2 week has been passed away to twinkle and Kunj married they were busy in their respective works kunj try to make her feel comfortable but she stayed in her zone only just yes and no which Kunj not liking at her but he will still try.

Twinkle try to forgive kunj but she can’t it’s very hard for her when she remembers her pain how much she suffered but Kunj not getting why? She is this much upset with him.

Kunj went for a morning walk while twinkle was busy in the kitchen.She prepared the breakfast and went in the living room and served usha and Manohar morning tea they enjoy the morning tea together only.

Kunj wakes up?? Manohar asked.
Yes papaji kab ke twinkle replies Manohar blinked his eyes.Meanwhile Kunj comeback after the walk he comes and sits beside usha.
Good morning maa he said.
Good morning you too usha wished him.

Kunj who drenched in sweat fully looking extremely hot who drinking water from his sipper bottle.

I will get ready fast otherwise get late for office I have to catch a conference meeting Kunj said and went in his room.

Kunj went directly in the washroom for bath.
While twinkle preparing his coffee.

Kunj comes after bath and finding clothes for the office he wore his pant still not finding good shirt just than twinkle come in the room with his coffee.
Twinkle get shocked to see the room condition Kunj throwing clothes here and there.

What is this Kunj she said.
Arey Woh I’m finding shirt he said.
Omg 😮 sadu she said and keep the coffee mug on the side table and went near him.
You messed up whole wardrobe Kunj she said.
Sorry he said.
Side I will help you can’t you find one shirt she said and Kunj side and twinkle selecting shirt for him. Finally she takes out one shirt.
This suits on you she said.
Let me see kunj said and take the shirt from her and checking on himself good choice chasmish Kunj said.
Always 😎Kunj sarna she said and keeping all things back in the wardrobe while Kunj gets ready. Twinkle went to him to give him his tie.
Tu hi bana de kunj said with puppy face she can’t deny..
Twinkle tying the tie while Kunj adoring her keep his hand on her waist.
Kya hai she said.
Kuch nahi admiring my lady love he said.

Kunj tucked her hairs behind her ears.
Twinkle hands resting on his chest. Both looking at each other.Their face an inch
You looking cute Kunj said.
Aur kuch she said.
You sounding like my papa 😒 why bad mood in morning only darling why he said held her chin.
You will get late for your office she said in low voice because of their closeness.
Hone de boss main hi hu👅he said. Walking his nose on her cheeks twinkle clutches his shirt.

Become little romantic now toh at least he said.
Tum hona extra romantic mera kya karna hai kunj said and kissed on her hands.
You flirting with your own wife haan 👅Mr sarna twinkle said.

Ho my babaji when you are my girlfriend then also you have problem with my flirting now become my wife also what I will do babaji bichara insaan mein faking cry 😹twinkle slap him playfully.

Drama King now I’m not your girlfriend she said.
Haan but wife toh haina not crime he said.
Kunj pulled her in a tight hug twinkle shocked but she too hug him back with all intensity.

Break this ice twinkle hurting me lot kunj said.
Shikayaton ki bhi izzat hai har kishi se nahi ki jati kunj she said.
I know you have all right to get angry with me I don’t like when you stay off with me I like my old twinkle who used to talk lot eat my ears with her nonstop talks he said and both chuckled with tears.

Now Chalo mr sarna papaji and mummy ji waiting for their Laal she said.
Your papaji🙄kunj said.

Twinkle and Kunj went downstairs together.Went to dining table Usha and Manohar sitting even Priyanka as well.

Twinkle served Kunj and sit next to him.
They all happily having breakfast.
Are you sure about the project na?? Kunj Manohar asked.
Hmm from my side if you want you can check once Kunj said.
Nahi you handling na Manohar said.
Jee you unnecessary taking overload let my son handle you handle your courtroom usha said. Kunj and twinkle or Priyanka giggles.

Usha tum bhi tumhara beta ko kuch mat bolo Meera is right Manohar said.They are done with breakfast Priyanka leave for her college.
Acha maa bye take care of yourself kunj said and kissed on usha cheek.
You too have a great day usha said.

You aren’t coming kunj asked twinkle?
I have no appointment today so Twinkle said.
Great Kunj said he went outside while twinkle went behind him.

Kunjj she called him kunj turned.
Yes he asked.
All the best for your meeting she said and smile at him kunj went to her.
Thanks he said and pecked on her forehead.
Take care he said and she hummed and Kunj leaves for office..

Twinkle smiled and went inside back and get busy in her house chores and then sit with usha gossiping with her mother in law usha was telling about Kunj and rest.

Usha room:
Usha folding the clothes twinkle helping her.
You aren’t like those typical saas mummy ji twinkle said.
Kaun hota hai aaj ke jamane mein twinkle puttar Usha said and get up open the wardrobe taking out the things.

Yah kunj bhi na apni cheeze ya waha karta rahta hai Usha said and keep his things in the side.

True mummy ji in the morning just for one shirt he messed up whole wardrobe clothes twinkle said usha giggle.
Haan he is like this only I have to arrange his all things everyday next moment same to same kya karu then thought after his biwi come he will become little matured 👅but lagta hai same hi hai usha said and both laughing.

It’s your love mummy ji didn’t let kunj grown-up twinkle said.
Kunj papa also said same I’m making him like this my extra love but kya karu ab maa hu or ek hi beta hai nadan hai but dil ka saaf hai socha nahi hai aage peeche ka waqt ke saath samajh jayega jab zimmedari aayegi uske kandhe pe sab samjh jayega or apni responsibilities ko acha se pura karega. I’m not that much worried about my kunj it just Manohar jee worried about Kunj always that’s why he always behind him and little strict with him
After so much request he gets ready to join office Usha said.

Aww mummy ji Meera is right you just love kunj 😹twinkle said.
I love my all kids but Kunj is special he is little emotional than them he is very closer to me share his things just with me and I sometimes thought I pampered him too much that’s why he is like this usha added.

No mummy ji it’s your pure love even my maa and papa too same Twinkle said.

I will keep Kunj things back in room twinkle added.
Haan handles him now take my duty-free me usha said😹..
never twinkle said and laughs and went to her room.Twinkle keep the things in the wardrobe.

At [email protected]
Kunj give the presentation and sat looking at the clients.
Well mr sarna impressed with your presentation really like to work with your company client said kunj get happy.

Thanks mr Gupta Kunj said and Kunj pa brings the documents and they officially signed the deal and shake the hands.

Congratulation Kunj said.
You too mr Gupta added.

They celebrate their new partnership for this new project with champagne.Kunj was extremely happy his hard work pay off now his father will also get happy.

Whole day twinkle spends with usha later Priyanka comes back from college.

At [email protected]
Everyone was sitting for dinner meanwhile Kunj back from office with a happy face.
He directly went to the dining area.

Maa where is your judge Kunj asked?
Here 😒Manohar said from the back.Kunj closed his eyes. Priyanka giggling while twinkle surprises a little bit with Kunj.

Papaaa😬kunj said Manohar come to him.
Yes bolo here I’m Manohar said.
Woh papa contract paper kunj said and give the file to Manohar he sat on the chair.

Leave this first have your dinner usha said.
Hmm karte hai Manohar said who reading the file Kunj sat beside Priyanka.
Papa what you scanning haan mr Gupta signed the deal with our company he like the presentation as well so done kunj said.

