Desh Ki Beti Nandini 2nd January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Desh Ki Beti Nandini 2nd January 2014 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 2nd January 2014 Written Update

Rajveer comes to the room where Gayatri moved his piano to. He plays it remembering memories with Nandini. Nandini comes there. After he’s done playing, Nandini says he plays it very good. Rajveer thanks her and says it’s his first love, his passion. Nandini says along with their husband-wife relationship, they are friends too, and in both relationships thank you and sorry is not allowed. Rajveer smiles. Nandini then says tune was good, but there was something wrong with it just like with Rajveer. She asks him if he wants to share anything with her. He says nothing’s wrong. Nandini says a human being can lie, but music cannot. Rajveer asks her if she thinks that he’s lying. Nandini says absolutely not, that is what she’s saying that he can’t

lie to her. She then tells him that she’s going to her home in morning and Gayatri must have told him about it. Rajveer asks why. Nandini says for pagphere ritual. Rajveer says yes Gayatri told him. Nandini asks him if he will go to pick her up. Rajveer says its not possible as he has a lot of work. Nandini says she understands and asks him to promise her that in her absence, he will play a happy tune and if he feels like sharing any of his problem, then remember this friend of his. Both smile. Nandini leaves from there.

Next day, Nandini’s father comes to Rajveer’s house. Uttara sees him and gives a sign to security guard. He asks him where he wants to go. Pandeyji says he’s Nandini’s father. Security guard tells him that he will have to go through inspection. While Pandeyji is getting inspected, Nandini comes and asks the guard what he’s doing. Uttara comes down and tells Nandini every outsider has to go through an inspection. Something is detected in Pandeyji’s pocket. It comes out to be a small idol. The guard then asks what’s in the bag. Pandeyji it’s just sweets. Gayatri comes there and tells security that there is no need to inspect him. She takes him inside. Pandeyji greets everyone and he’s giving sweets to everyone. Uttara once again interrupts and says security guard will eat it first in case if there’s anything in it. Nandini shuts Uttara saying he’s not an enemy of this house, he’s a well wisher, but still for her satisfaction, she tastes it herself. Dadi is pleased and tells Nandini it’s good to see her raising voice and fight for her own’s self respect. Dadi then tells Uttara she needs to learn something now.

Later, Gayatri is with Nandini and her father. She gets a call. She tells a servant to look after them and she leaves. Nandini also goes to her room. Rajveer comes there again and gives a cheque to Pandeyji. Pandeyji says he thought about helping which is more than enough. Rajveer hides it seeing Nandini. Nandini and her father leave.

Rajveer feels very bad for thinking wrong about Nandini and her family. Gayatri comes and asks him to go to PRP office with her for some work. Rajveer tells her to go and he will come later.

Nandini and her father come to their house. Nandini is welcomed by her family members. Everyone hugs her and says they missed her a lot. Nandini refers to herself in Rajveer’s style. Her family says it sounds like if she’s a queen and she already became like Rajveer in a day. Nandini feels shy. Ritu tells her that their mum made Nandini’s favorite dishes. Nandini gets excited. Pandeyji goes to call neighbors.

Rajveer comes to PRP office and Abhay asks him to sign some papers as every candidate has to declare their property before elections. Rajveer says why only tell half truth to them and refuses to sign any papers until Gayatri tells the truth to Nandini. He leaves. Gayatri tells Abhay that Rajveer is not listening at all and giving more and more troubles as days pass. She says she will have to do something about it.

All neighbors are asking about Rajveer. Nandini says he has work so he won’t be able to come. Right then Rajveer comes there. Nandini is surprised. Nandini’s mum tells Rajveer that he will have to take dinner with them. After dinner, Rajveer and Nandini leave. Ritu asks them to promise that they will come back again very soon.

In car, Nandini thanks Rajveer for coming to pick her up. Rajveer says someone just told him today that there is no sorry and thanks in friendship. Nandini smiles. He asks her not to feel bad if he says something. Nandini says what’s the matter. Rajveer asks if that’s how people show their love in India by making someone eat a lot. Nandini laugh. Rajveer says in his mind he made her laugh now but what will happen when she finds out the truth.

Rajveer and Nandini come to home. Rajveer tells Gayatri that Nandini has returned from pagphere ritual so she can tell her truth now. Right then Gayatri’s phone rings. Karan’s father from Ek Nayi Pehchan show reminds her about attending Karan’s wedding. Gayatri says she is busy, but will definitely try. Karan’s father says she must come with entire family. After she hangs, Dadi says Gayatri can’t go, but Nandini and Rajveer can go. Gayatri says, Nandini and Rajveer together? Meaning Rajveer is needed here. Dadi says nothing happens in one day. They are newly married so let them go out. Dadi tells Nandini and Rajveer to get ready. Gayatri is worried thinking what if Rajveer tells everything to Nandini in wedding.

Precap: Rajveer-Nandini dance romantically. After getting an advice from Karan’s mother, Rajveer decides he must tell everything to Nandini today only.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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