Desh Ki Beti Nandini 4th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Desh Ki Beti Nandini 4th December 2013 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 4th December 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with at Raghuvanshi mention Gayatri and Rajvir talking about jeena … Gayatri tell Rajvir that he should jeena back to Londan from next flight because if indraraj will get to know about jeena then he will take advantage of this news against them which is not good for his image bitween public.. Rajvir replies that he loves jeena and want to merry her and he will not sacrifice his love..for politics …Gayatri tell him that he can do anything but only after elections and after PRP come into power… Rajvir agrees ..

At pandey house
Nandini and Ritu in there room talking.. Ritu is happy to know that Rajvir has holded Nandini’s hand but nandini tell her not to get excited about such things … Ritu tell Nandini that Rajvir may propose Nandini

for marriage someday … Nandini tell Ritu that she never think to merry Rajvir as there is huge difference between them.. Ritu ask Nandini that she like Rajvir or not? Nandini reply that Rajvir is nice Human being and that girl will be lucky whom he will merry…

In morning
Rajvir-Jeena’s news headlines of newspapers… Nandini colony members read that news and surprized by PRP office Gayatri and Suryaman read the news…they too shocked ..suddenly Rajvir comes there he is very angry … Gayatri tell him to control his anger…Rajvir tell her that he will tell the media that he going to merry jeena … Gayatri stops him and tell him that she will handle the situation…Rajvir agrees and tell her that jeena should not get hurt in all this… Gayatri tell Abhay to take care of jeena.. Abhay tell her that he already sent jeena to safe place where media can,t caught her…

At Nandini office
she Explaining something to clients duggal sahab … switch on the t.v there Breaking news abotout Rajvir-jeena coming on t.v…all saw The news … Nandini also shocked…those clients bad mouth about Rajvir’s character … Nandini interrupts them and tell them not to make opinion about anyone’s character if they don’t know the truth every one has personal life and no one has rite to interfere in that..and she leav from there..

at indraraj home
the entire family watching news of Rajvir.. indraraj and sushant are happy ..indraraj ask his son to collect information about jeena..

at Pandey house
all watching same news on t.v…Nandini comes from office..everyone ask her opinion about this news..she tell that she has trust on Rajvir..all tell her to ask about this ishu to Rajvir … Nandini agrees..

jeena’s place
jeena angrily ask Abhay that why he bring her at this place and why she hiding..she demands to talk to Rajvir … Abhay call Rajvir.. Jeena talks to him and ask him to come there in 1 Hour otherwise she will do something wrong with herself… Rajvir agrees..he talk to Abhay and ask for address…At PRP office Nandini came to give some gifts and cards which she got from blood donation camp for Rajvir…Pappu (helper of Abhay) also there but Abhay send him back as Nandini is there..Abhay then meet Nandini.. And Nandini give those gifts and cards to him as Rajvir is not there she also ask him about Rajvir -jeena’s news he replies that jeena is Rajvir’s friend who come to meet him .. Nandini satisfied with that and went…sushant trying to get collect info..he want cctv footage of hotel but Abhay already get that…Abhay’s selftalk Nandini will always help PRP to connect with common man… Episode Ends..

PRECAP:-Rajvir went to meet jeena someone follow him..indraraj telling someone he has BN..Gayatri and all worried..all midea at jeena’s place..Rajvir informs to Gayatri

Update Credit to: divya.d

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