Desh Ki Beti Nandini 6th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Desh Ki Beti Nandini 6th March 2014 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 6th March 2014 Written Update

Rajvir thanks nandini as she is his inspiration and it is her who supports him all way through. The host asks his better half to come on stage and hand over the trophy to rajvir as behind every successful man there is a woman. Nandini feels happy and she calls GD as it is her who gave birh to such a talented and nice son that she can be proud of today. GD comes on stage and hands over the trophy to rajvir. He takes blessings from her and runs to hug nandini and praises her. Nandini feels happy. GD reminds rajvir that he has to go to the magistrate for the divorce papers after the music competition. Rajvir feels confused..mixed emotions!
Someone calls rajvir to congratulate him. GD tells nandini that she can never lose as she succeeded in removing nandini from rajvir’s

life. Nandini says that doesn’t matter as she is happy that rajvir succeeded in the music competition as music is his passion and first love. Nandini sees the light about to fall on GD and she saves her.. The light falls on her ankle. Rajvir runs towards nandini and asks if she was ok and asks her to get up. He kinda of ignores nandini..and takes care of his mom. Nandini feels sad. GD blames Abhay for everything as her own plan would have cost her life. She thanks nandini for saving her life. Everyone including M.Philip congratulates rajvir for his success and praises nandini for supporting him.

Reporters asks rajvir how does he feel on winning the competition and leaving all the old competitors behind.. Rajvir feels happy. One of them ask him whether he intends to choose music over politics. GD takes over and says that Rajvir will be the CM.. Nandini stares at her. She turns back and stares at nandini. She leaves by car. Rajvir tells nandini that they will meet at the magistrate cabin sadly. He says that this wouldn’t have happen if she hadn’t accuse his mom or asked the reporter to call rajvir and lie about his mom. Nandini tells him that she will respect every decision of his. She leaves in the car crying.

Rajvir comes after in another car. A reporter stops his car asking him to give an interview on his music success. Rajvir tells him that he is in a hurry and ask him to take an appointment. The reporter gives him his card and rajvir notices that he is the same one who called and lied about his mom responsible about what happened in the rally. The reporter clears the misunderstanding and says that he joined that channel one week ago .. So how can he be the one who called two weeks ago. Rajvir leaves but he is not satisfied.. He calls the channel and asks if the reporter’s words were true and the channel confirms it. He was about to call nandini to clarify the doubt but then hangs off.. He is confused. Nandini cries and calls her mom.. Her mom asks her why is she crying if rajvir won.. Nandini tells her that this is her happiness for rajvir. Her mom tells her to ward off evil eyes from their jodi.


Update Credit to: Perfectlove

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