Desh Ki Beti Nandini 13th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Desh Ki Beti Nandini 13th January 2014 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 13th January 2014 Written Update

Episode begins with last week’s scene where Nandini walks off after addressing media. GD glares at her. Inside, Nandini is greeted by Dadi sa who says that the way she supported Rajveer(RV) just moments ago while addressing media, is something which even she couldn’t do. She says she was wrong Nandini indeed deserves to be RV’s wife n Kul Vadhu of Raghuvanshi family. She gives her blessings n is happy that now on, no one can play with her grandson(RV). Dadi leaves.

RV calls her before she can go, GD comes there shouting Nandini! She chides Nandini for interfering in front of media. Nandini asks her to think about her son first, that she is a mother. GD lashes out saying first prove yourself to be a good wife, then speak about motherly love. Nandini says

I’m a wife! You made me wife! Of your son.. Now you’re unable to bear it that I’m acting like one. Plz dont bring politics into relationships. GD taunts her. She taunts back saying GD has used relationships. She only knew it after marriage to RV. GD taunts her saying you’re taking that marriage seriously. Nandini says that marriage is biggest truth, that mandap, matra n mangalsutra r all true! n RV is her hubby. No one can separate her from him. N as RV’s wife, she can take good decisions for his well being. GD sulks. Nandini leaves.

GD’s room:
GD is angry, talking to her hubby’s portrait. She says.. What did I do? I did the right thing. Politcs is all about playing ur right move n I did it here. That ordinary girl! she has guts to speak to me this way? I’m RV’s mom. She is no one to enter between mother n son. Wait and see! That girl can never win over me!

RV’s room:

GD meets RV cries crocodile tears n says sorry. Gives him medicines RV says he is lucky that she’s his mom. Nandini watches feeling restless. Mother-son patch up. GD says no one can come b/w them. She sweetly asks if he can take a look at some files. RV agrees. GD leaves smirking at Nandini. RV praises his mom. Nandini sulks.

RV turns on tv. The attack is being shown. Nandini asks him to rest n not worry. RV asks how she came there at the rally? She lies n says, I just felt something would happen to you. RV is convinced

Big boss is chiding the shooter for missing the target asks him to run away somewhere.

GD calls Abhay n asks him to trace out shooter. She doesn’t go to office as she needs to face her enemy (Nandini) at home
Nandini is making juice. the Maid is tensed spills salt on the floor. Nandini asks the maid laxmi to go n visit her son after knowing the reason that her son is ill. Chachi Sa comes taunting Laxmi. She asks Laxmi to leave after cleaning floor. Uttara comes after that n sends back Laxmi to work. n taunts Nandini. Laxmi is worried, but returns to her work.

RV’s room:
RV reading file. Nandini takes file, offers him juice. He drinks. She says she will keep an eye on him asks him to rest. He asks her why is she doing this. Why did she come back n stay in this house? Why save him who cheated her? She remembers GD’s true colors n keeps mum.


GD-Nandini face off! Nandini asks not to stress RV giving him work. GD taunts or else what? You will tell RV the truth? that I sent him in the rally despite knowing abbout the threat? Nandini says.. I dont stoop so low. GD sulks! Nandini says- be careful or I will tell the whole truth(project pandey n her marriage truth) to everyone

Update Credit to: Priyam

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