The Episode starts with twinkle and Kunj giggling.
Go and get freshen up she said and pushed him.
Huh very mean you are😒Kunj said and twinkle went downstairs.

Everyone come down for breakfast twinkle keeping everything on the table.

Good morning twinkle puttar Anita said.
Good morning massi jee she wished her same.

See usha your bahu make everything alone Anita said and Usha smiled.
I got very talented bahu Anita usha said and twinkle smiled after listen to their words.

Yuvi and Sam along with Priyanka they trio come down and their nonsense talks going on.

Itna sab aaj waha waha yuvi said after seeing the whole dining table filled with different things.Manohar too comes and they take their respective seats.

Baby chalo don’t tease mumma you are good with your papa only Meera said and whom kaya teasing.She brings her and sat down.Twinkle started serving them.Meera filled kaya plate who making puppy faces.

Where is your nawab sahab Manohar said.Usha showing Manohar eyes what is this in front of kunj wife rest giggling.Kunj comes down after getting ready.

Lo papa mummas boy is here meera said.
What happened meri baate chal rahi hai kunj said and sit next to meera.

Twinkle beta you also sit and have with us usha said and she nodded in yes and sit opposite of Kunj.

Twinkle you are very good cook yuvi said. Kunj tasted and he too agreed.

Kaya baby eat na see maami make this it’s very tasty meera said.
No I don’t wanna have she said and away the spoon.

What happened to you chick Kunj said.
She became like her maamu Meera said😏.
Very good after all niece Meri hai.Come to me kaya Kunj said. Kunj bring her to him and made her sit on his lap.

What happened your devil mumma scold you? Kunj said she nodding in yes.
Huh very mean kaya now you sit with your maamu only Meera said.

Now kaya and Kunj will eat this kunj said and feeding her with his hands and make her busy in his talks both blabbering all smiled after seeing them.Twinkle seeing Kunj with kaya how cutely he handles her she smiled.

Meera seeing kaya and Kunj making faces.
Mummmaa😿😿 choleric.
Kattii Meera said and showing her litter finger.
Let her kaya jealous huh kunj said.

Kunj are you going office or not?? Now everything is over Manohar said kunj closed his eyes.
Goinggggg😼papa he said.
Good Manohar said Meera and yuvi giggling.They all done with breakfast.

Now you go and play kaya kunj said and she nodded in yes and went in the garden happily.

Kunj looking at twinkle who busy in her thought.
Now what she thinking babaji her hero is here kunj murmured.Twinkle helping servant in work.

Kunj went into his room and set his office bag.
Papa bhi na always behind me officeee he mimicked.Twinkle entered in the room.
Found kunj busy in his work.Twinkle get a call from Neha her assistant.

No if there is no appointment I’m not coming you informed okay Twinkle said and ended the call.Kunj looking at her.

Why you not going?? Kunj asked first she don’t want to answer him then thought let it be.
Patient hi nahi hai so or wese bhi abhi abhi hi toh shadi hui hai twinkle said.
Logic Kunj said and they went downstairs.

Arey bro you going I will get bored I come from uk just to chill with you yuvi said.
Acha yuvi let him go for you we are here meera said.

I will see you all kunj said and went from there all laughs out.
Why you all teasing my son usha said.
Kya massi aap bhi na we just enjoying yuvi said.
Huh maa just love his son Kunj Kunj Meera said twinkle enjoying them.
Twinkle beta why you standing there come here na usha called her she sits beside usha.

Everything is okay na?? She asked.
Yes mummy ji she replied.
Don’t be formal yah ab tumhara apna ghar hai she said twinkle blinked her eyes.

Or what are you doing twinkle? Yuvi asked.
I m psychologist small my own clinic twinkle said.
Superb man you are very intelligent yuvi said.

The whole day passed away quickly Twinkle mingling with her new family and Kunj siblings or cousins had a great time with them while Kunj was busy in office missing twinkle.

At Raza place..
Mrs Shaikh and Raza sitting together.
I’m so happy for kunj Mrs Shaikh said.
Me too maa but he didn’t tell me about this Raza said.
Maybe he didn’t get time Raza otherwise there is no secret between you and Kunj she added.
True I believe him more than myself he is my everything raza said.
May god bless you both she said and went from there.. Raza get up and went to kunj office he went in the cabin.

Bro comes superb you come i m getting bored kunj said.
Acha saale I thought you are really newly wedded couple so you must be busy with your wife why I disturb Kunj Raza said and take the seat.
Hehe kuch bhi bolta hai kaha ki shadi bhai jaise you don’t know anything kunj said.

Why office today enjoy at least Kunj Raza said.
Kaha ka enjoy jab tak mere life mein Manohar sarna hai huh kunj said Raza laughs out.

I m angry with you. You and twinkle and you didn’t tell me about anything I thought my brother Share everything with me raza said dramatically.

