“DeeVaar” – ( inter caste story of equal love) | (RagSAn TS) “teaser”


Voiceover : life is a a cycle…with two wheels, love and society. while the 1st one unites the other, the other one destroys the 1st…

The beautiful city of Mumbai is shown…..

A huge and luxurious Mazaar  is shown……..

a girl offers prayer , and performs sijdah…she takes off her head….

a beautiful girl is shown…

” I am Ayesha Quraishi…im a journalist…but most importantly, im a writer….”


A girl bumps into a boy….

Girl – dont u have the manners to apologise ???

Boy – one doesnt need manners to apologise , one needs guilt !!

a couple is shown having coffee together…the boy speaks on…

: she was beauty, she was solace…but when she left, she left me to destruction !!

the girl sips on her coffee..

every thing was perfect. balloons, candles, roses, everything was perfect. just the way he wanted….he was on his knees, yet again..for another girl..he couldnt believe himself, too good to be true…

he went on his knees…she blushed…

– i love u  Ayesha !!! I love u !! i love u !!!

tears rolled down Ayesha’s cheeks….

“he is a hindu ” They screamed. …..

two hands separated….

the doors of a house closed…..

a girl is shown bleeding badly…..

Girl – its a wall!! its a wall that couldnt be broken !!!

Boy – but i cant be satisfied that a wall will be our ending !!

Girl – then find some other satisfaction !!!!

A grave is shown….

a letter reads loud…..

” death is a thicker wall…and its a better form of satisfaction ”

stars are shown in the sky….

” and now no wall can separate us , can it ??”


the first part will be aired soon !!!

Lots of Love !!

Nairah !!

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