DESI GIRL (HIM) Episode 1

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Scene 1:
A man, probably in his mid twenties rushed into one of Delhi’s most prestigious hospitals and ran up straight to the receptionist’s desk. The receptionist who was caught off guard by the sudden visitor was taken aback but never-the –less she did not forget to flash one of her beautiful smiles.
“good morning sir. How can-”. But she was cut off by the man. “Mrs. Sujata Maheshwari has been admitted here?”
“I think so sir. Just a second. I’ll check…”
“Yes, yes sir! She will be in room no. 104”

“Which will be …” almost on the verge of shouting again.
“second floor 1st room on the left.”
No sooner did the receptionist say this than the man walked away and she went back to her work.

Scene 2: room no.104
A lady was sleeping on the bed. Probably in her early fifties. A man in stood by her with worry clearly written all over his face, when the door banged open and the youngest business tycoon of India, the prince of Maheshwari empire, the most eligible bachelor in town, SANSKAR DURGAPRASAD MAHESHWARI entered.

Taking baby steps he walked towards the bed where his mother, his soul, his life lay. Shocked would be an understatement, he was scared out of his wits when he got the call from his father saying that his mother had a heart attack.
The lady on the bed, had woken up by the noise caused by her son’s entry. She could see fear on his face. She gestured him to come closer and held out her hand which he took lovingly and carefully as if it was a newly born baby’s hand and a small force would destroy it.
“Mom” was all he could say…

And then his mother knew that he was broken from inside. Broken and vulnerable. No this could not happen. Her son could not fall weak. She had created him. She had created Sanskar Maheshwari- the Sanskar Maheshwari who neither forgave nor forgot. He was her son first and everything else later. He had to be strong. He had to……

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  6. Is it a swasan FF or ragsan??

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