My DeSi GiRLZ ( RagSan and SwaLak) ~ chapter 6-Friendship Day

My Desi Girl- 6

The episode starts with Sanskar and Siddharth who looks at laksh innocently blinking their eyes where as laksh is showing them their shopping.

“This is the last one howz it”,asked laksh showing the last t-shirt with a smile.

“Pakka it’s last”,asked sidSan looking at laksh without blinking their eyes.

“Yes”,replies laksh when both SanSid looks at each other with fake happy tears.

“Happy independence day bro”,both hugs each other while laksh eyes them confused.

“Independence day?”,laksh narrows his brow.

SanSid sheepishly smiles at him.

“That’s mean you both were talking about me”,laksh pouts looking at them.

“Not you but the way you are showing your shopping is”,replies sanky.

“Dont you think lucky behaves like a girl sometime”,says sid in a teasing manner.

“Yeah i also thinks the same”,replies sanky and both laughs.

Laksh looks at them annoyingly.

“Huh i hate you both”,says laksh with crossed arms.

“Awwww”,sansid teases while he stamps his foor angrily.

SanSid looks at each other and then stands standing besides laksh.

Laksh pouts looking away.

“But we love you”,says SanSid  hugging laksh from both sides.

A smile appears on laksh lips and he pushes both of them.

“Dont you both have shame”,laksh asked covering himself.

SidSan looks at him with narrow brows.

“Yeah what if anyone sees you both like this what will they think, they’ll say that by seeing a handsome boy infront of them both boy looses their control and they will judge your gender also”,says laksh with a serious face while SanSid glares him.

“Very funny”,both SanSid says sternly while laksh laughs seeing them.

“You both are best”,laksh hugs them while both SanSid push him.

“Ayee don’t hug us like this people will doubt your gender and will say that seeing two handsome boys infront of them one boy who looks like a boy looses his control”,says SanSid while laksh pouts.

“Copy cats”.

“Anyways i am going to pack my bag you both continue spending time with your wife’s”,says laksh taking his shopping bags.

SanSid looks at each other.

“Gosh why did God did not give you both some brains obviously your work is your wife na”,says laksh rolling his eyes and leaving the cabin.

Both SanSid facepalms themselves.

“Cant you come with us”,asked sanky blinking his eyes while sid shakes his head in a no.

Sanky pouts while Siddharth gives him a sympathetic look.

Scene shift to village.

Ragini walks through the plains and saw some children making something with kites.

She smiles going towards them.

“What’s happening here”,ragini asked as she looks at the children’s.

“Didi we are preparing for friendship day”,says a boy.

“Phriend-chip”,ragini tries to say with confused face while kids laughs.

“Phriend chip nahi friendship didi”,corrects the boy while ragini gives him a confuse look.

“Aray didi it’s a day when you wish your friends and spend a day with them by tying bands”,explains the boy.

“Bands?”,ragini asked.

“Haan bangles”,the boy shows her hand pointing towards bangles.

“Ooo but why we give this to our friend’s”, asked ragini excitedly.

“Because by this we tells our friends how special they are for us”,explains the boy.

Ragini smiles,”but i don’t have any friends”,she pouts sadly.

“You can give it to anyone with whom you fight,you share everything,you care with whom you spends most of the time”,says a girl.

“Shona”,a wide smile appears on her lips and she gets up.

Ragini claps her hands excitedly.

“I will give this to shona”,says ragini and goes from there.

Scene shift

Swara and kishan is shown playing with children’s when kaki comes there and saw her.

“Ayeee kalmuhi what are you doing here go home and make tea for me i am coming”,says kaki angrily while swara nods.

“Ji kaki sa”,says swara and holds kishan hand and goes from there.

Kaki eyes the money in her bag and smirks going from there.

Scene shift

Ragini is shown making something in kitchen.

Keshav comes and looks at ragini.

Ragini stands holding a bowl in her hand, she turns and saw keshav standing.

“Baba”,she smiles widely and keeps the bowl infront of him.

“Baba plz eat and tell howz it”,asked ragini while keshav closes his eyes inhaling the aroma.

He picks up spoon and tastes it.

“Laado”,he looks at her amused.

Ragini looks at him kneely.

“What happened baba?”,she asked blinking her eyes.

” i don’t know that you can make such tasty food”,says keshav and takes the bowl from her hand and starts eating.

Ragini smiles looking at him.

“Sachii baba that’s mean shona and chotu will also like it”,asked ragini while keshav stops eating and looks at her. Ragini realize what she says and looks down.

“Wo baba”,Ragini gulps and looks down as a tear fell from her eyes.