Great Kunj Manohar said.
I know 👅I told you na you Was worried unnecessary kunj said and having the salad. Usha and twinkle get happy for kunj.

I told you na jee my kunj will do everything usha said.
Why you having salad have this na?? Usha added.
No maa I’m going raza waiting for me kunj said Manohar eying Kunj.
No papa now I done your work now let me go kunj said and he runs from there.
Kunjj ruk toh Usha giving him a voice.

Let him usha you know he is totally crazy behind his friends Manohar said.They all having dinner.

Now you are happy usha said.
See kese bol rahi ho 🙄that’s why he just loves his mother thinking his father is devil Manohar said.
Kya aap bhi I’m just saying he will do and understand his responsibilities he takes time but we are his parents usha added.
I know usha and Whatever I’m doing just for kunj betterment and his future I’m his father even I’m happy for him Manohar said.

Sadu gets such lovely parents kitna pyaar karte hai twinkle muttered.After dinner twinkle gets busy with Meher and abeer on call.

And Kunj celebrates his small success with Raza and rohan rest didn’t come.

Wow kunj yaar Manohar uncle must be happy today raza said.
Haan mr order order happy but he will not say his ego big na kunj said.
Hehe Kunj yaar after seeing you I think I should too join rohan said.

Hmm why not mere saath hi kyun nahi whole day maze in office kunj said they laughing.
Twinkle must be waiting for you rohan said.
She waiting for me huh chasmish copying that avni she teaches her also spoiled my innocent lovely chasmish she behaving like wife’s whole day muffed Kunj said.
My poor baby rohan said and pulled his cheeks which irritate Kunj.

Kyun aisa kunj she love you now she should happy raza said.
Kya pata bhai you asked her teri toh achi banti thi college me bhi kunj said.Raza smiled haan we are a good friend but she is your wife now he said.

Haan girlfriend bhi thi jab bhi same thi ab biwi hai tab bhi same hai kunj said..

Kunj returned home very late Twinkle was still talking with abeer and Meher because avi really in good mood and she enjoyed it.

Kunj entered in the room twinkle see him.
You are still awake kunj said.
Acha bhai I will call you tomorrow Twinkle said.
Yes goodnight Mrs sarna abeer said and ended the call.

With whom are you talking so late in the night kunj asked..
My bhai and Bhabhi twinkle replied and keep the phone on the side table. Kunj laid down on his tummy.
Where are you till this much late? She asked.
Kyun are you missing me kunj said and winked at her.
Why I will miss you. Just asking normally she said.
Ho really madam I thought my wife concerned about me he said and held her hand blinking his eyes because hell sleepy he was.

Sleep look at your eyes gets red because of sleep she said.
Hmm exhausted because of papa he said.
Arey kyun kunj papaji is very happy rest too twinkle said.
Hmm Kunj hummed while seeing twinkle Kunj dozed off..
twinkle see Kunj and smiled she went near him and remove his watch and keep in the side.

She caressing Kunj hairs all I want to do right now is cry and scream and let it all out because it’s killing me inside Kunj I wished you didn’t do that otherwise we are together today happily you exclaimed you love me then what happened to you that night? I still confused to believe you ever you truly love me or not? She said in her heart with a sad smile:

Covered Kunj with the blanket and laid down beside him and fighting with her thoughts.Kunj still holding twinkle hand.

Next day..
After breakfast usha bring something sweet for Kunj. She feeds him with her hands.
I’m so happy for you usha said.
Thanks maa it’s all because of your prayers he said and kissed on usha forehead and twinkle admiring son and mother bond.

I will get late maa Kunj said.
Haan go usha said.
Chalo kunj said and gestured twinkle.
Bye mummy Ji twinkle said and they both bid bye usha and sit in the car and left.

You are fully mummas boy twinkle said.
Haan kya kunj look at her?
Mummas boy you are I said this twinkle added.
So what I’m 😎aren’t you?? Kunj said.
Haan but less then you 👅Bichari mummy ji she said and making faces.
Huh don’t act like meera di jealous girls Kunj said.
Ho really mr sarna she said.
Yes Mrs sarna 😂kunj added.

Soon they reached twinkle clinic madam your stop kunj said.
Ho thanks sadu bye twinkle added.
Same chasmish Kunj replies.Twinkle went kunj about to start his car. His eyes went on twinkle phone she leaves in the car only.

Look at miss psycho he said and take her phone and went inside.Twinkle went into her cabin.

Kunj about to entered Neha come and stop him.
Heyy how dare you going in dr cabin without permission Neha said.
Ho miss before kunj can speak twinkle come outside because of noise and surprise to see Kunj there.

Kunj tum ya ? She asked?
Yes woh you leave your phone in the car only so I come to give you he said.
Ho thanks she said take her phone from Kunj. Kunj give her a smile and went from there.
Mam who he is? Neha asked. Kunj going twinkle seeing him.
He is my husband twinkle said.
Ho he is your husband Neha said and twinkle nods and went back in her cabin.

Twinkle working checking her patient reports just then she get kunj message.
She sees and smiled
Missing 😻he sends her.
Ho do your work she replied back.

Twinkle seeing the photos she stops while seeing one photo and admiring two photos at the same time.
So similar she murmured.

Kunj first meeting was great their new project start was great hoping best for..
Twinkle finished her work she thinks
I should meet with maa twinkle said.
She called usha asked her.

Haan beta you can go usha said.
Thanks mummy ji you are so sweet twinkle said.
Now go usha added and twinkle cut the call and she took her bag and went to Taneja mansion.

Leela gets happy to see her both mother and daughter sat in the garden.
Or how’s everyone in your sasural and my son in law leela asked?
Everyone good and your son in law too maa twinkle said.

I’m so happy to see you twinkle I told you na kunj family is really good leela said.
Hmm they are extremely good not feeling there it’s my sasural feels like my own home twinkle said. By the time avni come.

Ho Mrs sarna Avni said.
Huh don’t start twinkle said🙄.
You both sit I will send something for you both leela said and went inside.
Or how’s you darling avni asked.
I’m good Tu bata? She asked back.
Me too good just back from work so socha let’s disturb my leela chachi and you are here everything is alright na she said.

Haan madam everything is alright why you are so worried about me avni twinkle said with a giggle.
Because of that Kunj avni said.
Ho you are really obsessed with Kunj he is not the devil who will harm me avni twinkle said.
I know still worried about you if again he hurt you then avni said.
Hmm don’t know avni what should I do his each words showing he loves me but I’m confused and angry still what I saw she said.
Don’t be a fool again come in his cheesy talks before dating him I told him these boys are like this only but you didn’t listen to me once avni said.

Nahi Avni he doesn’t have time for me I feel like in our relationship it just I’m he is not but now he changed I think so twinkle said.
He can’t change twinkle yesterday also today as well avni said.
Now we are husband and wife avni not like before girlfriend and boyfriend so we can easily say let’s do breakup twinkle said.

It was your own decision too Twinkle avni said.
But me kya karti avni and I tell him something I don’t like feel so bad why I’m doing this with him twinkle said.
But twinkle now he saying he loves you fine how can someone cheat his love if he really love avni said.
That question I’m asking from myself twinkle said tears escaping from her eyes.

