Desh Ki Beti Nandini 9th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Desh Ki Beti Nandini 9th April 2014 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 9th April 2014 Written Update

Swaroop takes care of arrangements for the engagement. Uttara comea they both talk about nandini in insulting way. Daadi comes to inquire about divya.
Divya calls sid and forces him to meet her at any cost. He is reluctant. Suddenly divya notices nandini at the door but relieved after finding out as usual she has not heard anything.

All gathered at living room. GD discussing with abhay that why and how they need not to make event big. Abhay gets distracted and can not takes his eyes off seeing nandini who walks in with RV. GD notices he is not focused but he manages it.
Nandini goes to get cutlery from kitchen some one follows her holds her and closes the mouth before she could yell. Uttara goes to tell divya to get ready. It was RV who hold nandini in the kitchen, he tries to romance but in vain nanidni runs away. Entire romantic scene was watched by abhay with us.

Nandini walks out bumps to abhay, who still lost in her and wants to touch her when RV comes to question him why is he there. He makes an excuse of bringing gift as all is normal in their life. he asks them to have a picture. After Rajndini leave he crop RV’s picture in his phone and keeps nanidni’s one.
Divya is getting her henna done. all family watching and discussing how marriage should be in same status, They talk about money, brand etc. RV opposes saying for any relation to grow love is required. Daadi and divya suuport him and daadi asks nandini’s opinion about it, who in reply gives lecture on love. Rajnadini dances on the occasion. GD and abhay of course did not like it.
Groom and his family arrive, get welcomed and daadi asks nanidini to get divya. Divya asks for 5 minutes goes to meet sid who has shown up even after saying NO.
sidya argue over how and why divya not want to get engage but she has to. finally divya blackmails sid according to raghuvanshi tradition about committing suicide and that does it sid accepts he loves her. they hug, this time nandini catches them.
She tries to make them understand, gives them reality check but in vain. finally she gives them lecture on family prestige but divya returns her “lecture on Love” back with interest. Finally nadini gives up, right then RV comes there

Divya deliberately drops the ring which ends up rolling to nandini, swarropa eagrly asks for ring, nandini does dhamaaka that The engagement can not happen as divya loves some one else

Update Credit to: md410

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