Keshav stands and goes from.there keeping the bowl. Ragini looks at him and then down with moisty eyes.

A hand comes infront of her with tiffin in it, ragini looks at the hand and looks up to find keshav smiling at her. He wipes her tears with his thumb and nods yes.

Ragini smiles with moisty eyes and tightly hugs keshav.

Keshav breaks the hug handing her the box. Sometimes your silence speaks it all. Ragini takes the box.while keshav takes the bowl and starts eating.

“Now go”,says keshav as he saw ragini starring him. Ragini smiles and gives a quick peck on his cheeks before running from there.

Scene shift

Swara and kishan is shown sitting on a rock near river.

“Chotu let’s go home before kaki saw us”,says swara.

“No didi let’s stay here for some.more time then we’ll go”,says kishan playing with water. Swara smiles at him.

“Oo Mona darling”,shouts Ragini from far running towards her.

“What is laddo doing here”,murmurs swara getting up from rock.

“Ragini didi”,kishan smiles as ragini stands infront of them panting.

Ragini calms her breathe and looks towards both with a smile.

“Happy phriendship day mona darling and chotu”,she smiles at them widely while kishan n swara looks at her confused.

“Ki”,both asked.

Ragini smacks their head.

“You both don’t know what is phriendship day”,asked ragini while both swakis shakes their head.

“Aray buddho today we gift bangles to those who fight with us who care for us who understand us and who always stay with us”,explains ragini.

“So i only fight shona and she cares for me too and understand me too that’s why i come to wish you both”,says Ragini.

“And bring this also”,ragini takes out bangle which she ties on the end of her stole and tiffin which she was holding.

She takes swara hand and makes her wear bangles.

“Happy phriendship day shona mona darling”,Ragini says and smiles.

“Happy phriendship day chotu”,ragini says making him eat the sweet dish.

Kishan smiles,”umm di it’s soo tasty”.

“But i don’t have anything for you laado”,says swara sadly.

“I don’t want anything from you otherwise you’ll taunt me whole year for giving me anything”,says ragini to tease swara who glares her.

“Shut up moti laddo”,swara glares and removes half bangles.

“Ayeee i was just joking”,says Ragini as swara takes her hand makes her wear the bangles.

“I am not like you who is ready to fight all the time”,says swara.

“And happy phriendship day”,swara smiles at ragini who gives her a genuine smile in return.

Swaragini plays in bg.

“Chotuu”,shouts ragini as kishan eats continuously.

“It’s for mona darling also”,says ragini snatching the bowl while kishan pouts.

“Noo way i don’t want to die by eating your handmade food”,says swara smirking looking at ragini glare.

“In that case”,ragini sits besides kishan,”me and chotu will eat this,she smirks back at swara who pouts.

“Ummm it’s tasty”,ragini widen her eyes as she takes the first bite.

“Haina”,says kishan eating along.

Ragini smirks looking at swara who is now eyeing the food.

“Chalo chotu let’s finish before our stomach starts aching”,says Ragini and both kisrag winks at eo and eats teasing swara who is looking at them innocently.

Atlast swara snatches the bowl and eating.

“Laddo i don’t know that you make this much delicious food”,swara says shockingly gulping the first bite.

“Don’t underestimate the power of Ragini Shrivasthav mona darling”,ragini smirks.

Swara shakes her head and eats more.

Ragini snatches the bowl,”i don’t want You to die soon eating this”.

Swara snatches,”this is for me so I’ll eat it”.

Ragini snatches,”but you denied first”.

Swara snatches,”i eat seconds”.

Kishan faceplams himself seeing them snatching the bowl,he snatches.

“We will share it”,kishan says sternly while SwaRag glares each other which soon turns into giggles.

Swaragkis sits and makes eo eat.

Scene shift.

“What”,shouted SanSid as soon they remembers today date.

“I thought you are responsible person sanky atleast you can remember na that today is friendship day”,complains sidharth while sanky frowns.

“I expect the same”,he glares sidharth who pouts.

“If lucky find out then he’ll make our bharta for sure not remembering today’s day”,says sanky while sidharth nods.

“Now what bro we promise lucky that we’ll spend a day with each other on friendship day but we forget”,says sid.

“I think lucky also don’t remember”,says sanky.

“Yeah otheriwse the volcano havebeen burst till now”,says sid.

Both SanSid looks at each other and smiles.

“Ideaa ?”,both shouts hurrieldy leaving the cabin.

Scene shift

Lucky is shown panicking his bag.

“Emmm this one or this one no no i should keep this one”,says laksh looking at the piles of clothes in his hand.

“This one”,says uttara pointing towards the black shirt in his hand.

“Omg uttu you at home what about the office today”,says laksh amused.