I told you don’t do this marriage but you are so lost in kunj she added.
I don’t know how I will live with him whole life twinkle said. Twinkle composed herself after they both besties spend time together.

Kunj planned something I should take her she will be happy wese bhi in past I hurt her now I will make all things for her he said and called rohan both went somewhere.
I want everything perfect the way twinkle love kunj said.
Waha aaj suddenly bro now you are husband and wife not anymore girlfriend and boyfriend so still going for date rohan said.

So what she used to plan date for us and I’m idiot get late she will happy because she like this all things her love plan surprises for her Kunj said.

Awesome doing all possible things haan rohan said.
Haan yaar kunj said.

Kunj  call twinkle she picks up his call.
Hello kunj she speaks.
Haan twinkle where are you in the clinic he asked.
No why?? She asked.
Woh let’s go for dinner I celebrate with everyone not we so kunj said twinkle closed her eyes.
Ho do you wanna celebrate with me she said.
Hmm yah we will spend time together also Kunj said.
Acha she said.
I will pick up you he said.
No I will come send me the address she said.
Ho great come I’m waiting for you he said with all love she can feel in his voice.
Hmm she hummed and ended the call.

It was a private place Kunj decorated beautifully the way twinkle like.
I’m so excited maybe I will apologise and end these issues between us kunj said.

Twinkle thinking about Kunj and she recalled something.
He planned a date for us twinkle said.
Are you going? Avni asked.
Don’t know he is waiting for me? She laughs out with pain.The way I’m doing she added wretchedly.

Kunj little bit set himself looking hot like as always.
When you will come chasmish he said and waiting for like anything.Smile just dancing on Kunj lips.

Other hand twinkle confused about what she should do?..
babes go? Avni said.
There is anything left between us avni we break all things that day only why doing this all things that again things get fine between us haan really?? I hate him he really hurt me I’m not angry he breakup with me and or we had it was our mutual decision but what he did that was shocking for me. He moved on in nanosecond and look at me in this years I’m standing there only avni what about my happiness I loved him from the core of my heart 💔 she said..

Leela called them down for the dinner rt come back from the office they went down.

Where is my chasmish yaar kab aayegi twinkle madam he said and looking for her.

I should call her once dr hai bhai busy hoti hai not like me useless he said and call twinkle.
They were having the dinner twinkle phone ring and she and avni look at each other.
Kya hua puttar Kish ka call hai ?? Leela asked.
Woh maa kunj ka hai excuse me she said and all smiled.

twinkle went in side and take Kunj call.
Hmm bolo Kunj she said in a heavy voice.
Where are you madam come fast yaar I can’t wait to see you kunj said.

Twinkle closed her eyes and gulps the pain.
Hmm I’m coming she said.
Wow come love you twinkle he said and she even not reply back of kunj word.

Ended the call and wiped her tears and join rest for dinner.

The decoration was really beautiful balloons and candles lamp hanging on the tree everything looking so beautiful soothing ambience.

Kunj sat down on the chair and looking at the food twinkle favourite things he kept.

Time was passing still twinkle not come.
Kaha hai meri jaan aajayegi I know stuck in her work I will wait for her he said and rest his chin on his palms. 

Twinkle going back to sarna mansion in the car she gets kunj call.
Twinkle send him message coming…
Kunj sees this and smiled.

Twinkle reached sarna mansion everyone had their dinner already she sit with Priyanka for sometime than went in her room and changed the clothes sit on the bed and take the book and reading but just for sake mind and heart not in the place just KUNJ.

Kaha hai aai kyun nahi she is not like me late hogi but aayegi this her favourite food gets cold he said.

twinkle see the time where is kunj he didn’t come i mean his wait also over twinkle said.
I know he will not wait for me went with his friends and doing parties she murmured and laid down.

Kunj sees the time still his smile remain same and twinkle will come this hope as well.

It’s very late kunj started blinking his eyes.
Kunj don’t dare to sleep what twinkle will think about me kunj said himself.

While waiting for twinkle his eyes burning in sleep.
Twinkleeee come he blabbering and sleep rest his head on the table.

Twinkle was tired and she too dozed off.

At the morning.
Sunlight coming on twinkle face which disturbed twinkle sleep she opens her eyes with a beautiful smile and stretched her arms.
Hmm I sleep so well she said and open her eyes and sit and turned her went on Kunj side of the bed.
It’s empty Kunj still not comeback she said and shocked.

Where he is? Lagta hai after doing party their only passed out that always happened with him she said.

She sits for sometimes and thinking about her unbalanced life. After she gets up and get ready fast and went downstairs they all had morning tea.

Mummy ji why you doing I’m here na twinkle said usha who making breakfast kunj favourite things.

I’m making Kunj favourite breakfast he loved this she said.
Then fine I will help you twinkle said.

They both get busy in breakfast preparation.While the other hand kunj woke up because of his phone ring.
He take the call in sleepy condition.

Hmm Kunj said.
Sir me Shravan Kunj pa he said.
Haan bolo kunj said.
Sir Gupta’s and sarna’s first meeting fixed today in 1 hour he said and Kunj opened his eyes with jerked and see the time.

8 clock shit ho no okay I’m coming he said and hang up the call and looking here and there all decorations and all candles almost finished.
Whole night passed twinkle didn’t come why! And I’m waiting for her he said and check his phone.
Hope she is fine but kyun nahi aai woh theek toh hogi na babaji but right now I have to go gupta’s waiting for me he said and run In hustle fully.

At sarna back.
Usha and twinkle come out of the kitchen
And went into the living room.
Call kunj usha kaha hai Manohar asked while twinkle don’t know what to say because kunj not at home.Just then Kunj returned home in the hustle.Usha and Manohar shocked to see Kunj.

Kunjj Usha called him
Maa baap me kunj said.
Arey you coming now where are you whole night usha said.
I will answer you I get late for the meeting he said and run in his room.

Twinkle went behind him and seeing Kunj.
Kunj takes his clothes.
He looking at twinkle and went near her.
Are you okay na twinkle he asked and twinkle shocked with this.
Haan mujhe kya hoga but tum kaha the she said.
Thank god you are fine I thought you didn’t come there maybe something happened bas ek baar call kar ke bata toh deti twinkle tum mujhe I’m waiting for you that’s it he said and went in the washroom.

Twinkle shocked with Kunj words and behaviour.She ready his things Kunj come after bath and getting ready in full speed.
But his face colour showing he really hurt it’s true also deep inside he feel really bad but not showing.He wearing his shoes.

Are you angry?? She said.
Haan angry for what? He asked.
I mean wohh she try to say but words difficult to come out of her mouth.

I’m not angry Tere se kyun hoga.
Bas late ho raha hu pata nahi chala waha kab sogaya tera wait karte karte
he said and give her smile and yawning..
Kunj went downstairs twinkle too.

Okay I’m coming you ready everything kunj said to his pa on call.
Kunj come breakfast usha said.
No I’m late bye you eat he said and went without having his breakfast.

Twinkle run behind him but kunj already left. She gets sad and with heavy heart had her breakfast.
My son went without having his breakfast usha said.

Twinkle went in her room and thinking about Kunj.
He was really waiting for me there she said and tears escaping from her eyes.
But why he didn’t get angry with me behaving so normal why?? If I was on his place I have killed him she murmured.

