Our Decisions for Life by only Ooshi

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It’s 1:21am of 12 may 2018 and i am feeling bore. Thought to play some game but my heart doesn’t allow me so here i am. Don’t know why but still here i am. Thinking to write an article but on which topic don’t know so thinking…. & asking for help from Allah G/God.
Get a topic but don’t know is it perfect for article or not.
So today i will talk about the different options given to every person by God. The topic i thought initially was not much clear but in this topic that topic with some other points will be explained.So let’s start
So what are the options i am talking about. These options are to be good or to be bad in other words to be on right path or the wrong one.
We all had good and bad qualities in ourselves& also had the capability to increase anyone from these qualities. Noone on earth can be a perfect human as humans can;t be perfect. THe only perfect personality in the world is God who made us and all on earth and in the world visible to us or not. The one who is controlling all things happening in all worlds. Only He is The Perfect.
It doesn’t matter how good we seems to be but we ourselves knows the imperfections of our personality so can’t we try to decrease our that imperfections.
Although on TU i rarely seems to be a bad one but actually i also seems here as bad one. Which isn’t a good thing but is a part of my personality.And that imperfection is my anger/uncontroll able love.I can controll my anger but controlling my craziness in love isn’t an easy thing to me at all.In love i became more crazy than in anger.1 more & realistic thing about me is The only…. organ which dominates me is heart.Although i also uses mind sometimes in understanding some specific things,and that too if i want to,otherwise the organ with which i think,i decide is my heart, Now come back to topic so i will try more to not do anything bad (hurting myself) in anger and will also try to controll my madness about love. As a saying it’s very easy to say this but i said it to act upon it.About dominance of my heart i will not say that i will try to controll it as it’s one of the cause of my life. But try to controll the other 2 points & also wants my readers(silent or not silent) to try to decrease the bad qualities which are the main cause of bad deeds done by you.I forgot to pointout my 1 other weakness of wishing for death & i will try my best to overcome it as well.
At this time there’s no birds chirping but don’t know why a bird is chirping at this time and it’s effecting me.
And God created us as a free human(be thankful to Him for this) & it’s our decision to obey the one whom we feels to be right.
That bird is still chirping so i am not able to write more.
Addition of a conclusive line at 6:10pm of 12 may
Our life is the result of our decisions and actions so be careful.
it’s the original piece of writing which i posted without any change so little not formal

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  1. Niyati

    Wow Appi , I agree everyone have good as well as bad qualities …I loved the article .. Keep writing & Love u a lot ? ?

  2. Ooshi

    happy to see ur comment Love u too a lot Dear Be Blessed Be Happy and keep smilng
    not forget to spread smiles around u

  3. Ooshi

    and Niyati ur comments r my strength so keep commenting Love U a lot Dear

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