Desh Ki Beti Nandini 1st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Desh Ki Beti Nandini 1st April 2014 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 1st April 2014 Written Update

Nandini applies lotion to Rajveer’s palm.Lights go off.They come out where D-Block people are gathered with torches.They all are worried about temple.GD comes there.says she brought Rajveer’s vehicle with her.asks him to come back home.He says now his vehicle is a scooter.GD leaves.

They again start discussing on how to complete temple work without Power and water.Rajveer gets an Idea asks them to bring Batteries of their scooters,cars,trucks etc. Nandini says she can call water Suppliers for tanker.

Rajveer arranges lights with the help of batteries and water tanker also comes there.Whole D-Block works at temple.Nandini gives dinner to Rajveer.After washing his hands with water Rajveer wipes them with Nandini’s pallu.When he is about to start eating Nandini asks him what he is doing? He didn’t used Sanitizer to cleanse his hands.He says it’s fine eventually he will get used to it.

Abhay and GD observe them.Abhay thinks if this continues then No one can separate Rajveer and Nandini.GD says she can go to any extent to separate them.After finishing work at the temple D-Block people thank Rajveer and return to their homes.Rajveer says sorry for wiping his hands to her pallu.Nandini thanks him for the temple.

Next morning D-Block people reach temple.Some goons come there threatening them to leave the place.Ritu runs away from there and informs Rajveer.Nandini argues with goons.A Thug tries to attack Nandini with knife just then Rajveer stops him.Rajveer fights with goons.D-Block people stand still staring at him.Rajveer gets injured and falls down.Then D-block gang attack the goons.

Precap :Nandini ties bandage to Rajveer’s forehead with torn Saree pallu.
Along with D-block people they both offer their prayers in temple

Update Credit to: eshi

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