Desh Ki Beti Nandini 3rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Desh Ki Beti Nandini 3rd April 2014 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 3rd April 2014 Written Update

Nandini tells Abhay he won’t know the meaning of love because he hasn’t fallen in love with anyone. Abhay congrats her and leaves. RV comes and asks Nandini what he was saying. Nandini says he was just very happy as we got together again. They go inside. Uttara and Swaroop are shocked to see them.

Dadi scolds Nandini and RV and asks them to promise no matter what they won’t leave each other. If they fight, then make sure to sort everything inside home. She asks them to hold their ears and repeat what she said. They do that. Divya teases them. Dadi does their arti and both take blessings from the elders. Dadi informs them about Divya’s engagement and both are very happy for her and they hug her. Dadi tells Nandini to dress like a bride tomorrow and

start a new life with RV. She takes her with her saying she has a surprise for her. Other hand, Abhay wonders if he fell for Nandini.

Swaroop and Uttara are complaining about Nandini talking with Abhay, but RV speaks in Nandini’s favor. He says not to tell all this to him or anyone again because he trusts her fully. Swaroop and Uttara leave. Nandini is pleased. She thanks RV for speaking from her side. RV says he answered from ‘their’ side. They are one now.

Gayatri calls RV and lectures him about talking rudely with family members because of Nandini. RV says she’s his wife and if anyone says anything bad about her, then he will answer back. Gayatri reminds him that their wedding based is on a lie, then what marriage? RV gets into thoughts and then leaves.

Next day, Nandini wakes up and finds a note with bridal outfit. RV asks her to wear that and start her new beginning.

There is smoke in house. Everyone wonders why smoke in their house. Nandini’s family arrives. RV welcomes them. Divya waves her hand at Nandini’s bro. Nandini comes out in bridal outfit and everyone is surprised. Nandini’s parents are confused. RV goes to Nandini and takes her hand in his. He takes everyone inside and says they will find out everything soon.

Dadi asks RV what’s all that. RV says he is making his and Nandini’s relationship stronger and he wants everyone to witness that. They will marry once again, and this time they will give all promises from their heart. Some family members are happy, some are not.

RV holds Nandini’s hand and takes her in the mandap. They perform all the rituals and marry once again. Abhay doesn’t seem happy seeing that.

After their marriage, they take blessings from everyone. Abhay walks away. Ritu asks RV where he is taking Nandini for honeymoon. Dadi supports Ritu. Gayatri says it’s election time, how they will be able to go. Just like how RV won Nandini’s heart, she is sure he will win public’s heart as well.

Nandini goes to Abhay and asks why he’s sweating. If he’s okay. He says, he’s okay and congratulates her. Nandini gives a smile and leaves. Abhay stares her.

Precap: Nandini is going. RV grabs her hand and stops her. Both get close. Abhay sees it and is not happy.

Update Credit to: dt

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