such a khidkitod khoobsoorat girl is standing before you and proposing you and you are rejecting her just because she did something to see the smile on her love’s face. If you think this is wrong then I won’t stop you. She loves him so much. She can also die….”

Anika’s mouth was shut as Shivaay placed a finger on her lips. “Shut up !” He said scolding her. He then left her and checked her out from top to bottom. “Oh my freaking goodness ! Saachi me you are looking damn hot.” “Thank you !” Anika blushed. “What is this espresso for ?” He asked.

“Ohoo you proposed me with an ice cream and at such a short notice I could not bring it so I brought this. Here take this.” She said handing him. He smiled, “I love you. But promise me you will never risk your health for me.” He said looking directly into her doe shaped eyes. “No. I will definitely do something if it is related to you.” She said determined hugging him. “Pagal !” He said as he kissed her hair.

“Why did you bring me here ?” He asked. “Aare at CCD, only we met first and we should never forget our first meet because that’s when God decided to entwine our fates.” She said lovingly. He was amused and fascinated by her level of thinking. “Okay, so tell me things that you love about me.” He said smirking kissing her cheeks. “Everything !” She answered in a reflex. His mouth turned into a perfect O. She smiled.

“I love your eyes, which makes me weak as well as strong.
I love your hair, that are perfectly gelled all the time.
I love your deo which drives me crazy at times.
I love the way you make others smile.
I love the way you take care of your family, Sahil and me.
I love your stubble.
I love the way you stare at me.”

Anika stopped to look at him. She found him looking at her lovingly. How much she loves him. He moved towards her and kissed her eyes. A drop of tear made its way from her eyes but couldn’t pass as it was stopped by his kiss. He pecked her forehead and looked into her eyes. “Don’t dare to leave me ever.” She said. “Never.” He said.

“I have a wish !” She said. “What ?” Shivaay asked. “Can I please pull your cheeks. You always do, this time can I ??” She asked giving a puppy look. That cute look added more to her beauty and it made Shivaay difficult to resist. “Slowly haan..” He said. “Okay !” Anika beamed and her face lightened. She pulled her cheeks for a really long time. “Ouch !! Shaitaan Chuhiya leave me now !” He demanded. She left him, caressed his cheek and kissed it. “Do allow me to do this in future also.” She said laughing. “Promise.” He said.

Hiding their faces behind the cup of espresso they stole and shared their first kiss.


Heyaa cuties ! So I think this journey has came to an end. I tried to make this chapter a memorable one. I am not much of a romantic writer, but I tried a little to make it interesting. Thank you so much guys for always supporting me. This couldn’t have been possible without you. Love you all. There is a request to everyone, who have read my story till now and liked it as it is the last chapter, please do tell me your views. Please. I would love to hear from all the silent readers. Because of you all my English has improved, you can see the change in the first chapter and in the last chapter.

Thank you everyone mentioned here for their constant and occasional support.

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