Desh Ki Beti Nandini 5th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Desh Ki Beti Nandini 5th November 2013 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 5th November 2013 Written Update

Episode starts from the scene where it ends on shocked faces of Colony members. There some labour work IS going on. Colony People ask who are they and what they doing there. The labourer answers that , its order from high authority and Gas Pipe work is going on.

Secretary “Its not in my notice”
Nandini almost shouts at them, “where is the order copy. Who is your contractor”
Labourer “This gas pipe work is for you people only..”
Nandini “Where is the order copy”
Labourer “Order copy is with the contractor”
Nandini “Tell us, when the road will b set right”
Labourer “When the gas piping work is done ” And the labourer asks if wants any answers go and enquire in the Municipality Office.

All colony members join at Nandini’s home and secretary trying to call Municipality office.. No one picks the call. Suddenly Mr. Pandey realizes that the day is diwali and is holiday. All are start discssing about how they were fooled.

@ Municipality office – MLA Yadav’s cabin:

Rajveer and Abhay in MLA’s cabin. MLA offers sweets to them. Abhay denies and opens the reason they have come to MLA and raises the point about the BAD roads and the complaints about the bad roads. MLA makes fun of opposition party and ruling party differences.

Abhay says not to waste time and warns about the ruline party responsibility towards common people.

MLA firmly answers, he doesn’t want to learn from oppostion partry . Overall MLA’s answers is not favourbale to Abhy and Rajveer. They leave the cabin.

Abhay gets an idea and make a call to Gayatri Devei and says that there is some change in his plan and leave place.

Outside the Municipality Office, Rajveer surrounded by reporters , abhay enters into and answers the repoerters against to MLA regarding the Bad Roads in his constitution. Reporters asks about MLA’s response. Abhay answers that MLA doesn’t care about it. Reporters immediate question is, what have you people thought about it.

Abhay, “IF ruling party is sitting idle, that doesn’t mean, People and opposition party too will do same. And announces that Rajveer decided to Hunger Strike for the welfare of delhi people and specially the colony people”

Rajveer was confused with the word Abhay used in hindi, comes to pace and replies to press that, “the hunger strike continues until the roads get repaired”

colony people watching the scene at Nandini’s home. All are shocked to hear specially our Nandini.

Rajveer openly says, “When ruling party MLA yadav doesn’t respond, we will not sit idle”

All colony members start to bash Nandini for what she did with Rajveer by denying to take his help regarding road repairing. Even Pandey agrees to them. All decided to support Rajveer and leave the place. Nandini is speechless .

@Municipality Office, MLA Cabin:

MLA too watching the scne , he makes call to Indra ji (opposition party leader). Both share Diwali wishes.And start to discuss about Rajveer’s decision of Hunger strike. Indraji makes fun of it.

PUBLIC PLACE – Rajveer;s Hunger Strike

Rajveer sitting in public .. His face is sweating due to the hot sun. Nandini is looking after the arrangements and banners. Nandini assures that all the work will b completed very soon.

Abhay requests all reporters to stay little back and give a way to public. All colony people one by one will join rajveer holding PRP flag in their hands. Abhay feels happy that his plan is working out and warns the security guard that… no one comes near to Rajveer.

Guard stops the colony people and they say they stay littl back oinly and start zindabaad to rajveer.Rajveer and abhay discuss about the plan abhay deviced. Abhay advices Rajveer to impress people.Rajveer is so uncomfortable due to sun effect. Nandini stares at sweating uncomfortble rajveer and thinks to help him.

Rajveer comes near podium and starts giving speech about his hunger strike will b continued until the roads problem cleared.. He gives a pause inbetween and chcks his speech in his phone and conitnues.

Nandini gets doubt. Rajveer leaves Podium and abhay reaches there continues to speech. All people declare not only Rajveer infact they are all ready to join the hunger strike. Ritu starts praising Rajveer. Nandini repents for treating Rajveer too as like other political leaders. Ritu asks Nandini to say sorry to rajveer. Nandini says when she gets chance definitely will convery her apologies.

Gayatri devi in her office, with press.. Starts praising the Rajveer’s decision .

MLA and Indraji still in phone conversation about Rajveer’s hunger strike.

Rajveer asks abhay, how long he has to stay starving. He needs food for every two hours. Actually the word Hunger strike which said in Hindi, Rajveer exactly doesn’t know menaning. After getting to know the meaning of that as Hunger strike until problem solved, rajveer gets shocked.

Rajveer gets up and shouts on abhay, why didn’t abhay give prior information about hunger strike. They get a discussion about, hunget strike shows much effect on Indians. It becomes a big news. Media covering the event live along with the people views. Abhay is happy with the happenings. Rajveer is tensed and asks abhay to arrange something to eat. Abhay says YES and leaves the place.

Nandini notices that Rajveer is alone. Meantime abhay gets a call and leaves the stage. Nandini feels this is the right chance to convery her apologies to rajveer.

Rajveer goes behind the stage and about to eat the food arranged by abhay. Abhay warns rajveer to finsht he food quickly. Meantime Nandini is entering the place. Abhay and and rajveer alone there.. Screen freezes on Suspicious face of Nandini.

Precap : Diwali celebrations of Gayatri Devi family

Update Credit to: amul_kn

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