Desh Ki Beti Nandini 19th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Desh Ki Beti Nandini 19th November 2013 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 19th November 2013 Written Update

Nandini reaches RV house. They were asked to enter through back door. Nandini and rahul about to stepinto home. Guard stops them and asks to enter through back door which is used by servants.
Nandini and rahul follows him. Guard shows them the way how to enter.
Rahul : they have different entries for rich and poor..
Nandini “nothing to be impressed.. People who shows difference between rich and poor they will make different entries. But sad part is that.. They too walk on this earth on which poor people will walk. Once this work is done, I will never come back here. Lets move”
Rahul “servants entry is also better than our home entry”
Nanidni “come out of dreams and start working”

Kishan singh opens door and nandini introduces herself. He shows the place to decorate. Nandini enquires about guests count and she stars taking pics of center hall where she has to decorate. Nandini asks whether they can sit and work. He shows the place.
Nandini opens her laptop and checking the pics takne. Uttara enters home and she calls Nandini. Nandini greets her. Uttara asks whether she cans handle the whole decoration upto mark?? And says the decoration should be very classy and elegant. Nandini shows her few samples and explains how the decoration will be done. Uttara asks where did Nandini stolen the designs. Nandini is shocked to hear that. Uttara continues to say, “Do you want all papers start insulting us saying we have stolen others desings?”
Nandini tries to explain as these are all original desins and she has taken all the pics right now here itself.
Uttara asks Nandini to speak truth and where did she stole the theme of designs. Nandini explains all the desings are her own and were themed just now after taking pics. Uttara doesn’t listen still insults Nandini. Nandini gets angry and says she never says lies and she doesn’t understand why uttara doesn’t believe her . She has come there to decorate here and expecting some respect from them.

Uttara “Do you teach me how to respect.. Whats
Nandini ” Try to learn how to speak with people. The respect till now you havent learned then what is the wrong if you learn now:
Uttara gets annoyed and says get out of the house as of now.
Suryaman ji seeing the whole incident and ltl bit tensed.
Dadi and RV… Dadi asks which jewellery she can wear for the party. RV shows a set.. Dadi says it was reserved for RV’s would be wife. Dadi says for party many beautiful girls will attend. She will select one good looking girl. RV says leave about all these and asks which gift she expecting from him. Dadi says, select one beautiful girl in evenign party, that will the biggest gift to her.

Abhay and GD talk, Abhay “we have to think how to stop RV from going London”
Meantime Surya man comes there and says “One side we are trying to connect with common people.. on other side in this same house common people is being insulted”
GD “about whom you are saying”
Suryaman “Nandini was asked to get lost from house. ” and explains the whole incident.
GD is annoyed about Uttara’s behaviour. Abhay too tensed about it and says he doesn’t want any negative impression about PRP in public. Meantime RV enters the place. GD sees RV and says he could handle the situation and can stops the upcoming spoil.
Nanindi and Rahul about to leave so seriously.. RV comes and calls Nandini.. He comes near to them and apologies that he is shameful about the incident. And asks whether she completed decoration or not its upto her and says sorry to her behalf of uttara and from him too.

Nandni asks “Rv need not say sorry”
Finally RV convinces Nandini to continue the decoration. Both share sweet smile. RV about to leave Nandini calls… and thanks him for helping about few peitions name by name. RV is confused about allt hese he is not aware of all these. Still covers and says everything will happen in right way and will happen ever. RV goes inside. Nandini again impressed ..
Nandini is monitoring decoration arrangements.. RV comes down and sees nandini holding pen in her mouth and working so serioulsy and laughs.. hides behind the pillar. Nandini hears the laugh and goes to chck who is behind the pillar… She is hving pen still in her mouth and Her cheeks were colored due to sketch pen. RV again laughs.. nandini moves forward. Rahul asks where she is going. Nandini says she heard some laugh… RV moves from there.
Uttara comes down seeing upon the decorations done by Nandini she gets irritated and rushes to Nandini so rashly and asks how dare she come back again and work there. Again asks her to get out of the house.

Kishan says Nandini was leaving but RV stopped them and asked to cotinue decorating. Uttara asks to stop the work .. without permission nothing should b touched in this house.
Nandini requests “please don’t stop us.. WE have very less time and work is pending a lot”
Uttara “Work!! Really!! Without my permission how will you continue working”
Rahul and Nandini confused what to do.
Uttara rushes to RV and questions him why he has stopped Nandini from going. And says Nandini has behaved so rudely with her. And she insulted too.
RV tries to convince not to get angry and forgive nandini.
Uttara is not ok with it. RV tries to say its time to be happy for celebration. Uttara is unconvinced .
GD interferes and whom can decorate in this short notice and asks uttara to keep aside her ego.
Uttara “im so surprised you people are taking her side… IN this delhi no other decorator is avialble other than that girl. There are many people who can work even in last minute”
Dadi interferes and asks Uttara to listen what GD says. Finally uttara listens to Dadi words and calms her down. Dadi says she wants to talk to RV and GD.. Uttara is in rage of anger on Nandini …

Precap : Uttara gives money to a servant. Nandini standing on a small ladder and arranging flowers. Servant comes there pushes the ladder. Nanidni is falling and shouts.. RV seeing this stars to run towards her

Update Credit to: amul_kn

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