My Destination: Cafe Coffee Day – Chapter 2 by Jerry

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Anika went up to the basin few steps away from the actual cafe, followed by Shivaay. He was busy gaining his composure. He did not wanted to act like a wimp in front of her, but in his own coolness that can drool thousands of girl over him. “So sorry Shivaay sir he didn’t did it deliberately. You can wash your stains here.” she spoke softly. Shivaay hummed in response but suddenly realization took place. “How did she knew I am Shivaay?” he thought to himself and asked the same to her. “Ohh ! That was easy. My boss told me that there’ll be two people coming for which a corner table has to be set up. He said one will be Mr desai and the other will be little…short. Only little !” She completed giggling. She looked up to see that he was glaring at her. She patted herself mentally and thought “ohh I am at work. What shall I do now? I am suppose to behave myself.”

Shivaay is always touchy about his height. Like him his brothers also have their own requirements. Nobody should ask them about their hairs and body. He reminded himself that his brothers will be waiting for him. He saw Anika and then spoke “don’t dare to say anything to me from now on. This is your first time so I forgive you.” Anika thought to herself “first time ! What does he mean. Am I going to meet him again?” She brussed off her thoughts and saw him cleaning the stains. She pointed her finger above his chest indicating a extra mark. He didn’t saw her so he herself went up to him and lightly brussed her hand over the stain with little water casually. It was her 2nd day. She was not too perfect in all these things. Her qualifications made his boss accept her. For him it was not usual, it was electrifying, it was magical and a moment which he cannot forget. The mere 2 seconds were one of the happiest phase of his life. He looked at for a second more and left from there towards his table. She was surprised.

When she went to his and his client’s table she saw the thing or rather the creature she hates the most- her boss. He didn’t had a crook nose, bulging eyes or a strict face but still she feared him. She feared her job as she has to feed her brother. She was an independent working women. Her boss was as grumpy as someone could be. He inquired “Mr oberoi I hope you enjoyed your precious time here in Cafe Coffee Day. Hope you didn’t feel inconvenience.” He told, the last line looking at Anika. Shivaay so wanted to say all that happened but he was stopped by seeing something. She was closing her eyes tightly, fingers were crossed and at times looking at him with one eye. How can he say anything looking at her face, which was so innocent….so cute. He gave up. He told “no Mr chopra, nothing of that sort happened. I enjoyed genuinely. Am Glad that I came here.” Anika opened both her eyes as she was expecting something else and in her mind only was thinking about the new jobs. She was happy. Really happy. Her boss ordered ” miss anika you may go to see other preparations till I have a word with them.” Anika nodded giving a glance to Shivaay. He saw that.

While shivaay was going to sit in his black porshe car from the cafe to go home, he noticed her again. This time looking at him. She waved him and said “Thank you” which was barely audible to him from the glass door. He read her lips and ‘smiled’ from inside.

He barely had reached the main door when was interrupted by the youngest male oberoi- his brother rudra. He started questioning him and was not giving a chance to speak. He was expecting some lovely moments with his brother’s newly found friend. Shivaay tired went to his room, loosening the tie which followed by rudra. Om too joined him shortly. After a long time of their question ceremony, he told everything expect the brushing off their hands while removing the strains. Rudra spoke “see bhaiya I told you see she is such a sweetie ! If you love me na…then you should meet her daily, make friends and you never know when you will….” Shivaay wondered, he also did a great job by saving her but rudra was taking her side. He said okay I will think about making her my friends. The brothers chatted and then went for their personal works.

Om went to attend a call by Gauri, smiling and at times laughing with her ‘s’ and ‘sh’ thing. He sometimes hallucinated Shankar ji with him. Gauri’s interest in him made him do the same too. He went on and on sharing his day’s event.

Rudra went over to soumya to discuss about the projects given to them. His luck indeed favoured him as he wanted to be his partner in the assignment. In some corner of her heart he admired her cute looks and could not stand any other boy near her. At school also he was now a little protective for her. Soumya liked this change and him too.

