Desh Ki Beti Nandini 24th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Desh Ki Beti Nandini 24th December 2013 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 24th December 2013 Written Update

Rajveer runs into the house. He comes to the study room where Gayatri was and is shocked. Suryaman has saved Gayatri and is trying to take gun away from Gayatri. Rajveer comes in and puts the gun away. Suryaman tells him that he came on last moment else don’t know what would have happened. Rajveer asks him to leave as he wants to talk to Gayatri.

Rajveer asks her what she was doing. Gayatri says she had promised his dad and when that’s not going to come true, she has no reason to live and it’s better if her son gives fire to her body. Rajveer says he will do everything she says and asks her never to talk like this again. He says he will marry Nandini but then he will lose respect in front of Jeena and she will see him as a betrayer. Gayatri tells

him that she doesn’t want to come in between his dreams and love and asks him to go with Jeena, but Rajveer says no. Gayatri says after election, their position will be strong and then he can give divorce to Nandini. Rajveer says but that’s like playing with someone’s emotions. Gayatri says she already talked with Nandini. Rajveer is shocked and asks how Nandini agreed to this deal as she is different than others and would never do anything wrong. Gayatri says money makes people do anything. She is from a middle class family and she has her needs. Rajveer asks how much money Nandini took. Gayatri tells him not to worry about all that and tells him to make sure not to tell about this deal to anyone, not even Jeena. Rajveer again tells her never to do this again as her life is not only hers, he also needs her. He hugs her.

Nandini’s family’s priest match kundlis of Rajveer and Nandini and he also says that it seems like both are made for each other. Nandini will rule in that house and win everyone’s heart. However, she will have to struggle her entire life. Nandini’s mother gets worried, but her father says that there is always challenges in life and Nandini will overcome all of them.

Jeena comes to Rajveer’s house. Rajveer brings her to his room and tries to explain, but she’s very angry at him. Rajveer says he was helpless and that is why he couldn’t go to the airport. Jeena asks him what it was that he didn’t come in spite of telling her to go and wait there. Rajveer was about to say, but Gayatri comes near his room and gestures him not to say anything. Rajveer apologizes to Jeena and says he can’t share this to her. Jeena gets heartbroken and is leaving from there. Rajveer stops her and tells her “Please don’t ever hate me”. Jeena cries and leaves. Rajveer also cries and he is angry with himself.

Haldi ceremony takes place at Nandini’s house. Her father is getting gifts ready for Rajveer’s family members. A neighbor asks if they will even like those gifts as they must have everything better than what they are gifting. Nandini’s mother says whether they like or no, they have to give best gifts possible. Nandini’s father says, biggest gift is Nandini that they are giving to Rajveer’s family.

At Rajveer’s house, a designer brings wedding outfits for Nandini and Rajveer. Dadi calls Rajveer out, but Gayatri says she has chosen his outfit on his behalf already. Everyone loves both outfits. Uttara feels they are wasting money behind Nandini. Nonetheless she hopes that Nandini will look somewhat classy in that outfit. Uttara has to go to Nandini’s house to give that outfit and some other things as per rituals. She doesn’t want to, but Dadi says as they are making Nandini their daughter in law, they must give her respect that she deserves. In end she’s Rajveer’s choice.

Uttara comes to Nandini’s house. She shows attitude and insults Nandini’s family. Nandini’s mother asks Nandini to take wedding outfit from Uttara, but Uttara tells her servants to put them in their house. Uttara is leaving, but Nandini’s mother stops and asks her for “chai-nasta” as she came there for the first time. Uttara repeats those words and says that’s so middle class. She says she is fine without it. Ritu then brings sweets to her, and she refuses that as well saying she is on strict diet. She says her servants will have that rather. Nandini’s mother gets angry, but Nandini’s father says it’s happy time so let everyone eat sweets. Nandini’s mother checks everything that Uttara brought and sindhoor is missing. She tells Uttara that it’s an important ritual. Uttara says, if you can’t even arrange that by yourself, then I can tell my servants to bring it for you later on. Uttara finally leaves and while leaving she says to herself how cheap some people can be. Ritu and her mother are angry. Nandini’s father says all five fingers are not same. When Rajveer’s sister came, she behaved so nicely. Nandini also says that Uttara’s nature is “tikha”. Nandini’s mother tells her to be little careful from her. Nandini’s father tells her not to worry, Nandini will win everyone’s heart.

Precap: Wedding of Rajveer and Nandini. While they are exchanging garlands, Rajveer’s phone rings and he looks at it.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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