I know raza Kunj hold his hand.Everything was happened very fast otherwise I never hide anything from you. You know each and everything about my life. Kunj told Raza everything.
When I saw her after years again I started going back in my memories and realised without her I’m nothing I want to bring back in my life.About me and twinkle you know our relation fully messed kunj said.

Ho I can understand you kunj but happy for you.You get your love back now don’t let her go raza said.
Nahi yaar now I will do each and everything for her whatever happened in the university between us you all know. I took that decision in my stupidity break up was kunj for us but Raza that decision was my life biggest mistake I’m nothing without twinkle I love her conditionally both of us lost our cool ended like this kunj said and Raza gives him a side hug.

Hmm now twinkle she must be happy? Raza asked.
Kaha yaar she is angry more she gets to know about this drama again angry she thought I always lied with her but tu jaan ta hai na aisa kuch nahi tha that day also I went but she is not ready to listen me once kunj said.

Pata hai ab acha hua hai sab now where is my treat Raza said.
Haan teri special treat hai na Tu bol what you want kunj said.
Kya mangu teri sab se jada precious cheeze Raza said.
Well life mein do hi precious cheez hai meri life ek tu hai dusri twinkle hai😹kunj said and both laughs out.
Ab woh toh teri hui raza said.
Yup woh meri thi or meri hi rahegi 😎kunj said with all love.

I think I disturb you kunj Raza said.
Pagal hai tu I’m free chal kuch karte hai kunj said and they went from there to their favourite place.


At [email protected] mansion
Everyone had their dinner Meera get angry with kaya because she is doing now much.

Next I will not bring you you just stay with your papa Meera said.Kaya crying more harder.

Why you making her cry meera di yuvi said and try to pacify kaya but she is not ready.

Kunj maamu😿she murmured.
Haan let your Kunj maamu come usha said.Just then Kunj comes after had a great time with Raza.

Loudspeaker still on Kunj said.
Huh she missing her Kunj maamu and he saying this see kaya Meera said.
Maa you should keep di name matchstick Kunj said both brother and sister making annoying faces.

Go and take your Kunj maamu with you meera said.
Kaha kunj said.
Ice cream kaya said.
We will order here simple Kunj said.
No I wanna go there kaya said.
Ahah maa i m saying call jiju and send his parcel back kunj said😼..

She went to kunj chalo na Kunj maamu she said in her cute voice.
First your mother behind me now you kunj said.
Really in the morning bada pyaar aa raha tha dono ko Meera said.
Kesi maa hai ya kunj said and went with kaya out and bring her favourite ice cream she eats there and brings more they comeback quickly she smiling fully.

Aww now my bacha is happy Manohar said and she went to her nanu.
Yes and hugged him.

Kunj brings for rest too their favourite ice cream.
I will bring twinkle said and take the bag and went into the kitchen and she filled ice cream in cups.
Bhaiya brings everyone favourite Priyanka said twinkle take out the last cup.

Arey yah kesi ki hai Priyanka said twinkle surprise to see even Kunj bring her favourite ice cream too.

It’s my favourite Oreo flavour she said.
Hoo Priyanka said and twinkle or Priyanka take the ice cream and went into the living room back.Twinkle give everyone their ice cream.

Kunj don’t you wanna have your dinner usha asked.?
Na maa I had in low voice Manohar eying him..

Kaha Anita said.
Outside massi with his friends Meera said loudly so Manohar can listen 😈..

Kaam hi ya hai Manohar said.
But papa mene apna kaam kiya hai kunj said.
Haan jee aap bhi na Usha said.Meera giggling Kunj giving her death glares.

Maa throw them tomorrow kunj said about to going in his room back.
Huh it’s my papa house Meera said.
Ho really my papa house Kunj mimicked her and pulled her hair and run in his room.

Maaaa Meera shouted.

Kitna ladate ho tum dono grow up usha said.
Bache aise hi hote Sam and yuvi too same Anita said.
Twinkle went in her room with her ice cream Kunj changing his clothes.
Oops she said and turned her face.
Kunj wear his T-shirt.

Can’t you change in washroom sadu she said.
Ho really chasmish he said and went near her you can see me baby wese bhi you have already seen everything now why this drama Kunj said and teased her twinkle giving him an annoying look.

Eat ice cream and cool down Kunj said and feed her with his hand.
Kunj sits on the couch while twinkle on the bed.

Don’t you like it? He asked her after seeing her expression.
Nahi toh? She said.
Seemed like but it’s your favourite na he said.
Do you remember she said. Kunj went near her.
I remember each and everything about you tu bhi kya bhul ne ki cheez hai whole day you just eating this only in university Kunj said and pulled her cheeks.

Strange I thought you must have forgotten because you forgot me and remembered my favourite things twinkle said with a grin.