Flashback [email protected]

Twinkle was coming from hostel busy in her thoughts while Kunj who was busy in the call.

Both not seeing due to this they both bumped with each other twinkle about to falls down Kunj immediately held her in his embrace and the books fall down.
Twinkle closed her eyes in fear.

Kunj seeing her while she open eyes and both eyes meet with each other and both closed in each other eyes.
Ah babaji why this bubbles in my tummy twinkle said in her heart.
Hmm look at this chasmish looking so cute why I can’t take off my eyes from her she is not my type still had a cute attraction towards Kunj said in his heart.

While rest students seeing them and giggles. They come in sense and Kunj made twinkle stand. Twinkle tucking her hairs in awkwardness.
Can’t you see and walk chasmish he said and pressed her specs.
Huh even you too she said.
Acha bachu you too kunj said and pulled her towards himself she shocked.

Why always you bumped with me madam I know I’m hot and s*xy but keep your feelings in control 😹Kunj said.
Ho really who said you hot and s*xy and my feelings about you ahha don’t think I’m like other girls who running behind you twinkle said surprise kunj with her statement.

Killer 😂kunj said.
I will get late for class she said.
Ho even our destination same he said and twinkle give him an annoying look.
I mean madam same class kunj correct himself 😝..
Acha woh kiss ka kya socha hai he said.
😬kaun-si kiss haan she said and scared.
Woh hi that day because of avni I didn’t give you he said and winked at her just for fun he doing 👅..
No you go she said and run from there. Kunj laughing while seeing twinkle.
Pagal hai he murmured.

Kunj went in class and purposely sit beside twinkle.
Why you sit here she asked.
Kyun PM ki seat hai kya kunj said.
Can’t you reply normally sadu she mutter Kunj heard.
Same siyappa queen he said.
Why you always giving me new new names haan twinkle said.

Because I love 😂winked her.. twinkle making irritating face soon professor come and start the lectures Kunj teasing twinkle which disturbing the classroom.

Professor sees this you both go out of my class professor said.
But sir twinkle said.
I said out he shouted Kunj giggles and both went out of the class Twinkle get sad.

In my life I never send out of the classroom like this happened because of you kunj she said.
Really it’s the first time then toh maze hai let’s celebrate he said
Are you gone mad?? Yah celebration ki kya baat hai haan? Missed our lecture don’t know what sir explain in class she said.
Ho miss topper he will not explain too good you will understand in one lecture
We will get notes Kunj said.
Acha from where you will make for me haan she said.
Kyun nahi he said.
Slow clap joke of the day who didn’t make his own notes make for me🙄twinkle said went from there Kunj run behind twinkle.

They come in the garden. Chasmish wait yaar it’s not marathon Kunj said and held her hand.
Why you are so annoying she said.
Why you so cute he said.
Ahh😖she gets frustrated. Sit in side Kunj want and sit beside twinkle.

Acha sorry let’s do something he said.
Now what? She asked.
Outing he said.
What outing mind hai yah Kya she said.
Mind blowing he said and held her hand forcefully take twinkle with himself out of the university.

Where you take me kunj she said.
Kitna bolti hai tu kunj said.

Kunj brings her to a place where a live drama was going on. They both take the seat and it was a comedy drama. Twinkle laughing all the time and Kunj who adoring her laugh after they come and walking on lonely roads.
Hmm amazing drama she said.
Entertain hui he said.
Haan lot she said.
Better than your boring lecture
We have one life we should enjoy every bit of it kunj said then in road people were dancing in cartoon clothes kunj pulled twinkle and both danced funnily twinkle enjoying fully Both get tired.

After they went back to university their gang members sitting and they join them.
Where were you both ? Raza asked.
Kahi nahi roaming in campus Kunj said.

They went in their hostel rooms and sleep whole night twinkle thinking about today.
Kitna funny hai sadu She murmured.

Like this kunj always teasing twinkle she gets irritates but enjoy as well at the same time.

A fine day.
Raza was sitting in canteen smiling twinkle come and join him both enjoying the coffee.
Raza please give me na notes of that lecture she said.
Haan why not I will send you Raza said.
You are the best she said and give him smile.
You are also in the whole campus Raza said both smiling.

Twinkle went into the classroom she doesn’t want to get late later professor scold her.
She about to sit on her seat see papers.
What is this she taken in her hand and check something returned in the back.

Because of me that day you missed Mr corona lecture 😹so here is the notes of that lecture

A smile appears on twinkle lips aww kunj make this notes for me really can’t believe babaji she said and kissed on the notes.


She checked the notes hmm well done he is smart she murmured and keep the notes in her bag and attend the class during whole class she just looking at Kunj.

Raza don’t look at twinkle 😹rohan whispered.
No yaar Raza said and bite his tongue.

Class get over all went out of the class Twinkle try to thanks kunj but kunj went before.

I’m damn hungry avni said and order.
Same her order Kunj said loudly.
Copycat she said.
Yup jaan😹kunj said.

Twinkle too come in the canteen twinkle went to the food counter.
Even on hot coffee don’t dare to give this Dayan Kunj said.

One hot coffee twinkle said and told him something.She took the hot coffee and everyone was busy in their talks she keeps the coffee mug on Kunj table and went to the next table.
Kunj sees the coffee thanks written with cream. He looking here and there then eyes went on twinkle who smiling little blush tint on her cheeks.

He understood and arched his eyebrow and take the sip of the coffee and winked twinkle who nodding her head crazy this man both smiled nonstop.

They had pizza and sandwiches.
Avni today looking pretty rohan said.
Hana maybe applies makeup more Kunj said.
Yah bola Avni me not you avni said.
I know like the way you are twinkle sidekick I’m trying to become yours😝Kunj said.
No need of this you have na this chamche become their sidekick 🙄avni said.
Ya toh mere sidekick hai me inka nahi 😹kunj said they all shocked.
Whatt all said🥵
I’m kidding guys kunj said.

They went from canteen doing their time pass.
Kunj was standing there twinkle come.
Thanks she said.
Haan he looks at her my pleasure kunj added.
How you did. You did or else get from someone twinkle said.
What you thinking kunj asked.
Handwriting is yours like cheenti twinkle said and giggles.
So what suna nahi hai kya intelligent logo ki handwriting aisi hi hoti hai pagal 😹kunj said which make Twinkle more laughs out because of her Kunj too laughs along with her.

Jaldi jaldi me likha tha kunj said.
True intelligent you are 😛twinkle added.
Chal you are more intelligent then me kunj said.
Still thanks mr Kunj sarna twinkle said.
Bas hua mene itna bhi bada kuch nahi kiya kunj said.
Nahi she said.
Thanks for coffee also Kunj said.

Avni see twinkle and Kunj standing together she went near them.
Ho Mr what you doing with my best friend haan avni said.
Lo aagai naagin 😒kunj murmured.
Same avni said.

Chal twinkle he tries to hypnotise you 😏avni said and Kunj laughs out. Give her backhugged.
Avni yaar you are amazing let’s date each other he said and they both shocked.

Whatt are you gone mad avni said
Joke tha 😂tujhe date ahah mar jaunga Kunj said avni Pushed him hard.

Even I’m not in your bajarbattu avni said.
Shut up 😒Kunj said and run behind her.
Avni held twinkle hand and take her.
Away from my sister she shouted.

