MY DeSi GiRlzz~Ragsan n swalak (Chapter 2)

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The episode starts wid swara and ksihan coming out of there hiding place kids sees them n goes to them

Kid1:di di plz play wid us na

Swa:no muni i will play at evening i have to go home mami is waiting na

Kis:di forget maa play na then after sometime u go on work na

Swa:but chotu

Kid2:di plz paly na plz

Swa:ok ok i will play

All cheers

They play pittu( the one who plays in ramiya vastavaiya film with rocks n balls)

Kid:di i will play first

Swa nods n ties her saree in her waist n take her position…. Kids hits the rock and starts recollecting them when swara got the ball she throws it to one kid from very far bcz of which the ball cross the boundary line of their village

Swara bits her tongue while all hit their head with their hands

Kid1:didi now ball goes their now how will we play

Kid2:yes di now they will play with our balls

All starts complaining

Swa:stopppppppp dnt worry bacha party i will go

All shouts nooo

Swa:y can’t i go(she puts her hand on her waist)

Kis:if someone sees u

Swa:dnt worry i will hide

Kis:no di u will start fighting (sadly)

Swa:shut up chotu n u all stay here mai youn gai or youn aii

All kids closes their eyes n some shuts their ears

Swara secretly goes first she hides herself behind tree then looks here n there n find no one she hurriedly goes n picks up the ball n gives victorious smiles to all kids who cheers she is about to go when she heard

Voice:kahan chali mona darling (where r u going mona darling)

She turns n finds ragini standing with his chillar gang folding her hand n glaring her

Swa:kiski shakal dekhli mane subha subha ab to pora din kahrab jaega mera( whom face i saw in morning now surely my whole day will b go bad only) annoy

Rag:oyeee dont talk too much n mine day will b gone bad bcz i saw ur face today god knws what sins punishment he is giving to me (angry)
(Oye ziada mat bolo hamara din bura jeaga jo humney tumhari shakal dekhli pata nai kis gunah ki saza de rahe hai bhgwan jii)

Swa shouts: Laddo(sweet) u just keep ur mouth shut n don’t fight with me i m not in mood to fight wid u today (she said folding her arms wid attitude)……… ( laddo tu apna mun band hi rakh mera koi mood nai hai aj tujhse larne ka)

Rag:achaa chori or uper seena zori how dare u too come here this is our village n our enemies are not allowed to come here now surely u get punishment mona darling (shouts)…..
(Chori or uper se seena zori han tumhari himmat kese hui hamare gaon mai ane ki hamare dushman ko yahan ana mana hai or abki bat tumhr zror saza milegi)

Swa laughs:first of all i m not intrested in coming in ur village n second i came only for my ball which come here n about punishment first they catch me then they will punish mee naa(she said looking directly at rags)……. (Pehli bat mujhe tere gaona ane ka koi shok nai or dosri ma yahan apni ball lene ai thi or jahan tak rahi saza ki bat pehle mujhe pakar lo phir sazs dena)

Rag: do u think me n my frnd will let u go easily (tumhe lagta hai hum or hamare dost tumhey itni asani se jane dengy ) smirking

Swa: who u n this chillar army no one can catch me u besan ki laddo
(She said keeping her hands on waist n coming near rags)….. ( kon tu or teri yeh choti fauj koi mujhe nai pakar sakta besan ki laddo)

Rag do the same: first try to run then tell queen shona mona ( pehle yahan se bhaag k to dekhao maharani shona mona)

Swa smirks n runs….. Rags shouts n runs after her after sometime all kids n ragini blocks swa way

Rag smirks: now where will u go mona darling

Swa blow air from her mouth to hair strands which comes to her face n point her index finger to raginu

Swa:look ragini let me go otherwise (dekh ragini mujhe jaane de warna)

Rags also points her index finger: if i will not then what will u do swaraa (agar nai to kya krlogi tum swaraa)

Swa smirks: then i will tell kaka that u help our villagers girls also

Rag shocked: dont lie i dont

Swa:dont try to hide Laddo(sweet) i knw everything

Rag:no i will let u go(nai hum tumhe nai jane dengy) n holds her hands

Rag:lets go to baba he will punish u n drags her

Swa(shouts): leave me i want to go nagini ki bachii leave i will kill u
( chor mujhe jane de nagini chor mardongi ma tujhe)

Rag laugh: first get punishment then kill me mona Darling

In the mean tym kishan comes there

Kis:ragini dii leave shona di

Rag:no chotu today this mona darling will get punished

Kis: plz ragini di we have to leave other wise maa will beat di plzz

Swa:dont tell anything to this dayan chotu (she said trying to freeing herself from ragini grip)

Rag: chotu say this chipkali to shut her mouth…. N leaves swara hand bcz of of which swara falls down n her clothes get dirty she looks up n glares angrily at rags who is smiling

