Desh Ki Beti Nandini 16th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Desh Ki Beti Nandini 16th December 2013 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 16th December 2013 Written Update

Gayatri asks Nandini if she will become her daughter in law. Nandini asks about what Rajveer thinks. Gayatri says he went to Nandini’s house to tell her about this, but couldn’t say it. She reminds Nandini about Rajveer saying to shut everyone’s mouth. Nandini recalls sweet moments between her and Rajveer and feels very shy. Gayatri tells her that Rajveer loves her a lot and she is proud with Rajveer’s choice. Nandini tells Gayatri that she will need to talk to her parents. Gayatri tells Nandini to go home and she will come in some time. Nandini takes blessings from her.

Rajveer is very tensed. Jeena is with him and tells him that everything will be fine as his mother told him she will sort everything out. She goes to get coffee for him.

In the mean time, Nandini is heading back to her house with Abhay. She thinks of calling Rajveer, but then decides to message him. Rajveer is also thinking to ask Nandini if everything is sorted out. Right then he receives a message from Nandini with a smiley face. Rajveer replies back saying she looks good with a smile on her face. Nandini feels shy. Jeena comes back and is surprised to see Rajveer tension-free. Rajveer tells her that Gayatri sorted everything out. He then calls Gayatri to thank her. Gayatri asks him if Nandini called him. He says she messaged him. Gayatri says problem is not sorted fully yet, but it will soon be fully sorted.

Nandini comes home and tells her parents about Gayatri coming to their house with a rishta. Her parents cannot believe it. Nandini feels very shy. Her parents go to get ready.

Gayatri arrives there. All society people are surprised to see her there. She comes to Pandey house and is welcomed by Nandini’s parents and brother. Gayatri tells them that Nandini must have told them why she came there. Nandini’s parents ask how this is possible as their status is nothing in front of Rajveer’s status. Gayatri says that doesn’t matter to her. She praises Nandini and says they will be very lucky if Nandini becomes their daughter in law. Nandini’s parents ask if Rajveer is okay with this. Gayatri reminds them how Rajveer came earlier and talked about shutting everyone’s mouth. Nandini and Ritu are listening from a room and both are elated. Gayatri asks if this rishta is final then. Nandini’s parents, especially mother, are over the moon. Gayatri asks them to call Nandini. Ritu brings Nandini out. Gayatri says that she knew it will be yes so she brought shagun gifts as well. She gives them to Nandini and says she will let them know the engagement date. Nandini feels shy and runs in. Gayatri says she should leave now.

All media is gathered for Inderraj’s press conference, but before Inderraj exposes PRP, they run away from there saying Gayatri is giving them a breaking news about Rajveer and Nandini’s marriage.

Gayatri is leaving and media stops her outside Nandini’s house. Gayatri says, good job Abhay, in her mind. Media asks her what she is doing there and why those gifts. Gayatri says it’s their personal matter and has nothing to do with politics. In their conversation, she reveals that Nandini is going to be her daughter in law. Inderraj, Rajveer, and Rajveer’s family are shocked to see this news on TV. Gayatri also takes advantage of this and tells media that relationship between PRP and general public has always been very strong.

Jeena gets angry at Rajveer and says this was the reason he wanted to send her back to London. Rajveer says he didn’t know anything about this either. Jeena tells him that he will have to take a strong solid stand this time and refuse for the marriage. Other side, Nandini is already expressing her happiness to Ritu, and both of them are overjoyed. Rajveer tells Jeena that he will not get engaged to Nandini. Other side, Ritu tells Nandini that she is very lucky as her prince charming dream is coming true for real. Nandini says pairs are made by the God.

Precap: Gayatri reminds Rajveer that he promised her that he will give full support to her, and it was him who went to Nandini’s house and talked about shutting everyone’s mouth. Today everyone’s mouth is shut and everyone is praising Rajveer. Rajveer says he talked about honesty, telling truth to the public, but here a new game is started by lying once again. He asks Gayatri to cancel this engagement.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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