Aisa kyun bol rahi hai twinkle I never forgot you and I can’t as well he said.
Hmm leave it she said.
You start and then leave it not fair Kunj said.
Fair toh kuch nahi hai kunj wese bhi twinkle added:

Twinkle gesture him he opens his mouth and she feeds him the ice cream.
And I always give you the last spoon of my ice cream she said he smiled..

Yaad toh tujhe bhi sab hai kunj said.
Bhulne ki koshish ki but I can’t she said.
I will keep the cup back in the kitchen she added.

And went down and keep the cups in the kitchen back.
Kunj wondering about twinkle behaviour.
She just showing me attitude as if all mistake is mine huh he murmured she entered in the room back.Kunj lost in twinkle thought.

Kya hua sadu she said.
Kahi nahi bas he said.
You must be tired sleep she said and sit on her side of the bed kunj seeing her.

Twinkleeee he called her.
Bolo she said and looking at him he sits opposite of her and takes twinkle hands in his hands.

Why you doing this all he said.
Mene kya kiya hai kunj she said back.
Tu jaanti hai what I’m saying chal I’m sorry again let’s talk and over everything jo hua bhul jate hai let’s start a happy life again with each other kunj said and twinkle looking at him.

Kya baat kar kunj there anything is left between us haan or jitna puri baato ko kuredenge na utna hi dard hoga so better leave it jese pehle kiya tha ek dusre ko.
One more thing everything happening according to your wish only so you should be happy she said.
Really I will be happy when you aren’t he said.
Meri khushi se tumhari khushi ka kya kunj she laughs she added. Kunj rolled his eyes.

Theek hai he said and went to other side of the bed and laid down turned his face to other side twinkle seeing him his back was facing to her she off the lights.

Twinkle to laid down and covered them with the blanket.
Don’t know twinkle when you will understand this teri khushi me hi meri khushi thi or hai or tu jaanti hai chodne ka phesala akele ka mera nahi tha even yours too don’t forget that he said and closed his eyes.

The reason was you she murmured enough audible for Kunj but he didn’t reply back.

Both of them thinking about their life.
They were so close to each other but their issues still created long distance between them.

I was so happy with you kunj you changed she murmured and tears falling from her eyes.

Flashback is shown::
New York University…

In the garden all students were there they were standing and seeing the race.
So the race was like this whoever will win the race get the kiss from Any girl of their choice the hottest girl all girls excited because both of the boy’s of hottest in whole university tough competition 😹for poor girls.all hooting the names.
Kunjjjj rohan shooting loudly.

Just two girls passing from there their eyes went on rest students
What’s going on here?? Twinkle asked.
Let’s see drama like always avni said and they went near and seeing.

What is this twinkle asked Aditi who standing beside her.
Arey race between Kunj and jack Aditi said and twinkle seeing Kunj who running fully.

This boy is mad she murmured. While avni hooting for jack😹..
Kunj and avni bestest enemies both of them whole day just clashing.
Avni never leaves the chance to poke in kunj matter she teased him like anything She always comes in his way which irritates Kunj lot.
For Kunj also avni his favourite he too teased her giving her funny names all the times their gang just watching them for the fun..

About twinkle she is very studious girl stay in her zone speak less she takes time to get mingle with people once she feels comfortable then Twinkle package full talk time. Very intelligent her favourite place in the whole campus is library she makes herself busy in books Get nervous easily but Kunj is something who always bring a blush on her cheeks.Kunj teased twinkle also he tries to flirt with twinkle but avni come always and take her😂.

Rohan and Kunj or Aditi , Raza together from highschool only dearest friend of each other’s in their group only Raza is someone who is very polite and clam boy he never does any kind of masti loveable he is.While Kunj and rohan or Aditi totally dramatic because of these three Raza also get punished he never part of their pranks and all’s.

Manohar always strict towards Kunj since the start because he pays more attention in masti and all’s while Manohar wanted kunj become like him. After highschool Manohar wanted to send him New York for his higher studies he denied he doesn’t want to go but Manohar told him he will go he doesn’t want he spoiled his life because of his bad lifestyle and friends zone. When he gets to know his friend’s parents too think this then they all get happy finally stay away from family now they can do whatever they wanted free bird they are😹.

After coming to New York they enjoying here lifestyle no parents fear now they attend the class for time pass mostly just disturb rest students in the end teacher have to send them out of the class or happily they went
Proudly 😹..

then Naman and dev were too in the same class they become good friends ria and Asha or Avanti join their group they all become one group they are from the same place so happily. Kunj hate studies same rohan but what to do their siblings were too good because of them they have to study more. During exams they open the book while whole years don’t know where are their books.

While avni and twinkle come together both sisters avni always hate kunj because of his silly stunts.In class kunj and avni fighting with each other rest class enjoying their drama.While girls dying on Kunj after all he is f**king damn hot sometimes Kunj take advantage of his hotness just in a fun way.commitment for him is a very big thing so never come in a serious relationship.
They all enjoy their life fully because Zindagi na milegi dobara.