Whenever Twinkle and Kunj try to talk avni come there and take twinkle but anyhow Kunj teased twinkle and avni both together 😆.

Rohan and Kunj sitting in garden chit chatting about there and in side twinkle who was busy in books. Kunj just seeing twinkle without blinking his eyes rohan saw this.
What you seeing haan bro?? Rohan asked.
Kuch nahi kunj said.
I have eyes I can see rohan said.
Then why you asking😒Kunj added.

Twinkle suddenly you admiring her haan? Why?? Something going in your mind rohan said.
Hmm bas cute hai Kunj said who’s eyes still fixed on twinkle.

Acha cute but something else? Rohan teasing him.
Pagal hai tu kunj said.

Why Pagal it’s not bad asked her for gf?? Rohan said.
Yah lakdi Girlfriend type wali nahi hai Kunj said.
Matlab phir kaun-si type hai rohan asked.
I mean gf and bf wala nahi fake just for time pass ke liye nahi ek strong relationship ke liye hai like love shadi jese
Dating wali nahi shadi wali hai 👅kunj said.
Really you thinking this much deep haan never see you. You never think about this before any girl just for twinkle anything is special rohan said.

Special toh hai chasmish she is not like all those girl drama queen Kunj said.
Then let’s go bol de usko rohan said.
Hatt woh naagin hai aayegi abhi dasne kunj said and both laughing loudly.

a week later rohan secretly teasing Kunj with twinkle name who hitting him funnily.
They were in class professor was hell strict everyone keep quiet.

Arey yaar bas ghur ke hi pet barega kya
Kuch karna bhi hai kya rohan whispered in his ear.
Shut up I told you na meri type ki nahi hi kunj added.
Try toh kar yaar achi hai dil ki bhi and cute rohan said.
Let’s see Kunj said.

While twinkle and Raza sitting together twinkle who busy in a lecture she keeps her hand on Raza’s hand he sees this and looked at twinkle and smiled unknowingly..

Next class going to start. Raza comes na let’s eat something avanti said.
Sure raza said and went with her Kunj smirked naughtily.Take the eraser throwing on twinkle and turned his face.
Arey kaun hai huh she said and get busy again kunj throw on her she caught him and giving him an angry look while Kunj pouts his lips twinkle shocked and closed her mouth Kunj giggles.Twinkle turned her face and blushed while recalling him.

Sometimes later.
Boring and tiring day today kunj said and making faces.
Acha kyun raza and give him a side hug.
Arey tu hai na meri jaan kunj said both holding each other’s avni come there having lollipop..

Are you guys straight na avni said🤪
Come I will clear your this doubt also 😂Kunj said they all laughing like anything.

Cheapo avni murmured.
Acha you started I’m just clearing you this doubt about me and Raza we aren’t straight do anything kunj said.

Yeah avni 😹hum saath hai rahenge raza said tight the hold.
What about after your marriage ria said.
🙄shadi hogi bhi inki poor who will marry this devil 👿 avni said:

Tu hi hogi first guest list me 😏meri kunj said.
Still ria asked..
what still we will stay always together and our bond too no one can break us Raza said.

In world full of dost dost na raha be someone’s tere jesa yaar kaha kunj said and hugged Raza.
Our friendship is everything kunj added raza nodded in yes while rohan and Aditi cuddles them
Shameless avni said.
We 4 are imperfect but 1 perfect friendship rohan added😎..

So nice twinkle said.
What about us forget we are one group Asha added and join them while rohan pulled rest too.
Arey aa meri maa Avni mata kunj said and pulled avni.
My favourite enemy mere bacho ko teri hi toh story sunaunga ek thi dayan Avni 😹kunj said Avni pulled his cheeks.They enjoy their friends moments with little fight and giggles.They dancing together all singing Songs.

Next scene::
After rohan words Kunj started thinking about twinkle every time he denies his mind she and he can’t be it looks funny I mean twinkle and Kunj 👅.But her presence brings a beautiful smile on Kunj face don’t know? Because for this kunj now leave avni and started teasing twinkle more totally scene palat diya😹..

Twinkle sitting alone she escaped from Kunj. While Kunj comes and see her.
So chasmish is here😂let’s go kunj said and went from behind. He sat down behind the bench and tickling on her back.

Aha kaun she said didn’t turn back..
maybe bhi avni was right bhoot in our campus she said and sit back.

Hehe yah toh puri hi gone case hai bhoot mein hu😎kunj said in his heart and again tickled twinkle this time she jumped which make kunj laughs out loudly.

Twinkle see Kunj and shocked he doing this.
You sadu she said.
Hehe tu toh Avni se bhi badi bheegi billi nikali arey chasmish kunj said and laughing which make twinkle angry.
I wouldn’t leave you she said.

Acha first catch me kunj said and run twinkle run behind him.
She chasing Kunj who instigating her more with his laughs.
Come chasmishhhh Kunj said.

All fellows come and seeing them.
What’s going on?? Today twinkle and Kunj not avni naman said.Raza smiling while seeing twinkle.

Twinkle bumped with Raza and he held her on time and looking at her.twinkle comes out of his embrace.
See him Raza he teasing me all the time she said and In a very cute way Raza drool..
aww twinkle Kunj don’t raza said.

What don’t 😹come na baby kunj said provoking her funnily.
Now see i wouldnot leave you sadu sarna she said and run behind him and catch Kunj held his shirt and took her books and hitting him with that all laughing to see.

Arey chasmishhhh bas hua kitni jaan hai tere mein kunj said.
Today I will teach you a good lesson she said.
Ho really I will come in your room 😂he said.

Twinkle pushed him making faces.My important hairs jhalli kahi ki campus mein bhai logo bhoot hai 😹miss chasmish and naagin ko lagta hai kunj said.

See Raza your friend why he is behind me avni was right you are devil she said..

Arey see twinkle your parents Kunj said and all-seeing..
where rohan asked? While twinkle still looking for her parents.
Jhalli joke tak tha kunj said😹..
Huh shameless😒twinkle stamping her foot on the ground and went huffing..

Why you behind her Raza said.
Kidding yaar Kunj said..
but entertaining tha Aditi said..

All lectures get over twinkle still not looking at Kunj irritates with him lot.
She was going to girls hostel Kunj standing in the corridor. She was going he blocked her way.

Stop he said.
Why now anything is left the whole day you irritate me lot she said cutely.
Awww so cute yaar he said.
Huh she murmured and going kunj held her from her waist and stop twinkle she looking at him their face an inch apart.
Whatt she speaks in low voice due to his touch


Sorry tu toh badi jaldi bura maan gai he said.
Nahi woh bas irritate hoti hu why now you behind me attack avni she said.
Acha Avni both giggles. I get bored with that Dayan he added.
Ho🙄now behind me not fair sadu twinkle said.
Everything is fair in love and war kunj stated.
But yaha toh na war hai na hi love she said.
Using extra mind kunj slightly pulled her specs down he said.
What you want now let me go she said.
Chali jana what so hurry darling he said.

Remember my kiss still left Kunj said.
What kaun-si she said.
You forgot very soon baby haan Kunj said and winked her she remembered.
Hmm so what I’m not part of your deal find alisha she is angry with you for that twinkle said kunj controlling his laughs.
Itna toh me nahi socha alisha ke baare mein jitna tu he said.