Shivaay saw his brothers busy from the corner of his eyes. He smiled and wished their life’s to be beautiful.


Heya cuties !! Back again. Hope you liked today’s chapter. Do comment everyone and silent readers too. Thank you for reading❤

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  1. Diyaa

    Nice update Jerry. The scene where Shivaay saw Anika with closed eyes and decided not to complain to the manager was verrry sweet ?Loved it.

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much Diyaa di. Yup that scene was my favorite too. Glad that you liked it☺

  2. Superbbbbbbbbbbbbb…but really short…Kab start hua aur kab khatam hua pata hi nahi chala….eagerly waiting for the nxt…update asap!

    1. Jerry_36

      Really sorry Bhavana. I will try to post longer. Thank you for commenting. Will post soon☺

  3. Nita D

    Nice chappy dear…..

    1. Ruksy

      Loved the update really cute

      1. Jerry_36

        Thank you so much Ruksy dear☺

    2. Ruksy

      Sorry didn’t mean to post my comment here

      1. Jerry_36

        Its okay☺

    3. Jerry_36

      Hey Nita !! Thank you for commenting☺

  4. Navz

    Really liked it…very gud going…continue wid ur writings they r soo cool and jerry

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much Navz. I will surely continue dear. Good night☺

  5. Ahaana

    Luke always it was khidkitod…?

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much for commenting Ahaana di☺

  6. It was very nice.The best part was when Annika closed her eyes , praying Shivaay wouldn’t complain to her boss.I just imagined the whole scene and a smile crept on my face.
    Waiting for the next part.

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much Tanz. Yeah I too thought many will love that scene. Happy that you smiled while reading it. Will post soon☺

  7. The episode is so good I really enjoyed it please post the next one asap love your work dr

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much Shivika dear. You love my work, thanks once again. Will try to post soon☺

  8. Surbhi Sharma

    Awesome jerry . Its amazing. U nailed it yr .post soon .

    1. Jerry_36

      Surbhi di, thank you so very much. Will post soon, most probably on Saturday or Sunday☺

  9. That was awesome…but i wish it could have been lengthy….pls update soon next time…

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much Sabhya. Sorry, I will try to make longer and will post soon☺

  10. Vaishalijha

    OMG !!!!! What an episode.. Dear im totally in love with ur writing skills and ur imaginative mind..♥
    Cant wait for more.. aur chahiye CCD.. ♥♥♥

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much Vaishali di. Really delighted to read your comment. Its a huge compliment. Will surely give you more CCD?

  11. It was fabulous, mindblwing jerry baby…………….. Waiting 4 nxt……..

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much Banita di. Will try to post soon☺

  12. Amazing yaar, please add omri scenes too

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you Shraddha !! This is a Shivika ff but still for you I will try to add more omri scenes☺

  13. Aryaraju

    Nice one ?

    1. Jerry_36

      Aryaraju, thank you !!☺

  14. Shivikajkmn

    Hey Jeeeeerrrryyyyyyyyyy_36 really missed u super update dear!!!!!! and ya keep writing sissy.!!!!!

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Shivika !! Thank you so much dear. Happy you liked it .Sissy….thank you once again☺

  15. Pooja26

    awwwwwww so cute……////

    1. Jerry_36

      Pooja di, thank you so much☺

  16. Awesome epi dear….

    1. Jerry_36

      Lilly di, thank you tons☺

    1. Jerry_36

      Vincy, thank you☺

  17. nice!!!!!!!

    1. Jerry_36

      Rahanuma dear, thanks☺

  18. Amazing epi…

    1. Jerry_36

      Niriha, thank you for commenting☺

  19. Awesome….
    Shivika scenes were cute…
    waiting fr d nxt… 🙂

    1. Jerry_36

      Shivika, thank you so much<3

    1. Jerry_36

      Shivika thank you so much. Will post soon☺

    2. Jerry_36

      *Alekhika. Typos !!