Who will win rai said.
Kunj only Asha added.Kunj smiling after seeing everyone and lastly he won the race All girls hooting.

Jeet gaya rohan said.

Bro you can’t win in front of kunj sarna kunj said and wore his black shades 😎.

Congro jack added and went towards all.

Congrats baby you win Alisha said.
Thanks Kunj said.

Life mein pehli baar gadho ki race dekhi hai Avni said and giggling.
Acha miss avni Kunj said.
Yes Mr Kunj she said.

Finally Kunj wins now you can take your reward naman said. All girls were standing holding their hearts whom Kunj will kiss.

Alisha was 100 percent sure kunj kissed her😹..

Kunj sat on the bench hmm well whom should I kiss kunj said and thinking while looking here and there..

Meee alisha said.
No Kunj said.
Why?😿..she asked.
Some else Kunj said and went near twinkle.Who cuddles her self.

Chamishhh is good 👻Kunj said.Twinkle shocked but rest giggling.

What mein twinkle said in shaking voice.
Haan kunj said.

You can’t kiss her Kunj it’s me alisha said.
But alisha I won the race it’s completely upto me whom I wanted to kiss 😉 Kunj said.
Kunj pulled twinkle she is something different you go and take from jack Kunj added alisha face drop-in anger.

What happened chasmish you should get happy kunj sarna wanna kiss you kunj said and twinkle looking at him.
Ho hello leave her samjhe avni said and come between them leave my friend she added.

Ahah why you always come sidekick 😹Kunj said.
Teri race gai bhad mein if you dare to touch twinkle avni said.
Why you always come between us haan like her assistant she can speak Samji Kunj said.
Chal twinkle na sahi tu sahi kunj said and pulled her 😹.. avni hitting on his arms.
Ahah leave me she shouted.
Loud baby Kunj said I don’t mind to kiss you both Kunj added pulled twinkle too.

Oscar wali feeling aayegi rohan said.
I will kick you avni said.

Sure baby but before let me kiss you kunj said.avni close her eyes and Kunj kissed on her cheek she making face and Kunj leave her.
How many layers of make do you apply haan Kunj said.
You a*sh*le avni said and throw her bag on Kunj.

Arey twinkle teach her something wild girl kaha se aai hai lagta hai jungle se hi aai hai kunj said..
Chal twinkle avni said and pulling her.
Leave her Kunjj avni shouted.
Nahi karunga ja kunj said.Rohan sees principle.

Kunjj leaves principle he said all-seeing principle coming there only.
Wait I call princi avni said.
I will you see Dayan later Kunj Leave her before going.
I will kiss you chasmishhhh he said Loudly went.Twinkle laughing on Kunj.

Now why you laughing idiot avni said and they went from there.

Tu bhi pagal rohan said and giggles.
Bichari twinkle and poor alisha naman added and they went into canteen all settled down.

Kya alisha who wanted to kiss her😹Kunj said.
Acha kamina dev said. Avni and twinkle too come in the canteen and take their seat next to kunj and rest.

One hot coffee Kunj shouted.

What you want avni? Twinkle asked.
Hot coffee headache this man she murmured while looking at Kunj.
Tu bhi na bas twinkle said and went to give her order.
Two hot coffee and one cheese sandwich twinkle give her oder.

Avni comes here why sitting there Asha said.
No I’m fine here headache sitting already having headache because of him avni said.

This lady always blames me for everything she falls for me kunj said and tapping on the table.

Twinkle get her order and bring sit back.
Where is my coffee Kunj said and went to the food counter?
My one hot coffee please he said.
Well sorry sir hot coffee over she takes last two cups canteen boy said and Kunj gets sad.

He comeback and sat with an annoying face.
What happened bro?? Rohan asked.
Headache I order hot coffee now over in canteen Kunj said.
Drink cold coffee rohan said while Kunj deny..

Acha hua tere saath Avni said😹..

b*t*h 😼Kunj said.
Same to you take my coffee me toh na du she said and giggling.

Twinkle looking at Kunj who holding his forehead. She about to take the sip of her hot coffee then stop Went near to kunj table.

Kunj she called him. Kunj raised his eyes.
Yes he said.
Ya lo she forwarding her coffee mug..
what?? Why you giving me this he said.
Woh you need na take it she said.
But even you also want how can I take he said.
Mera itna maan nahi hai wese bhi she said. Kunj arched his eyes. And stand beside Kunj keep his arms around twinkle shoulders and looking at avni who also surprised with twinkle.

Ladki ho toh aisi babaji kunj said and take the mug from twinkle.Take the sip while looking at avni.
Ho miss attitude see learn something from chasmish Kunj said.Huh avni giving twinkle looks.
Thank you chasmish teach her too okay kunj said and pulled her cheeks she smiled avni huffed and went from there.

Arey avni wait na twinkle went behind her while giving her voice all laughing.