Huh why I will hate her 😒she said.
When you make this faces look more cute kunj said and pulled her cheeks.
But you like hot girls not cute and I’m not hot she said.
Acha who told you .You aren’t hot already your eyes is weak baby don’t give stress more 😂so my reward he said.
What reward I don’t know she said.

That time avni come now no one it’s correct time to seal my kiss he said.
Twinkle closed her eyes Kunj seeing her.!
He kissed on her cheek she shivered.
Goodnight twinkle he said and leave her going while twinkle opens her eyes and turned seeing him Kunj turned last time and she blushing he smiling and winked at her Kunj went from there.

Twinkle comes in her room and laid down on the bed and touching her cheek recalling the scene she smiling like anything.Whole night kunj and twinkle thinking about each other new feelings so suddenly started feeling.

Next morning
Twinkle get ready for the classes still blushing don’t know why.
Sadu hai pura she murmured.

Let’s go twinkle avni said and they both went.

First eat something before getting busy in lectures avni said twinkle nodded in yes they entered in the canteen twinkle just praying no Kunj here.

But kunj was sitting in the canteen with his gang. Twinkle eyes went on him she looks away kunj see this.

And went to counter give her oder playing with her fingers in nervousness. She takes her order and sat with avni.

She taking a sip of coffee Kunj just seeing her who also taking a sip of his coffee.
Both looking at each other kunj winked at her she sees and chocked..

Twinkle carefully avni said who coughing Kunj still laughing at her she too.
Fine avni said rubbing her back. Well Kunj giving naughty giggle.
What happened chasmish haan careful yaar Kunj said and went from there while ruffling his hairs.
Twinkle composed herself sadu she murmured then all went in the class.

Lecturer start the class twinkle who just staring Kunj without blinking her eyes this Kunj see 🤨.. cLass end still twinkle lost in kunj in her deep thought Kunj come from the back and sit beside her before next class started.
He went near her ears bas kar chasmish kitna ghuregi kha hi jayegi kya ab kunj whispered in her ear she come in eyes.
Ahah jerked seeing him.
Mein kaha she said.
I can see I lesser your work that’s why come to sit with you meri chasmish he said.
Stop your nonsense she said in low voice.

I can’t I’m shameless 😎he said.
Ahh lecturer kunj said and he held her hand.
Mat maro na please he will send us out of the class Twinkle said and pleasing him.
So what it’s awesome let’s go out like last time he said.
I don’t want she said and try to free her hand..

Write fast lecturer said well kunj resting his face on the bench and staring twinkle.

Stop staring me write he will scold you twinkle said.
Karne De write rohan fast Kunj said.
Hmm rohan hummed. Twinkle get irritated with Kunj 😂..
what you seeing on my face haan she said😖.
You do your work kunj said.
Twinkle writing her notes.Lecturer come to everyone for checking.

Now you are gone twinkle said and smirking at Kunj 😛..

Lecturer come to twinkle and take her see her. And you kunj he said. Kunj seeing twinkle expression from behind kunj take from rohan.
Here sir he said and showed him
Good lecturer said and went to ahead Twinkle shocked.
What when you write haan she said.
Cool down baby get happy haan I’m kunj kunj said..

Why you doing this with me haan see or bhi toh girls hai na she said in puppy voice.
Haan but tu toh nahi hai na he said.
Means she said both paused.

Let me do my work and try to write but can’t due to kunj his eyes fixed on her🤣.
She slaps him playfully on his cheek.
More he said👅..
Ahah 😤she said and started giggles.
Headache she murmured.
Toh dabaadu😝kunj said and twinkle changed her seat..
Bas yaar rohan said from the back.
Like this kunj was behind twinkle she gets irritated but at the same time enjoying as well.

From college, they all get a chance to go for outing all students enjoying fully at night.
They all sat together in groups and bonfire Let’s sing Aditi said rohan give kunj his guitar.
Who first? Kunj asked.
Raza Avni said. 
Kunj started playing the guitar.
What should I sing Raza said.
Anything you always sing so beautiful twinkle said Raza nodded in yes.

Raza looking at twinkle started singing

Dil aaj kal meri sunta nahi
Dil aaj kal paas rehta nahi
Ye tujhse hi milne ko chaahe
Ye teri hi karta hai baatein
Kya tum ho… Kya tum ho wohi
Kya tum ho… Kya tum ho wohi
Dil aaj kal meri sunta nahi
Dil aaj kal..

While all slow clapping for him while twinkle and Kunj stealing the gaze:

Superb all said and hooting for Raza.
Thanks Raza said. They all sing in their respective melody voices👅.
Now kunj also rohan said.
I’m sleeping avni said 😹.
Sorry avni added back chalo Devil today show your singing talent also ek hi toh achi quality hai tumhe you sang so good she said.

Thanks for your words avni ji kunj said.
Kunj is the best 😎Kunj added.

Kunj started O ho ho o…
Shaayaron se lafz leke thode se udhaar
Bolna ye chahta hun dil se tumko yaar
Ho raha tha, ho gaya hai halka sa khumaar
Koi naa raha hai dil pe apne zor
Love me thoda aur! Kunj pressing the word while looking at twinkle who too seeing she looking down can’t see faced.
Kunj get up held avni hand and dancing with her twinkle giggles he winked at her she get all red.
Love me thodaaaa he said loudly ended the song. All started dancing madly twinkle and Kunj bumped. They too dancing funnily she went near his eyes.
You sang the best she whispered.
For you only he said and she blushed.

Stop flirting with me now she said.
Why it’s good for health he said and she smacked on his arms.

Kunj sit in the side and rohan come and sit beside him twinkle in other side.
No one can beat you for whom this song is rohan said who knows very well.

Tere liye kunj said.
I know For whom haina twinkle rohan said.
Haan nahi she said.
Chal jhooti rohan said in a funny way which makess twinkle giggles Kunj and twinkle together look cute rohan added.
Kuch bhi she said and blushing fully.
Blushing hmm Kunj see rohan teasing both of them..

Flashback end

Tears escaping from twinkle eyes while remembering their amazing moments.
That life was so beautiful kunj she murmured Usha called her.

At office.
Kunj finished with the meeting he went into his cabin and sat down with sombre face playing with pain thinking about last what happened.
I planned so much for us and her there was a time when my one gestured is enough for to make smile now kitna bhi karlu wasted I’m not sad or angry with her it’s okay if she is busy she is mature and care about other person not like me I will understand he said and try to console himself but deep down feeling..

Kunj pa sends snacks and coffee for him.
He keeps on the table.
Take i don’t want anything kunj said and he don’t have any other option and take back.

:: scene:
Rohan come to sarna mansion Usha aunty where are you he giving her voice.
Twinkle come you rohan? She asked.
Haan where is aunty he asked?
Mummy ji in the kitchen she replied and Usha comes in the living room.
Haan rohan beta you Usha said.

Haan mom sends me to give you this rohan said and give to usha.
Ho thanks to rakhi usha said and keep in the side.

Twinkle bring something or rohan usha said.
Sure mummy ji twinkle said and went and make tea for rohan and something quick snack.Usha went in her room while rohan humming the song.

Twinkle come and give him coffee and rest things.
Thanks he said and twinkle sits with him.
Where is kunj still in office rohan said.
Haan went for important meeting twinkle added.