  20. It is nice one dear….

    1. Jerry_36

      Nikita di, thank you so much☺

  21. Yaa its really awsm.. Sry I wasn’t able to comment on first epi .. As I was busy …N I’m really excited to read tis new story of shivika .. Nice eagerly waiting 4 next epi Dr…

    1. Jerry_36

      Haridhra di, thank you so much for commenting. Its okay di, I know life !! Will try to make it more exciting and will also try to post soon☺

  22. Hey..Jerry It was nice please add more shivika scenes..nd post long ff’s coz u only update ur ff once or twice in a week as u dont hav time.. i always eagerly wait for UR nd NEHA’S update..! I read lots of ff’s ; os ; ts ; but i only comment on which i really love..anyway when r u goin to update the nxt one?? Please..update nxt one asap..egarly watin for it…Tysm for such an awsome ff..really U nd NEHA are intelligent creatures..i dont know from where u get such ideas/thoughts… ur imagination is jus awsome..guys..

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey somya !! Thank you for commenting. This was their first interaction, gradually there’ll be more Shivika scenes ? I will try to post longer as I have my classes so…Neha yeah !! She is also a wonderful writer. That was a huge compliment….in reality me too don’t know where do I get these crazy ideas. Happy that you loved it !! Will post soon

      1. Neha_Pheonix

        Ya ..thanks somya and jerry for such a sweet compliment!

  23. That was beyond words!!!
    I really love this this anika Jerry
    Well I’m a silent reader asiya and I love your ff ………sorry for not commenting previously …..and ya pls update lengthy one …..keep writing dear

    1. Jerry_36

      Aashiya thank you so much for commenting. You love my ff…like seriously thank you once again !! Its okay dear, for not commenting. Will update lengthy too !! And surely will write more☺

  24. Ashwathy

    Superb update………Its was really nice……Wating for ur next part……..So plz update faster……

    1. Jerry_36

      Ashwathy thank you so much<3 Will post soon☺

  25. Gayathri.visu

    Lovely part Jerry… Shivika scenes are cute… I really liked when Anika closed her eyes n Shivaay looks her… But its short one. Next time make it bit longer please….

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much gayathri for expressing your views. Yeah that scene…was a heart catcher. Will try to make it a lil long and post soon☺

  26. It was such a beautiful and cute episode, jerry???. Loved it. Update soon dear ? ? ? ? ?.

    1. Jerry_36

      Sophia dear, thank you so much !! Happy you loved it.Will post soon?

  27. Woww…I was waiting for ur update…just loved it…wonderful…

    1. Jerry_36

      Zaveesha thank you so much. Was waiting awww….?

  28. Anyakhan32

    Lovely update dear? Annika helped shivaay to clean his strains and he was lost in her.then later he saved her also.the bezt scene was when annika waved from the glass thanking him,it was so adorable.
    do continue soon..

    love yaa,

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much Anya for your review. Your comment always makes me happy. Yeah the scenes you described were really good. Hope to give you more. Love you❤

  29. VHM

    This was fantastic…..don’t make us wait so long Jerry….curiosity of what will be posted next is raising

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much Harika di for commenting. Di after curiosity will be risen it will be more interesting to read? Will post soon.

  30. Mrunal

    this was cutest ever update dea…….
    the moment when annika’s boss was asking shivaay… and he was admiring his lady loves cute antics…. that was sooooooo adorable…..
    his reading her lip moments…. their slight brushing touches everything was so blissful…
    just loved this update dea….

    it’s as cute as ur current dp….

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Mrunal di !! Thank you so much for your precious comment. The moments you described were my favorite too. Happy that you loved it. And thank you once again for my dp. When are you updating your ff di ??

  31. Neha_Pheonix

    Such a great update yaar…..Wow…fallen for this FF ya

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much Neha di !! Glad you liked it?

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