Waha kunj twinkle ne tujhe apni coffee dedi dev said.
This is kunj magic😎kunj said.

By the way where is raza not seeing since long time kunj said.
We don’t know maybe his favourite place library or kaha hoga woh rohan said.
True pure group Mein he is the only one who is studious Kunj said..

Twinkle running behind avni wait na she held her hand.
Why you did this haan avni said.
Ho baba me kya karti Avni he genuinely having a headache or help karna achi baat hai na twinkle said.
I know but devil nahi twinkle avni said.
Chal koi na sorry don’t be angry my bestie she said and started buttering avni smiled.

At library room..
Raza was sitting and busy in his notes there twinkle come and sit next to him.
Hi twinkle said.
Hi Raza replies and both give each other smile.
Raza can I take your book she asked.
Sure twinkle Raza said.Twinkle and Kunj good friend. Both of them similar somewhere not like their rest friends so.

While finding Raza Kunj come to the library.
His eyes went on Raza. He is here raza he gives him voice.
Shhh librarian said..
sorry kunj said and went to Raza.
Bro you sitting here and I’m finding he said.
Kunj you know na I’m making my notes and yours too raza said kunj smiled and sit between he and twinkle middle chair was empty.
What my both nerds reading Kunj Said in low voice.
Study good for you raza said kunj give him whatever look.
Twinkle busy in her book Kunj seeing her.
Hmm bolo she said.
Kuch nahi he said.
Then why you staring me she said.
Maan hai mera he said and she smiled.

Help me too kunj said.
Really you need my help kunj she said.
Kyun nahi topper he said.
Kya help? She asked.
Jo apna maan ho he said.
Okay she added and explaining while Kunj yawning👅.Twinkle see this.

Huh you are wasting my time also she said.
Arey nahi you explain well better than mr dimak pakaoo twinkle giggles.
He is our teacher she said.
So what he said.
Acha okay let me study go she said kunj sitting and seeing her only she can’t pay attention closed the book.

Distraction she said.
I’m best distraction baby Kunj said and went from there with Raza.twinkle smiling while thinking about Kunj.
Impossible sadu she murmured.

After their classes get over at night they all students change their clothes and come to mess for their dinner.The mess was extremely big.

One by one taking their foods and sit on the chairs.Twinkle and Kunj taking their food both and sit beside each other.Kunj making faces.

Eat monkey avni said.
Shut up tera khana nahi digest hota hai mere bina kunj said.
Bas karo tum dono raza said.

I don’t know how he becomes your bestie Raza look at yourself and him devil avni said.
Same I thought about you and twinkle Kunj added.Kunj playing with the food.

What happened why you not eating she asked.
Who will eat this tasteless food Kunj said.
But mess ka hi food milega yaha toh twinkle said.
Problem food mein nahi hai tasteless tum ho Avni said.

Have Kunj otherwise raat mein na rat will dance in your tummy twinkle said kunj laughs.
Really do you like this food who eat this yaar missing my maa food Kunj said.
Same me too even I don’t like this food but there is no option na she said.
Right he said.

Wait just kunj twinkle said and put some salt and pepper in kunj food. Now eat taste better she added and Kunj started having.
No bad siyappa queen Kunj said.
Because our taste buds are different from their food na she said.They finished dinner and it’s time to go back to their respective rooms in their hostel.

Twinkle having chocolate in corridor Kunj was passing from there. Kunj saw there and stop.
What you eating Kunj said.
Woh chocolate she said and giving smile.
Puri ladki pagal hai he said and she gives to him kunj too eat.
Good night she said.
Goodnight and tell that Dayan nightmares Kunj said twinkle chuckled and nodding in yes while going.

This girl is amazing he said and bite his inner cheek and went in his room.Raza and Kunj sharing in the room. Raza laid down on his bed kunj went to him and laid down beside him.
Where are you?? Raza asked.
Arey chocolate bas Kunj replied.
Kaha se suddenly you become chocolate lover Kunj Raza said.
Not such chasmish having so she offers me kunj said.
Ho twinkle Raza said.
Pagal hai puri but cute bhi better then Dayan kunj said.
Tera or avni ka kuch nahi ho sakta hai haan twinkle she is very nice different from all girls Raza said.
True different toh hai chasmish Kunj they talking for while and sleep.

Their daily college life is this only..
At morning.
All students went in their respective class.
Professor already comes and still student was out of the class.
Kunj toh gaya aaj rohan murmured to still not come. Kunj comes about entered in the class.
Heyy stop its classroom not your bedroom professor said all students giggling.
Sorry sirrr Kunj said.
Go professor said and Kunj went inside and looking for the seat he always sit beside Raza but today Avanti sits beside him.
Twinkle sitting alone kunj sat beside her she surprised.

Professor starts the class and new chapter.
All students listening nicely Kunj playing with a pen.
Now start the test professor said.
What test surprise Kunj murmured.
No surprise yesterday I informed everyone but you are not present in the class how will you know Mr sarna professor said.