And how was your and his date haan?? Rohan said.
Date do you know?? Twinkle asked.
Haan kunj planned everything for you especially went and do itself mostly I asked him he said you both enjoy lot last night rohan said and shocked twinkle why did kunj lie.

Where you guys? No party now twinkle said try to ask him where is kunj than last night..

Kaha now pehle toh yaar bache the enjoying parties ab whenever get free than you tell na did you like rohan said.

I didn’t go twinkle said and shocked rohan.
What you didn’t went?? But why twinkle rohan asked.
Woh I wasn’t feeling good she said.

Ho why Kunj lied rohan said.
I don’t know he is with you only asked him he come in the morning Twinkle said.

Who told you twinkle hana he was not with us he planned for you dinner date and you saying you didn’t went. That means whole night he was waiting for you there rohan said.
Not with you kunj?? Twinkle asked shockingly.
No rohan said.

Rohan sit beside twinkle take her hand see twinkle I know between you both had issues just sort out man yaar he really loves you let’s forget everything rohan said twinkle looking at him.
Hmm I don’t know about this I thought he maybe with you all’s twinkle said.
Nahi tha woh hUmhare saath kal raat ko rohan added.
Can you show me?? If you have pictures twinkle said.
Sure rohan said and show twinkle date all set up twinkle surprise to see.Everything is so beautiful the way she loves. Regretting lot he did so much for them.

It’s so beautiful she said and tears come in her eyes.
If you went it becomes more beautiful twinkle char chaand laga jati he added.

He is okay na maybe angry right now he will be i m sure rohan said.
Nahi aisa kuch nahi tha he went to office getting late talking with me also in the normal way she said rohan give faint smile because these years he spends more time with Kunj then Raza understands kunj during In this years though they are a good friend but for Kunj Raza is everything he sticks with him only still Raza is kunj life but now Raza little bit not he busy in his own life because of this now rohan and Kunj together more.. He knows how emotional Kunj is not showing but hurt him lot try to pretending he is okay but his eyes and face or off mood speak everything bas samjh ne wala hona chahiye..

Usha comes okay aunty I’m going rohan said.
Why after dinner you go usha said.
Nahi Aunty mom and dad waiting for me rohan said and bid bye and went.

Twinkle shocked after listen rohan Kunj was waiting for her whole night there she thought something else only.Which hurting her lot.
Twinkle are you okay?? Usha asked
Yes mummy ji Twinkle replied.Priyanka just then comes back.

Maa I’m very hungry today she said and cuddles her.
Acha kyun wait let your papa and Kunj come till then you eat kabab which I made for my kunj.
Naw always bhaiya you love she said cutely Usha pulled her cheeks.
Because you also love she said and both and went..

Twinkle worried about Kunj he must be angry she murmured.

Later Manohar also comes usha and twinkle arranging dining table she looking for kunj when he will come.

This kunj didn’t come till now even in the morning he went without having anything kuch khaya bhi hoga ya nahi Usha said.
Hmm Manohar hummed they all done with the dinner twinkle hardly eat anything.

She went in her room walking here and there in tension.
Kaha hai theek toh hoga call karu she said and sat on the bed she went downstairs.
Meanwhile Kunj come twinkle get relief.

Usha come to check whether her son come or not
Kunj you come at this time haan she said.
Kaam tha maa bas he added.
What happened to you haan why so dull.
His face fully dull in one day twinkle can see his messy condition and reddish eyes because of lack of sleep he yawning bas his eyes burning fully.

Theek toh hai na tu Usha asked.
Haan maa I’m absolutely kunj said and give tired smile.

Usha cupped her face but why this face she said.
Bas maa I’m tired sleepy nothing else kunj said.
Why you doing this much work Chal I and twinkle made your favourite food I will feed my son with my hands usha said.

Nahi maa I’m tired and not hungry kunj said and went in his room.
Arey Kunj sun na meri usha calling him.

Mummy ji I will see twinkle said and Usha nodded in yes and twinkle went behind Kunj.

Twinj [email protected]
Kunj sat down on the couch loosing his tie twinkle entered the room.
Kunj why you aren’t having your dinner I’m bringing you get freshen up she said and went towards the wardrobe and take out his nightdress go and freshen up she added.

Kunj seeing twinkle with sad eyes playing with his finger.

(Hairaan hai hum huye kyun tum gairon se
Kaisa hai ghum bolo na tum honto se) –
Na tum ho bewafa, na main bhi hoon
Phir bhi hai hum juda main kya kahu
Na jaane waqt ki marji hai kya, kyun hai mili yeh duriyaan
O meri jaan, o meri jaan, o meri jaan, o meri jaan ha….
Tere bin jo din aaya kaante na woh kat paaya
Kamin teri khal si jaati hai
Tere bin ji shaam aayi badi dil ki tanhaayi
Meri aankhein bhar si jaati hai
Kuchh tum mujhase khafa, kuchh main bhi hoon
Hai kya isaki wajah main kya kahoon
Na jaane waqt ki marji hai kya, kyun hai mili yeh duriyaan
O meri jaan, o meri jaan, o meri jaan, o meri jaan ha….play in bg💔💔

Twinkle looking at his sullen face hurting her very much.

Hmm I’m not hungry I m sleepy he said.
But still you didn’t had anything I can see she said.
You don’t need to worry about me I’m fine he said.

Kunjj if you are angry because of me
Last night then sorry she said.
Arey why you saying sorry I’m absolutely fine sorry mat bol Kunj said.

I can see in your face Kunj she said.
No I’m just tired twinkle kal so nahi paya tha na issliye or pura din busy tha that’s it kunj added and give her mirthless smile.

Kunj take the night dress from twinkle and went in washroom.

Kunj looking at himself in mirror tears escaping from his eyes he wiped them.
He quickly changed and come wiped his face.

Mummy ji ko bura lagega kunj she made so many things for you kunj she said.

Arey I’m completely fine and my maa understand me tiredness se bhuk nahi hai mujhe he said and laid down on the bed.
Twinkle seeing him.

Soja twinkle Kunj said.She sit and looking at Kunj.

If you thinking I’m angry or feeling bad because of last night you are busy that’s why you didn’t come and I wait maybe you will come pata nahi chala kab neend aagai waha pe he said.
And I make you wait lot remember 😹many times ek baar mene kar liya koi baat nahi chasmish soja meri maa he said.

Still sorry kunj she said.
Bas kar ab tune jaan bhuk ke nahi kiya na koi kaam hoga or koi wajah he said.
Because of Kunj words twinkle feeling more bad and guilty.

Mere liye kaha lo she said in a cute voice.
Sach me not hungry my eyes burning lack of sleep kunj added.
I will quickly feed you promise she said. Kunj smiled after seeing her.

Acha okay just for you but not much he said.
Okay twinkle said her eyes shined and she runs downstairs and went in the kitchen and heat up the food usha come there.
Mummy ji ready to eat something twinkle said.

Thanks to god I think he is not well that’s why something happened then only he leaves the food usha said and twinkle hummed and take the food.

Come she said and Kunj sat twinkle sit in front of him.

Your are very ziddi he said.
Less then you😹she added and feeding Kunj who having because of her with blinking eyes.