Swa(shouts): dayan nagini how dare u too make me fall( dayan nagini teri himaat kse hui mujhe girany ki)

Rag:chipkali mona i m nt interested in making u fall u urself falls ( chipkali hame tumhe girane ka koi shok nai tum khud giri ho) smiles

Swa:no u did it purpose

Rag:no u did it

Swa:no u

Rag:no u

Swa:no u

Rag:no u

Kis shouts:shut upppppp

Swarag looks at him inocently

Kis:ragini di n shona di plzzzz stop fighting n ragini di i m sorry shona di come for us dont tell anyone plz otherwise she Will b in big trouble n maa will also punish her plz(puppy face)
Rag:hmm its ok chotu(caressing his face) for u i will not tell anyone but tell this mona to say sorry to me (hmm chotu hum tumhare lie kisi ko nai btaenge magr isko kaho hamse mafi mange)

Swa:who to say sorry u n ur army nagini(annoyed)…. (Kon tum or tumhari fouj nagini)

Rags glare while she glares back suddenly ragini sees villagers coming she fastly took both of them hands n hides under a bush

Rag( to swakis): u both stay here i will come dont go anywhere ok chotu

Kishan nods n smiles while ragini goes

Scene shift


uttara is shown doing presentation boldly everyone claps n praises her

Utt comes n hugs Dp

Utt:yayyyy papa we got the contract

Voice:yes afterall whose daughter u are

Utt smiles widely: sheko uncle n hugs him

Shek: God bless u my bacha congo for another contract
(Shek treats uttara as his daughter)

Dp:look shehkar i said u na she is my charm look bcz of her our company cracked 3 bigs dealΒ  this year i m very proud of my daughter n kiss uttara forehead

Shek smiles n blesses utt: yeah even me

Utt:papa i tell this news to maa i will come shek, dp smiles n nods

Shek: really durga u r really very lucky to have uttara as ur daughter she makes u feel proud even i m very happy

Dp: yeah right shehkar…..Β  U knw very lucky are those who have daughters with them their dolls who always support their fathers in every circumstances u knw after uttara arrived in my life i feel really very blessed i m the lucky one n smiles

Shek goes pale n guilt formed in his eyes

Shek fakes smiles: yeah ofcourse absolutely right….. U w8 i will just come in a minute

Shek comes out of cabin n goes to his cabin n close his eyes n remember his past

Shehkar is shown asking doc about child….. Nurse comes n gives him2 daughters n tell its girl….. He took them n leave them on orphanage…. After mishti got to knws she breaks all his ties wid him….. Sid adressing him best father…..

Fb ends

A tear escaped from shehkar eyes n he wipes it

Scene shift

@SM industry

Sanskar n laksh is at sanskar office while sanskar is engrossed in work n laksh is continuously humming songs


Lak:yupp bro(grinning)

San:can u shut ur mouth n sit

Lak sad face: why??

San:cuz u r disturbing me with ur humming

Lak:bro u r sooo boring n i m also getting bored dont u have some hot staff so that i can flirt with them n winks

San glares: Lakshhhhhh

Lak smiles: sorry bad joke

Knock knock

San:come in

Peon comes n gives coffee to sanskar n is about to give laksh but bcz of laksh hands it spilts into laksh

Lak:oooopppppps he bites his tongue

San:what the hell dnt u have eyes

Peon:sorry sir i i i

San: shut up y u illetrate peoples dnt have any senses

Lak:bro plz dnt bring this topic now

San:shut up laksh its not ur matter n u i wanna knw who keep u at work go n call her/him right now(angry)

Lak:stop uncle no need to call any one n bro plzzz bcz of me its spilts into me dnt shout on him n u go n nxt tym b careful

Peon nods n leaves

San:but laksh u

Lak:bhai i knw they are illetrate they dont have manners n blah blah but plzz they are also humans so plz now b carefuk n dnt show ur sadu look to me i m getting bor lets go out

Voice:where r u going without me

Lak smiles widely: Siddd
(Yes its sid arjun bijlani)

Sid: hii guyz uncle tells me u r here its like a shocked for me then thought ro confirm whether its dream r not

Sansid chukkles while laksh glares

Lak:dnt knw y u n bro dont leave a chance to imitate me (makes faces)

San:bcz u n laksh are 2 opposite poles which can’t attract

Sid:True boss

Lak:ofcourse i m not here to work i m here to flirt with girls u knw

Sansid: shut up laksh

Lak smiles: btw its good u came sid otherwise i will become skeleton if i here some more tym wid out

Sid:flirting he complete

Lak:noo yrr without gossiping about girls n winks

San:he is just impossible n starts working

Lak closes his laptop n glares

San:what?? (Sternly)

