Desh Ki Beti Nandini 7th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Desh Ki Beti Nandini 7th November 2013 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 7th November 2013 Written Update

Episode starts @ Gayatri devi’s mansion

Gayatri devi so happy for Rajveer’s success. GD expresses her happiness to Abhay, Suryamaan ji and Abhay. Meantime Rajveer enters the room . Gayatri Devi praises rajveer and offers him PRP Party’s Vice President Position. Rajveer so simply denies GD’s offer and again reminds that he doesn’t have any interest in Politics. GD is disappointed with Rajveers words. Rajveer reminds again that he will leave to LONDON very soon and he refers Akanksha for the VP position. GD and others stunned hearing to Rajveer. Rajveer leaves the place saying outside all will b waiting for her.

GD says so disappointedly, “Why cant rajveer understand that, politics is hidden in his every drop of blood”

All turn towards tv as there a reporter asking Nandini about Rajveer.TV clip showing Nandini praises Rajveer as she never saw such a good politician. For every reporter questions Nandini answers smartly and praises Rajveer. Gayatri Devi appear to be impressed with the clip and asks abhay to freeze the tv screen.

GD”is she the same lady the project Pandey girl”


GD “Politics can be explained better in kitchen language. This girl (Nandini) gave a best answer and made everyone understood which big politicians failed to explain in big big sentences.”

Abhay comes front “Yes Maam, I am thinking to including this pandeys into my plan”

GD” go ahead abhay, I am no objection with your plan. I will tackle rajveer. You concentrate on Project Pandey”. Abhay agrees.

Nandini home

All are enjoying Diwali dinner having some happy moments and fun talk about the crackers. Nandini starts praising Rajveer and they have celebrated happily diwali means due to Rajveer. Even Mr. Pandey agrees to that and gives a pause hesitantly. Nandini asks what is the matter. He tries to divert them. But Nandini forces him to say . Mr. Pandey reminds about the pension problem and also says Why not we ask rajveer to solve this problem. And he himself assures them there will be some way to solve the prblem. Nandini is worried.

GD mansion,

Abhay explaining about Project Pandey first step and shows the Ashok Pandey picture to all and explains about his pension problem.

@ Pension Office

Nandini in pension office asks the officer about Pandey’s pension. The officer so recklessly answers to come back after 3 days. Nandini goes to another officer, who was busy in phone. Nandini explains him the problem and asks about whether he have any idea about the delay in pension. The officer disconnects phone and asks her to meet another person whom she already met just before. Meantime another officer comes there and says Mr. Pandey pension was cleared. Nandini feel very happy and informs the officer she is the daughter of the Ashok Pandey and shows him her PAN card & ID proof. The officer informs her the due to Rajveer Raghuvanshi the pension was cleared so easily and asks her to sign in the record book. She reminds about Mishraji’s pension delay also.. The officer says not to worry everyone will get their pension and and handovers the cheque to nandini. Nandini is happy taking the cheque.

Nandini Home,

Mr. Ashok Pandey is ill. Mrs. Pandey asks him to consult doctor. Pandey reminds his pocket is empty how can he go for treatment. Nandin enters happily and asks her father to consult doctor today itself. Mr pandey starts to say the house problems. Nandini announces that his pension problem solved and from this month pension will come on time and shows them the cheque. Mr & Mrs. Pandey become so emotional seeing the cheque. Mr. pandey asks Nandini how this all happened. Nandini explains him whtever happened in Pension office. Mrs. Pandey starts prasing God.

Abhay gets call from his informer about the news that pension is cleared. The colony people are saying jai jai to Rajveer behind the informer. Abhay hangs phone and informs the same to whole team. Abhay says step two will be started now.

Mishra ji praises Nandini that she is lucky to whole colony. Nandini asks.. to praise who was behind the solution and says that is none other than rajveer and also informs Mishra ji’s pension too will be released soon. Secretary and others too start praising Rajveer. All decide to convey thanks to Rajveer. Secretary raises a doubt that Rajveer is from a Royal family.. will he accept our gifts. Mr. Pandey convinces that Rajveer ji has come to our home and had food also then sure he will like our gifts. All leave the place to arrange gifts for Rajveer. All will come back with gifts & cards and handover to Nandini. So our Nandini is going to meet Rajveer Personally along with colony people gifts. Nandini assures all that sure Rajveer will like the gifts. Mr. Pandey says he too will accompany Nandini. Mrs. Pandey denies as his health is not fine and asks Nandini to go alone and gift all presents to Rajveer.Mrs pandey worried that every one has given something but what can we give to Rajveer. Ritu takes out candle which was made by Nandini for Ritu. Finally Nandini agrees to gift it to rajveer.

PRP Office,

Nandini is at main gate of PRP office with two big bags containing gifts. Security calls to conference hall informing that Nandini has come to meet rajveer. The lady who receives call informs same to abhay. Outside the gate one politician asks Nandini whom she wants to meet. Inside in conference hall, abhay asks to turn on CC tv footage. He denies Nandini to meet abhay immediately the same will b informed to Nandini through the guard and wait for some time. The politician who was earlier enquired nandini informs about Nandini to Rajveer. Rajveer gets smile on his face by hearing Nandini’s name and he gets flash of Rajveer knocking the door and Nandini opens.. Rajveer comes out so excitedly to meet Nandini. Rajveer is coming outside in slow motion .. abhay crosses his way and asks where rajveer is going. Rajveer says he is going to meet Nandini. Abhay denies rajveer to meet Nandini and says She has come here to say you thanks. Finally rajveer agrees to abhy and goes inside. Abhay and his assistant start to move towards Nandini.

Guard asks Nandini to move to side as Madam’s (GD) vehicle is coming. Nandini in hurry moving to side slips down the gift bags. The car will b stopped. Nandini gathers the fallen sweets and gifts hurriedly. Through out the process GD will b staring at Nandini. Abhay comes near car from another side and knocks the car window. Gd asks abhay is she the girl of Project Pandey and why she has come here alone. Nandini eyes follows the car so interestingly. Abhay rushes to Nandini and shows fake concern whether she is fine or not. Nandini thanks to abhay and explains the purpose of coming there with the gifts of conly people. Abhay pretends goody goody talks and informs that Rajveer is very busy and assures her that all gifts will be handed to rajveer and gives her his Visiting card anytime she can consult him.

PRECAP: Rajveer is in video talk convincing so sweetly that he is returning back LONDON so quickly. GD from backside overhearing rajveer.
Nandiini receives call from Siddarth and shocked to hear from other side.

Update Credit to: amul_kn

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