Desh Ki Beti Nandini 17th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Desh Ki Beti Nandini 17th December 2013 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 17th December 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Ritu and Nandini discussion … Meantime Rajveer and Jeena talk. Jeena says who loves truly they never hide their love infront of world.

Abhay And GD discussion about RV engagement news announcement. Abhay says in Most popular category RV occupies the 3rd place. GD asks how to maintain tht popularity of RV . Abhay replies that Nandini and RV should b shown togetherto public… And expresses a doubt that whether RV cooperates them. GD says she will handle him. Meantime RV enters the room.

Abhay welcomes RV says.. Heart of millions and signs to GD to handle him and quits the place. RV asks GD to cancel the engagement. GD says “you have promised that you will support me 100%. You only askd me to handle situation.. I did. ” RV asks..

I have asked to handle situation but you have started new game. GD brain washes RV and asks him if he wants after elections he can marry Jeena until that he has to support her. RV losts in thoughts and asks what about Nandini emotions and whether she knws about it??? GD confused but handles saying that Nandini knws everything and her family too. RV finally agress to get engaged with Nandini. GD leaves the room and RV thinks to talk to Nandini regarding GD plan.

Mr. Pandey home is full happy with colony members. All are talking about How Nandini is lucky and how much she is good etc… Nandini and Ritu listening to this .. Nanidni expresses her worry that till now RV didn’t call her. Meantime Nandini mobile rings and it’s the call frm RV. Ritu teases and Nandini sends ritu outside and closes the door to attend RV’s call.

RV asks whether nandini is happy with GD decision? Nandini says she is happy and she too wants what RV wants (Nandini has been exploited by GD as RV likes to marry Nandini). Nandini says she is worried that which dress she has to wear on engagement. RV replies that she looks good whtever she wears. Finally they land up the call with different misconceptions.

GD family together in center hall.. All members confronting GD that how could she choose a normal lady Nandini as RV’s better half. People oppose GD’s decision. Dadi says, she wants to know whether RV has been pressurized???? If RV really likes this rishta then y didn’t he come down till now. Meantime RV comes down . Dadi asks about RV opinion whether he likes Nandini as his better half?? RV looks at GD and others. GD is very much tensed about RV’s answer. Whole family is eager to listen what RV says.

GD comes front and asks RV to answer that he himself liked the alliance and no one forced him. DADi immediately asks doesn’t he like Jeena whome RV introduced to her. RV replies that she is his friend only and guest for few days. GD is relieved from tension. Dadi again asks he wants to marry Nandini on his own decision then fine its his wish. Dadi turns to GD and says she wants RV and Nandini horoscope should be matched then only she will agree for marriage. GD says she will look after that.

Abhay and assistant in car… Call from GD. Gayatri Devi says she handled RV but, there is problem with horoscope. Unless horoscopes are matched Dadi will nt accept for wedding. And she asks abhay to handle the situation. Assistant asks how abhay will handle Raj purohit. Abhay replies Money makes everything.

Indraji,Talking to someone in phone regarding GD’s plan of RV and Nandini marriage.

Jeena says NO to RV and she doesn’t believe and she cant accept to all these. RV tries to convince that if jeena doesn’t support then hw could he fulfill his father;s dream. RV asks jeena to promise that she will not share this to anyone and explains her about whole plan. Jeena lost in thoughts. RV convinces her saying he will marry only her. Both are happy and endup in a hug.

Next morning, Nandni is in call with someone. Aanchal asks whose phone was that. Nandini replies its from suryaman ji. All com front and asks Nanidni whats the matter. Nandini is feeling shy and hesitates to say. And finally says, they want the horoscope. Aanchal doubts and worried that why they need Janm Kundali , if at all that doesn’t match?? Mr. pandey covers situation that whether they asked to fix proper muhurat as per the horoscope. Even Pandey lost in thoughts. Nandini says, to trust god and whatever happens it will be good only.

Someone shown walking and entering into GD’s room and fixes an instrument spy camera something behind the telephone and walks out but the man was not shown fully.

GD is worried and eagerly waiting for Abhay’s call how did he handled Raj purohit. Suryaman ji, requests to give permission to talk about the alliance. GD says she is very samskar girl and RV liked her and she makes RV happy and asks him to give his support to her. Kishan comes and informs that Raj purhit has come home. Episode ends on GD face.

Precap : Something mess happened about Rajpurohit.. GD and abhay are tensed about Rajpurohit reaching GD;s mansion.

Update Credit to: amul_kn

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