It all depends on my family- A DevAkshi FF: (Promo-The feeling of love)

Hey guys, I am here with a promo of my FF. Hope you guys like it!

Dev, sitting dreamily on his couch, thinking about Sonakshi… “What kind of a feeling is this? Wherever I look, I can see Sonakshi. My thoughts drift nowhere else, but on her. I feel like spending every moment with her…. In her arms. I feel as if I am completely hers. Whenever she is with me, I feel as good as I’ve never felt before. I wish she is with me all the time. This is not just friendship. She is not just my best friend. Has our relationship changed? Is this- is this love?”

Sonakshi fiddling with her hair, and her thoughts too are revolving around Dev… “Whenever I see him, my heart starts beating faster. The warmth of his arms rises an inexplicable feeling in me. I feel like spending a lifetime leaning on his chest. He has to be more than a friend… more than a best friend. Is this the feeling of- of love?”

Yes, indeed this is the wonderful sentiment of love. Dev and Sonakshi’s friendship has blossomed into love. DevAkshi’s love story is finally going to begin, as Sonakshi can see her prince charming in the dashing Dev, and Dev too has started feeling attracted towards the pretty Sonakshi.

But, every love story has its own difficulties. Although, Dev and Sonakshi’s story is going to be sweet and romantic at the start, it might not go just as smooth in the future. There are a few villains in the hero and heroine’s lives, who might completely destroy DevAkshi and their love.

But, there’s a long way to go for that. On a lighter note, first comes DevAkshi’s proposal. How are they going to propose to each other? Will Dev or Sonakshi, depending on whoever is the first to muster up courage to say the three magic words, find a creative way of expressing their feeling of love?

To know the answer to all these questions, please do keep reading ‘It all depends on my family’. I hope you liked the promo. Do comment! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Priya12

    I m damn excited nikki….I m gng 2 die in excitement….dnt kill me, pls save me nikii..
    By posting ur ff asap…

    1. Niki645

      Thanks Priya!!!??
      ??don’t worry I’ll save u?

      Jaldi post karungi!!?

      1. Priya12


  2. Manya

    Excited excited❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Amazing promo post the episode soon

    1. Niki645

      Thank u!! Sure?

  4. Richa144

    I hope you won’t repeat the actual serial wala track. That ishwari n her insecurities.. Please don’t separate Dev n Sona.. Please

    1. Niki645

      Actually Richa di, there are going to be many villains in my FF…. I’m really sorry.. I’ll have to show Ishwari’s insecurities, but that counts for only a bit in the villains thing.

      Basically, in my FF, Ishwari’s not the only villain, so, although I’ll show her insecurities, I won’t concentrate on it much…

  5. Akshita

    Yaa exactly plzzz serial wala track Mt repeat krna it should exciting

    1. Niki645

      Serial wala track repeat nahi karungi… as I told Richa di, Ishwari is not the only villain, so her insecurities won’t be shown much

  6. awesome. post soon…

  7. Priya9876

    hey hw r u??
    Promo is good… Post next epi soon..
    can u post the link of last 2 episodes of ur FF???
    I guess, i missed tht…

    1. Niki645

      Hey Priya di, I’m good, what about u??
      Thanks!! Sure!!

      Will post the link in sometime ??

  8. Heshine

    Wow Niki… This was indeed awesome…u shud post soon dear….sorry fa not cmntng b4…! Pls post soon….waiting fa devakshi to reveal their feelings to each other so…..pls….fatafat post karo dear…! Pls…
    Love u..!

    1. Niki645

      Thank u so much di!! No probs!

      Love u loads❤️️

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