Kunj gritting his teeth now write fast professor added.
Kunj seeing everyone writing and he don’t know anything completely blank and seeing twinkle beside who writing so fast.

Kya ladki hai lagta hai book ghol ke peti hai kunj said and peeping in Twinkle paper .

What?? Write your paper twinkle said.
What should I write don’t know anything he said.
Professor was right you always out of the class now see she said.
Chasmish shh help me now yaar please he said.
What you will do in exams Kunj she said.
Exam ki maa ki aankh jab hoga tab dekhenge or wese bhi passing marks chahiye top tujhe karna hai kunj added.

Kes ho tum she said.
Superb chal ab bata bhi se meri maa he said and making puppy faces.
Karo jaldi she said and let him copy her all answers. Kitna lamba answer hai kunj said.
Complete the answer why leave in half twinkle said.
Arey karna kya hai pura likh ke wese bhi fatshit ko pata chal jayega I copied you that’s why mujhe kaunsa pura exams chahiye 😉doubt bhi nahi hoga and he knows me I’m not that much smart for him
issliye jald samji chasmish Kunj said. Twinkle giving him OMG look.

You are very smart cheating bhi kare rahe ho itna dimag lagake she said.
Yup 😎I’m cleaver he said..

Time is over professor come and take the papers from all students and class also over after they all went out of the class.
They all sit in the garden.

Shit the paper don’t know anything dev said.
Acha you were laughing when fatshit scolding me haan kunj said😹..
what about you avni said.

Meri tu mat soch something feels like you are my mother Samji Kunj said..

Shut up avni said and went from there to avoid him. One by one they all went from there twinkle sitting still and talking with her mother Kunj seeing her and he went towards her. After call twinkle asked him through her eyes.

Thanks for today and yesterday also he said.
It’s okay she said.
Coffee from my side he said and she surprised.
Don’t give this look return back that’s it he said.
Unexpected bas sure she said.
Good kunj said and they both went in other cafeteria of the campus which quite have beautiful ambience.

Here why?? We can go in canteen also na she said.
Hmm that’s not of kunj class kunj said.
Really she said.
Yes now sit he said and what you want?? He asked.
Whatever you wanted she said.
You and avni same huh he said and she chuckled and Kunj went and give oder and bring the order and sit.

Here is your cold coffee and cheese pasta Kunj said.
You know cold coffee she said.
Haan I saw you always in canteen you oder cold coffee he said.
You noticed me this much she said😉..
Haan cute jo hai Tu he said and they enjoyed the coffee and pasta happily.

After they come out of the cafeteria twinkle about to going kunj held her hand.
Yes she said.
Alisha will see you she said.
Let her na? She is not my gf he said.
Acha 😹you and she always together na?she asked.
Not me she always kunj baby baby clingy baby Kunj said and both giggles out,

Days were passing avni and Kunj still same to same while twinkle always smiling with Kunj thoughts.

At night
Avni walking in garden Kunj and rohan come there her and smirked.
Lets teach her good lesson Kunj said they planned and walking behind avni she feels someone before she see Kunj and rohan hide behind the tress.Other hand Raza and twinkle sitting near pool side.

Where is your crime partner twinkle asked.
Kunj raza said.
Hmm she hummed.
Went to call his mom here not getting network he said.

He is very important to you twinkle asked.
Haan he is my everything for me. Even me too we don’t have blood relation but still our bond is strongest he can do anything for me raza said.
Bond thicker then blood she said.

Why I’m feeling babaji koi hai avni murmuring In fear..

Hehe 😂 badi jaldi dar gai ya toh kunj said in low voice.
Mar jayegi yaar bas hua rohan said.
Shut up teri kaun behan lagti hai kunj said.
Eww no behan😒rohan said.
Achaaaa bachuu😹kunj said and shaking the tree leaves purposely so avni sacred from this.

Ho no why this tree leaves shaking avni said and seeing nooo babajiii she shouted and run from there.

Kunj and rohan come behind the tree and laughing loudly.

Avni shouting twinkle and Raza heard her voice and they get up.

Avniii twinkle said and avni come and hugged her immediately.
What happened why you shivering she asked.
Twinkle bhoot😭Avni said.
What bhoot raza said.
Kaha Avni twinkle asked.
Garden mein I saw tree leave shaking itself she said.
It’s just your bharam avni raza said.

Rohan and Kunj come there controlling their laugh.
Kya hua kunj asked innocently.
Avni saying she saw bhoot in garden Raza said. Rohan and Kunj chuckled but hide.
Acha aaj dayan ko bhoot kese dikh gaya kunj said.

Don’t be funny kunj rohan said and he went near avni. While Raza understood everything eying Kunj and rohan.

