Desh Ki Beti Nandini 28th November 2013 Written Episode Update

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Desh Ki Beti Nandini 28th November 2013 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 28th November 2013 Written Update

Nandini’s rishta gets finalized, but the guy (Rahul)’s parents want marriage to be done within 3 weeks as after that Rahul will go to USA. Nandini’s mum says that they also have many dreams and 3 weeks time is little difficult. However, Nandini’s father says they can do preparations. A neighbor comes in and Nandini’s father gives this good news to him. The neighbor says that there is another good news and asks them to turn on their TV. On TV, Rajveer says in a press conference that he is going nowhere and it was just a rumor that he’s leaving for London. He uses Nandini’s exact words to explain the importance of relationship between him and public. Nandini gets happy hearing that. He also says that it’s a political move from

opposition, and Gayatri will soon be proven innocent. Ritu teases Nandini saying Rajveer changed his decision because of Nandini.

Gayatri is happy to see this news as well. She says this is what she wanted. She thanks the officer. The officer goes outside and tells his team that they will have to stop search here as he got order from higher authority. Abhay and Suryaman come to Gayatri. Abhay and Gayatri are happy while Suryaman is not happy as he didn’t like this move.

Nandini gets a bouquet. On card it says, R. Ritu again teases Nandini saying Rajveer sent another bouquet for her.

Someone comes and informs Abhay about Nandini’s marriage with an NRI. Abhay decides to stop this marriage no matter what as Nandini is very important part of their plan. He tells his staff to find all information about Rahul.

Rahul calls Nandini to meet up. Nandini finally finds out that it was Rahul who sent the bouquet.

Gayatri, Rajveer, and Abhay are discussing their next plan. They want to make Rajveer and public’s relationship stronger and for this, they decide to use Nandini. They think of solving general public’s problem and someone Nandini should feel that it’s her who brought up that problem. Rajveer remembers Nandini telling him about some problem. They decide to look into it. Abhay then says, there’s a problem. When Rajveer asks what is it.. Abhay says, nothing and he will solve it.

Later, Abhay tells Gayatri about Nandini’s marriage. Gayatri tells him it’s good that he didn’t mention it in front of Rajveer because he thinks from heart, not politically, and he would never agree to cancel Nandini’s marriage. She says they gained all popularity in last few months because of Nandini and she can’t go anywhere outside Delhi.

Nandini meets Rahul in a restaurant. One girl is sitting behind them and sends all their conversation to another girl. Rahul says he didn’t have any girlfriend and never fell in love before. He doesn’t believe in love before marriage. A girl comes and acts as if she knows Rahul. She talks about a night. Rahul says, what rubbish? Who are you? That girl says everything that Rahul told Nandini and says that he also said her same thing. Nandini gets angry.

Precap: Nandini is leaving and says it’s good that she found out the truth on right time. Rahul tries to stop her and tries to explain, but Nandini says that they have no relationship now.

Update Credit to: simmy

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