Desh Ki Beti Nandini 17th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Desh Ki Beti Nandini 17th January 2014 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 17th January 2014 Written Update

While Nandini is leaving the chawl, other ladies come to her and say they also have the same issue. They suggest Nandini they should just close down all bars in their chawl. Nandini says no as it’s police’s job. She instead suggests them not to let their husbands go there. They say their husbands don’t listen to them and start beating. Nandini suggests all women should come together then, and if they still don’t listen, then file a police complaint. The ladies are happy and Nandini leaves from there. One husband is beating his wife and asking for money, all other ladies go to help the lady, and her husband runs away.

Rajveer is playing piano. Gayatri hears it and gets annoyed. She calls Abhay and asks him to schedule Rajveer’s public

appearances so he can stay away from music and Nandini.

While Nandini is heading back to Raghuvanshi house, she sees an advertisement of piano concert. She stops there and buys a ticket.

Swaroop and Uttara purposely talk about Nandini going to servant’s chawl in front of Dadi. When Nandini returns, Dadi questions her. Nandini gives her explanations that Laxmi’s son was sick and her husband was taking all her money. Uttara then talks about Nandini celebrating a servant’s birthday. Nandini gives explanation to that as well saying it was her special day and by doing this, she just made her ten times happier on that day. The servants take care of all family members thinking they are their own, so they should do something for them in return as well. She then tells Dadi if she did anything wrong, then she can give whatever punishment she wants. Dadi is quite pleased and says helping people is in Raghuvanshi’s tradition, but tells Nandini not go to the chawl again. If she has to, then take security with her. People tend to grab whole hand, when you offer a finger to help. Nandini says time has changed now and they have to change their thinking too. She further says that she learned from her dad, you earn respect, not forcefully get it by using your power.

Rajveer is still playing piano. Nandini comes there and quietly watches him. After he’s done playing, she gives him an envelope saying it’s a surprise. Rajveer gets very happy when he sees concert tickets. Nandini says she will make sure no one comes in between his dream this time. Rajveer spots a wound on Nandini’s hand. Nandini says it’s nothing serious. Rajveer makes her sit and does treatment of her wound. Nandini watches him and they have an eyelock. Gayatri sees this and is not pleased. She walks away in anger.

Abhay comes to Gayatri and gives her a list of Rajveer’s public appearances. Gayatri is not happy and asks Abhay to arrange his appearances based on his status. She then tells him they did a huge mistake by getting Rajveer married to Nandini. Now Nandini is their biggest threat.

All servants are gathered. Laxmi gives an idol to Nandini for changing her life. She becomes emotional. Nandini tells her time of crying is gone now. She places the idol in their house mandir. Gayatri sees this and is not happy.

Rajveer goes out of his room to talk with his friend. Gayatri then comes there and sees the concert ticket. She takes it and is leaving, but is stopped by Nandini. Nandini says how a mother can go against her son’s dreams and what more can be important than her son’s happiness. She takes the tickets from Gayatri. Nandini requests her to stop coming between Rajveer’s dreams and happiness. Gayatri says, else what? She asks her to stop this drama and she will never let her win. Nandini says that this is not a game that someone will win and someone will lose. This is life and it’s about right and wrong. They both then argue. Gayatri warns Nandini not to create ‘mahabharat’ between her and Rajveer. Nandini says if her intentions were wrong, then she would have told her truth to Rajveer long time ago. She’s Rajveer’s wife and it’s her duty to make sure all his dreams get fulfilled. Gayatri asks her to stop her drama and accuses her for distracting Rajveer and keeping him away from politics purposely. She further says that Rajveer is her son and no matter how much Nandini tries, he won’t go against her. Nandini asks, even after knowing the truth? and then tells Gayatri that she will make sure that her truth is known to Rajveer and after that he will decide whether he wants to go for his dream of music or Gayatri’s politics.

Precap: Gayatri is against Rajveer going into music, while Nandini supports it. Gayatri tells Nandini she is putting herself into trouble. Nandini says for Rajveer, she can face any trouble. Gayatri warns her that this will be the biggest mistake of her life.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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