You sit here avni Twinkle said and calming her.
Aaj pehli baar dekha hai dayan dar gai😹kunj said and twinkle takes her from there.

Rohan and Kunj or Raza laughing loudly.
You both mad look at her Raza said.
She deserves this bhoot kunj mimicked her then they too went back to their room.

Next day in the morning in canteen Kunj told about last night to their gang and they all laughing. Avni and twinkle come there.
So it was you who did this haan avni said.
Yup me how was my prank Kunj said avni throw water on him.
You b*t*h Kunj said.
Last night guys she screaming like this bhoot 😹bheegi billi tree leaves shaking aise toh tu pure campus me lady gaga ban ke ghumti hai ab real me chuee muee 😝kunj said.
I will kill you avni said.
Sure darling come and kill me kunj said..
have hot coffee you will feel better from my side kunj said. Avni pulling Kunj hairs.

Arey kamino help me kunj said.
No bro it’s between you two raza said.

Avni taking her revenge back from Kunj.
Avnniiii rohan hooting for her.
He was also with me avni kunj said.
You only see party change avni said and leave kunj.

b*t*h puri hairstyle kharab kardi kunj said.
Now stop coming in my way next time I will do something worse phir koi haiii avni 😹kunj said and still laughing.
Ek dam pagal hai ya ladka Avni said and fuming fully.

Abey cold drink lao meri angry bird ke liye kunj said.Avni went in class with a sad face.

Lagta hai she really scared because of last night prank Avanti said.

Abey drama queen hai ek dam se Kunj said and went from there.

Sometimes later their all friends playing in the garden.avni was missing there.
Dayan kaha hai kab kunj murmured and finding here he went from there looking for avni everywhere he was passing through class room his eyes went on avni who sitting in the classroom with sad face he went inside and see avni she maybe crying.

He went to her heyy avni he called her avni see him and turned her face.
Ahh don’t tell me you crying really yaar you too behaving like those cry baby girls Haan Kunj said and sit beside and shaking her with his shoulder.
Kuch nahi hai I’m fine dog she said.
Acha chipkali I can see you he said.
Ja na she said.
Everyone enjoying outside and you were sitting here alone Chal fast he said.

I’m not going she said.
Acha fine I will lift you also Kunj said.
Huh don’t she said.
I can baby kunj said and lift her in his arms avni shocked.Kunj takes her in the garden. Everyone seeing avni flying her hand and leg in kunj arms.
Cooperate darling kunj said.
Youuuu leave me babaji save me from this man she screaming.

Kunj bring her in the garden everyone seeing them. Rohan and dev choked after seeing Kunj lifting avni😹.
What I’m saying kunj avni😼babaji rohan said.

Leave me avni said.
What is this Kunj naman asked.
Avni teri arms me kyun?? Raza asked.
Because she was sitting in the class alone and crying there so I bring her here she is not ready to come kunj said.

Put me down you rascal avni said.
I will give me some respect kunj said.
Jaan na lelu me avni said.Kunj put her down.
Huh she said.

I hate you avni added.
I love you lot kunj 😹said and laughing.
Twinkle adoring Kunj.
Acha sorry for last night we just did for fun kunj said.
Yeah avni me too rohan said.
It’s okay avni said.

Come avni let’s play the game avanti said and they all play together for sometimes after all get tired.Avni was going.
Bhoot avniii😂kunj screamed she turned and show him her tongue and run from there.

You hate him and see Kunj avni twinkle said.
Acha aajkal kuch jada kunj kunj nahi kar rahi hai kya tu twinkle said.
Mein kaha Avni she said and bite her lips..

In the next class..
professor come and with their test papers.
He will scold yaar dev said.
Same Raza added.
Professor gives everyone their test paperback.All seeing their marks Kunj smirked.
Tujhe itne kese haan rohan asked with shocking face..

I’m surprised kunj with your test professor said.
Thanks 😹kunj replies while seeing twinkle who looking him back.
He copied twinkle avni said.

After this class they get busy in the next class back to back whole day ended Flashback ends.

Twinkle and Kunj sleeping peacefully while sleeping kunj almost on twinkle.Twinkle woke up with message beep.

She opens her eyes and see Kunj who so closer to her and sleeping like a small baby she smiled and caress his face.

Twinkle take her phone after seeing the pictures she smiled.
My cutie pie she said and kissed on avi photos which Meher send to her.

Twinkle side Kunj and went to washroom she get freshen up and get ready and went down.Like everyday she helping Usha and Meera in breakfast they were making it for everyone. All wake up and come down Kunj still sleeping.

Kunj did not wake up?? Usha asked twinkle.
No I think she said.
This boy na will get late for office Usha said.
Twinkle beta you go and wake up kunj otherwise his papa will scold him usha said.
Jee mummy ji twinkle said and went in her room.

Kunj still sleeping she went to him.
Kunj wake up please you will get late for office twinkle giving him voice but Kunj not even move.She pulling the blanket.

