Desh Ki Beti Nandini 31st January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Desh Ki Beti Nandini 31st January 2014 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 31st January 2014 Written Update

Episode starts all at breakfasttable… swaroop’s husband (don’t know the name) tells Nandini that she should have told everyone about that caller and shouldn’t have go alon to meet him… Uttara joins him and says that Nandini may have made deal with him etc… Gayatri tells it was big stupidity by Nandini… but divya (swaroop’s daughter) praise Nandini and says she proude of her… dadisa also says Nandini proved that she can do anything for her beloved ones and she has done all this for RV… and she again won her heart… RV also says same Dadisa asks GD that did they get any info about that caller… GD replies that Abhay trying to find out about that man… just then Abhay comes and says they caught that man who called Nandini … the guards bring one man

who says that he don’t have any info about that attacker… he just wanted to collect money and that’s why he called Nandini…swaroop’s husband tell s Abhay to hand over that man to police… all leave for there respective works… Nandini also leav for party meeting at PRP office … GD tells Nandini that she should reach at home by 5 o’clock… Nandini agrees..

(scen shifted) Abhay with that man who give false statement in frount of Raghuvanshi’s… Abhay give money to him and tell him to underground from delhi… (Raghuvanshi mantion) Nandini thinking about that man who called her and that man who made statement… she thinks there is something wrong and there is much diffrens bitween both men’s voice… she calls Abhay tells him that she find much diffrence bitween those both men’s who called her and who get caught… and how he find that man …Abhay replise his sorces trace the man’s phone number and then caught him… he tells her not to think much..Abhay’s selftalk Nandini thinking too much he should be careful…

At PRP office Nandini comes all women talk to Nandini about girl’s safety matter…Nandini then ask them about mrs. malhotra who hold the meeting… a lady replise that mrs. malhotra is not well thats why not present… Nandini tell them that she is going to meet her… all surprize and tell that its happening first time that a party president going to party worker’s house… Nandini tells that there is always a start of new things… and Nandini goes to mrs. malhotra’s home her husband welcomes Nandini… then she meet that party worker… and ask her cout her health… just then mrs malhotra’s daughter says that she going to get brother… and Mrs. malhotra is pregnent…Nandini ask Mrs. malhotra why she is appear upset… just then her husband says that she is not upset just tired…Nandini asks mrs. malhotra’s daughter what she want brother or sister ? the girl says brother as papa says that… just then mr. malhotra intrupts… Nandini advice him to consult a good gynecologiest… and take care of his wife and she leavs… asa rhe went mr. malhotra tells his wife that he want a boy …

at PRP offce Nandini and other worker doing some paperwork… That woman tells Nandini to go home as she have to reach at home by 5 o’clock… Nandini tells her she wil finish the work and wil leav… and tell her to send mr. shukla… Nandini ask mr. shukla that is he know anything about mr. malhotra… he tell Nandini that mr. malhotra have old thinking and all…Nandini tells mr.shukla to collect info about the hospital she gives name of that hospital…

At Raghuvanshi mantion GD waiting foR nandini and Nandini reach at home on time by 5 o’clock… GD tell her to prepare dinner… and GD tells why she went to meet party worker… and not to get friendly with them as she is president and DIL of Raghuvanshi’s…Nandini tells GD that those party workers are her second family and she will always share there joy and sorrows and she leavs from there…

PRECAP :- Nandini saw that contest form to RV … he tells her he wil not take part in contest cause he promice GD he will handle political risponcibility and take his name back from contest.

Update Credit to: Divya

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