I’m done he said.
Little bit please na kunj twinkle said.
I can’t twinkle now my eyes burning Kunj said
Okay sleep she cupped his face she made
Him drink water with her hands he smiled and twinkle gets relief.Kunj laid down back
Twinkle keep the plates back in the kitchen.
Back in the room and seeing Kunj she laid down and covered him with the blanket he opens his eyes.
Sleep she said.

Come he said and pulled her in his embrace.
Arey now you aren’t sleepy she asked.
I’m but like this he said and cuddles she smiled and let him.

Twinkle caressing Kunj nape hairs Kunj quickly sleep twinkle check and caressing his face.
What I did was totally wrong and look at him he still okay didn’t say anything to me.

And when he did same and but he making all possible things for me I give one smile back and what I did just misunderstood him he was waiting the whole night for me still no complaint I’m confused kunj she thinks in her heart and kissed on Kunj nose tip.!
Tears escaping from twinkle eyes.

Kunj cuddles her fully while in sleep she smiled she too back and feeling so good after ages.

Acha hai ab mujhe irritate bhi nahi karta hai the way he used to do in college huh she murmured chuckled while remembering their best days of life: Twinkle too sleep with heavy face after a long time.

:: in the morning.
Birds chirping sunlight coming on twinkle and Kunj face.while Kunj snuggling his face in twinkle neck due to sunlight.
Twinkle woke up and smiled she seeing Kunj.
Arey Kunj wakes up she said.
Huh he said. Due to kunj closeness twinkle shivering his touch always shiver her in a good way..

Closed this window he said.
Acha okay let me get up first twinkle added.
In night only you should close I hate this Kunj murmured like a small baby.
Ho okay she said. Twinkle seeing his face open your eyes.
No he said.
Arey you aren’t the small baby she said.
Whatever 😒Kunj added. Twinkle get up and closed the window and curtains.
Now happy she said. Kunj laid down on his tummy in return Twinkle remember something and giggles.

You behaving like a 2 and 3 years baby Kunj she said.
Let me sleep he added pulled the blanket fully on himself.
Twinkle take her clothes and went in washroom she gets freshen up she comes out of the washroom and gets ready.

Sleepyhead, she murmured and went downstairs.
Good morning papaji twinkle wished him. Well Manohar wished her same.
I will get your tea twinkle said and went in the kitchen and making tea and deciding What for breakfast today.

Sadu didn’t get angry with me itna bhi sadu nahi hai woh toh pehle bhi nahi it’s me who always get upset with him and he pacifying me every time now he didn’t demand he did so many things everything is so beautiful and I spoiled everything she thinking.

Just then she felt two strong arms cuddles her.
Kunjj she said without even looking.
How you get to know always he said who rests his chin on her shoulder giving her back hugged.

Acha for everyone we meet now but know each other perfectly she said.
Woh toh hai he added.

What are you doing here haan go and get ready and leave me if anyone sees us look bad it’s not your NY campus she added.
It’s my house I’m allowed to do anything he said and bite her ear lobe.

Mat karo go I have to give papaji his morning tea she said.kunj tickling on her tummy.
Ahah don’t do she said and giggling.

She turned and show him knife Kunj arched his eyebrow.
If my maa see this she will kill you 😂kunj said and giggling.
You go and get ready I will bring your coffee she said.

Suddenly how you changed haan? Before I’m getting that Dayan avni vibes from you now chasmish is back😝how he said.

You and avni same to same she said.
There usha come.

Ho today my son what doing in kitchen usha said and twinkle and Kunj see her.

Nothing maa see your bahu she showing me knife Kunj said dramatically twinkle shocked.
No mummy ji woh mein twinkle try to explain..
I know how he is drama king usha said and slap Kunj playfully.Manohar gives usha voice.

Maa see your order order Kunj said.
Let me tell your papa wait usha said.
He knows maa 😹kunj said going but before winking at twinkle who just shockingly rolling her eyes.

Twinkle beta you don’t heed him he is like this I know na usha said.
Jee mummy ji she said take the tea and give her in laws then preparing Kunj coffee.

Kesa hai na ya ladka babaji today only i m thanking he is not irritating but see what he did ahah he will remain same to same order order 😹 pagal ladka she said.

In twinj [email protected]
Kunj get freshen up wearing his clothes twinkle entered the room with his coffee.

She keep his coffee and seeing him who try to closed his shirt buttons in the hustle.
She went toward him.
Don’t be hurry train nahi chhoot rahi hai sadu she said and started closing his buttons.
Ho really chasmish Kunj said..
Now looking good she said.
I’m always😎Kunj said.
Self-obsessed man she murmured and give him his coffee.Kunj enjoying his coffee.

While twinkle phone ring she takes the call.
Hello bhai she said.
Hi Twinki abeer said.
Calling me at this time ? Twinkle asked with tension.
Arey cool down surprise for you abeer said.

What twinkle asked?
Woh ya we are coming to India abeer said and twinkle shocked with happiness.
Really don’t prank with me okay she said kunj seeing her and get confused.

I’m not baby doll it’s true sitting in the airport abeer added.
Ho babaji I’m so happy can’t wait to see you and my avi babyyy come bhai if you not I will kill you twinkle said.

Sure 😹darling see you soon abeer said and hanged up the call.Twinkle started dancing.

What happens? Kunj asked.
Ho kunj I’m so happy today she said.
I can see but tell me too? Cause of your happiness darling he said.
My bhai and Bhabi along with avi coming Amritsar today she said.
Great news kunj said.
Not great world best news I’m missing avi baby he becomes more naughty now toh she said.
Acha. Kunj added.
Yes because I was there only with Bhabhi and bhai when he was born my life avii cutie pie she said with all love.

Huh she gets excited this much for me now see 🙄dekhte hai kaun hai avi baby😒kunj said.

Chalo breakfast karte hai she said.
I’m not hungry 🤪he said.
I will kill you, drama king, she said and both chuckled.
Kunj adoring twinkle smile he cupped her face you look beautiful when you smile I don’t like you sadu face Kunj said.
But sadu you are twinkle said pressing her to laugh.
Haan i m still hastee raha kar achi lagti hai he said she blinked her eyes.

Kunj pecked at her lip twinkle looking at him.
Chal breakfast he said she nodded in yes in hand to hand they went down and join everyone.

Kunj happily having his breakfast.
What happens? Yesterday look so dull fight with Raza usha said.
Ahah maa you behaving like papa now being in his company self judge 😹Kunj said. Priyanka and twinkle giggling.

Still usha said.
You know maa me and Raza never fight it’s like impossible and you thinking this kunj said.
Haan woh toh hai koi or hoga Usha said.
Koi nahi hai I was tired bas kunj said..

Maa bhabhi knows maybe Priyanka said.
Acha 😒kunj said and pulled her hairs.
Aha maa bhai always pulled my hairs Priyanka said.

He is like this from childhood Usha said.
Really mummy ji twinkle said.
Haan because of him I always tied up my hairs and Manohar ji love my long open hairs Kunj arched his eyebrow which chuckled usha and Manohar all laughing.

What an antic pieces you have created twinkle muttered.
Maa you never told us papa love something else then his order 😂Kunj said and run from there before Manohar.
Kunj laughing loudly which even make Manohar too.

Your spoiled spoon Manohar said.
Not my our 😎usha said.

To be continued………:………………………….
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