“Yeah shehkar uncle send me back today, they says to take me rest as he is gonna present the upcoming project”,says uttara helping laksh in packing.

“Wooow more then bald head dad shehkar uncle cares for you naee”,says laksh while uttara glares.

” Don’t say my dead poppy blad head you brainless bro”,says uttara while laksh smirks.

“You only call brainless to those who have brain”,he marks whike uttara rolls her eyes.

“You and your logics”,she shakes her head while laksh chuckles.

“Btw bhai i heard there is a fashion designers contest where anyone can participate”,says uttara while laksh face fells.

“Anyone except lucky”,says laksh sadly.

Uttara sighs making him sitting besides her.

“Why don’t you tell mom what you want to become”,asked uttara.

Laksh smiles,”cuz she never asked me what i want to become even because of sid bhai got what he want otherwise mom will never let him opening another business”.

“Bhai is momma’s boy but not you, you always do what your heart wants then why not this”,asked uttara.

“I know uttu but i sign those paper’s and promise mom I’ll do what she wants not what i Wants”,explains laksh.

“You can ask this in wish then why dont you ask this and only trip”,uttara questions while laksh giggles.

“Stupid uttu if i ask to become a designer then i have to go on work from tomorrow only”,says laksh.

“Gosh bhai such a lazy head you are”,says uttara shaking her head.

“That’s luckyz style my small siso”,he winks at her while she rolls her eyes.

Laksh phone rings and he takes the call.

“Hi”,he says.

“Is it lucky speaking”,says the voice from other side.

Laksh widen his eyes hearing the voice.

“Beautiful voice”,laksh murmurs hearing a chucckle from other side.

“Would you like to meet this beautiful voice”,asked the voice.

“Ofcourse why not”,says laksh with a grin.

“Ok then meet me at excel collage in 30 mins”,says the voice.

“Hey that’s my collage”,says laksh but the call was disconnected.

“What happened”,asked uttara.

“A date”,laksh winks at uttara who closes her eyes hearing him.

“I have to change”,says laksh and goes to washroom.

“Gosh who will change him”,murmurs uttara leaving the room.

Scene shift

“But collage will b closed this time”,murmurs laksh standing outside the collage.

He smiles seeing the collage.

“How can i forget me bhai sid uttu we all study here and graduate also”,he remembers their old days getting inside the collage.

He walks through the corridors remembering the day he spent with everyone.

“Bhai and sid should be here then we all can relive our old days”,says laksh but stops as he sees a arrow.

“Ahaan so ms. Beautiful voice planned everything”,murmurs laksh following the arrows, atlast the arrows stop infront of a big class room.

“Aray that’s my class”,laksh says smiling. As soon he opens the door balloons burst making him jerked.

“Happy friendship day”,shouts Sidharth Sanskar as soon he steps inside.

Laksh widen his eyes and looks at them amused. He saw balloons class filled with balloons and a big board with happy friendship day written on it.

Sanskar and sidharth crushes him a hug while laksh bites his tongue remembering today’s day.

“You both remembers”,asked laksh amused as they break the hug.

SanSid smiles and nods.

Laksh pouts.

“Happy friendship day brother’s”,Laksh again hugs them.

“Remember here we promised to meet each other and spend a time together on friendship day”,says sidharth while laksh smiles widely.

“Yes”,laksh glances around the classroom.

Laksh stops as soon as he realizes something. He turns with narrows brows. SidSan shurgs their shoulders looking at him.

“Where is that beautiful voice girl?”,asked laksh while SanSid burst into laughter.

“You seriously thought that it’s a date”,asked sanky.

Laksh pouts,” aur nahi toh kya see how handsome i make myself but”.

“Oh in that case common sanky let’s leave he don’t want to spend time with us”,says sid sadly.

“No way”,laksh snakes his hands around SanSid,” i don’t mind dating my handsome brother’s”,lakhs winks at them.

SanSid gives him ” mad” look.

“Btw who has a hidden girl inside you both”,asked laksh.

“Aray that girl voice whose that”,says laksh seeing their confused face.

“Sidharth”,Sanskar giggles while sid nervously smiles.

“Oye hoye meri pushpa hidden talent kaha chupaya tha ab tak”,laksh teases.

“Wahi jahan tera hai”,replies sidharth.

“Bands”,sidharth takes out 3bands and trio makes each other wear it with a promise to stay same throughout their lives and always be their sides.

Trio walks through their collages reliving their every moments.

Trio spends the quality time in each others company without any work. After spending some hours trio left to their homes……

To b continued…..

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*Happy Friendship Day*?Thank you soo much for being part of my life being a supportive readers….. Love you all…..

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