Lak:when me n sid is here n someone will work then its impossible

San:soo then what u want

Lak:answer n smiles sheepishly

Scene shift

Ragini comes n hear swakis talking she stops there n heard them

Swa: i knw that nagini will go n bring whole village n we will b caught huh(irked)

Kis:noo di she will not

Rags gets angry hearing swara but smiles hearing chotu

Swa: i knw she will

Rags shoot draggers at her back

Kis:dii this is 5 or 6 tym shw caught u but did not tell anyone till now n i knw she will not tell this tym also btw i think didi u should asked help from her

Swa:no chotu i dont need that Laddos fatty ( she makes a face like balloon) help i will see later

Kis:uffuu dii u also helped her na one tym then y u helped her that time now only she can help

Rags bcms irked n comes out

Rag:what help do u need chotu


Rag:i dnt ask u mona i asked chotu… Chotu u tell (n turns towards chotu)

Kis:voo dii.. (He sees swara glaring her rags notice n stands infront of swara blocking her n ask him)

Rag:chotu i m ur dii na tell

Kis:vo di we need money actually maa gives shona di money but she gave it to chutki for kaki medicines now laxmi wants to eat pharatha but flour is finsihed n maa sent us to bring money from chutki n buy flour also n shona di dnt want to ask chutki for kaki condition this is the problem

Rag(smiles): dont worry chotu i have money u can take it

Swa looking at another direction: we did not want

Rag:look swara i don’t want to fight wid u in this matter ( she opens her pallu side where she hide money n takes out n give it to swara hands n nods her head looking at her) return whenever u have money…. (Dekho swara ham is mamle tmse larna nai chaty jab paise ho hamein wapis kardena)

Swa takes n slightly smiles…. Rags also smiles

Rag:now go from this side before anyone comes

Kishan climbs the wall n swara is a out to climb when she turns

Swa: Thnkx naginii n smiles n climbs the wall ( Dhane vaad nagini)

Rags smiles n goes

Scene shift to sanlaksid


San:what answer

Lak:last time we asked u to tell which type of girl u want u dont reply now we want answer

San:Lakshhhhh glares

Lak:yarr come in bro atleast now tell say na sid

Sid:yeah sanky even i want to knw plzz yrrr

San:guyz u knw na i m not

Sid:interested yeah but plzz tell na

Lak:plzzz bro plxxx plxxx(puppy eyes)

San sigh: ok fine

Sidlak smiles

San: soo i want a high class girl not middle class types no sati savitri

( rags is shown praying at temple)

San: who have manner n style of talks n respect everyone n morover she should b fit on our society

(Rags is shown shouting at childrens n taking blessings from elders)

San: who have best dressing style n wears best n costly dresses not buy cheaps stuff

( ragini is shown buying cheap dress )

San: a traditional values but have modern class who is from big family n will fit in our family n who knows style of talking with our class people only

( ragini is shown laughing with oldies)

San: n moreover she is highly educated

( ragini is shown running after chicks)

San:tahts it he sighz

Sansid look at him disbelief

Lak:bro its better not to ask u

San: y soo??

Lak:bcz they way u r saying na its like u want show peice for society not a wife for u seriously ( annoy)

Sid:even i did not expected this

San:guyz i said na its not my cup of tea

Lak:bro u r boy na

Sanky glares

Lak:no seriously i have a doubt (stern look)

San: in that case i have a doubt on u also that u r the person whom everyone is finding

Lak raising his eyebrow: n whose that person

San: a man runs from mental asylum have serious type of mental disese who always talk nonsence n dnt have anyother work (serious)

Sid chukkles while laksh pouts

Lak(folding his arms): tahts not fair bhai u always do that

San:everything is fair in love and war my bro n its war n winks at laksh n engrossed in work

Lak:u knw what talking wid u is like bhens k age been bajana both is same n frowns

San ignored

Lak: urghhhhh n look at sid….. Sid blinks his eyes n smiles


San:yeah….. Still working

Sid:can u plzz

San:what guyzzz

Lak:shut ur boring work n go out wid us (irked)

San closed his laptop n sees towards laksh

San:if i say no then

Lak:then think u have no brother in this world n starts to leave

San:Laksh(angry) never ever say that

Laksh smiles hearing his bro anger cyz he knws he loves him the most n turns in serious look

Lak:on one condition mr. Maheshwari

Sanky raised his one eyebrow

Lak smiling: we will go on holiday we 3 without any office work promise

San:u never leave such chances na

Lak grinning: neverrr

Sansid smiles seeing his antics

Sid:if ur bromance or bhai milap is done can we leave

Lak:bhai milap is better but bromance plzzz chiii i m not taht types(makes faces)

Sid chukkles while sanky punches him on stomach

Lak:ahhhh brooo i m gone(drama)

San:leave u idiot


Sid: u r not idiot we knw

Lak:ofcourse n goes smiling

Sansid smiles n follow him

Trio left in car

To b continued…..

Precap:swara ?

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