Kya hai kunj said and rubbing his eyes.
Wake up mummy ji tell me to wake up you she said and Kunj sleeping shirtless.
First wear your something Kunj twinkle said.Meri marzi kunj said and stand take his towel and went in washroom huffing.
Till then she gets ready his clothes.Kunj comes out of the washroom after get freshen up. And surprise his clothes already keeping on the bed he smiled.
Siyappa queen he said and get ready fully.

He went down then they all had breakfast together. Twinkle told usha to go her clinic.
Yes beta you should go Manohar said.
Kunj puttar toh drop twinkle and bring her when you coming back usha added kunj nodded in yes. Twinkle bring her bag and she and Kunj went outside and sits in the car and they went.

Kunj drops her to her clinic. I will pick you twinkle okay he said and she nodded in yes and Kunj left for the office.

Twinkle went to her clinic and meet with Neha asked her about all things.She went into her cabin and get busy in her patients.
Same Kunj but somewhere is twinkle words he feeling really bad.

He is the person who looks from outside very strong and fun mischievous but he has one side also which quite opposite from his personality.Take the things very easily and killing himself deep inside. Usha pampered Kunj from childhood only lot still he not grown up much. Whenever he feels low and stay quiet she and rest understand something really happened with Kunj.This not happened with everyone just whoever is dearest and closed to kunj heart if they hurt him then it’s very difficult for him to cope up with that very emotional takes the time to disconnect with things which tease him a lot and but usha his mother who understands his son and Kunj also share his things with usha he stay with usha when his mind not in the place or he feel low anything just like a small baby who needs his mother spoon feed kid of Sarna family..

Kunj sitting in his cabin and busy in files.
He leaves the file and take his phone.
I should call her?? He asked himself.
No maybe she must be busy leave it. Why she showing this all anger to me I’m not only the one who was wrong she is too equal but no she just having issues with me mene kuch aisa nahi kya hai he murmured.

Avni come to meet with twinkle to the clinic.
Or finally join the duty back? She asked.
Haan yaar karna toh tha hi Twinkle replied.

Where is your sadu husband avni said.
Officeee or else kaha hoga twinkle said.
Really he going office or just time pass because class mein toh kabhi book khol ke nahi dekhi usne Avni said.
You know about each and everything avni she said and both giggles.

Chal I’m going maa and papa waiting for me too avni said.
Hmm wait i m also going my work is done twinkle said.
Acha hai chal I thought your husband going to pick you avni said.

He told me he will come but you know him irresponsible if I wait for him then kal tak yah hi I’m standing I’m not that old twinkle who mad in his love and waiting for him like idiots she said.
Correct avni added both leave together.

Twinkle comes to sarna mansion she went in her room and get freshen up. Looking at the whole room wall which just filled with Raza and Kunj photos all their memories hanging in this room she smiled.
Their friendship is so pure she said and went downstairs.

You come beta kunj didn’t bring you?? Usha asked.
No mummy ji I come itself only because I thought kunj maybe busy and I get free early she said.
Good I called Shaurya for dinner chalo let’s prepare dinner usha said.
Jee twinkle said and both went into the kitchen and preparing the dinner together usha teaching twinkle while she learning happily.after dinner get ready twinkle sit with Meera and yuvi or Sami and Priyanka.

Done for today I should go and pick up twinkle she must be waiting for me 7pm she get free na Chalo Abhi I’m on time kunj said and quickly went he reached to twinkle clinic and calling her but she wasn’t taking Kunj calls her went inside and asked Neha.
Mam left long back sir Neha said who to going.
Okay kunj said and come to back his car.
She went at least informed toh kar deti
Maybe she gets free early that’s why leave Kunj he smiled and left..

Kunj reached home he went inside and everyone sitting in living room chit chatting with each other.
Bro back yuvi said.
Hmm Kunj hummed and looking for twinkle.

Kunj go and get freshen up I called Shaurya for dinner Meera going today usha said.
Ho finally Kunj said with a happy face.. 😹

Kunj went in his room and twinkle was doing her work.Both seeing each other.

I call you Twinkle didn’t take my call also?? Kunj said.
Sorry my phone was in my bag she said.
It’s okay you come I went to take you but you already went at least call me he said.
Ho you really went I thought you will be not because you always forgot na kunj ya karna hai koi wait kar raha hoga ya nahi that’s why I come myself why unnecessary Ka wait karna she said.
Completely fine he said and passed her smile.

Kunj loosing his tie and sit on the couch.
He feels bad but not showing at all.
I know you feeling bad but Kunj you did same with me also I too feel bad she thinks in her heart.
Bura laga she said.
Haa nahi toh pagal hai itni si baat ka bura mujhe nahi lagta hai chasmish kunj take his clothes and went in washroom.

Twinkle went down till the time shaurya and rohan too come. Kaya hugged her father.
Missing my baby Shaurya said.
Lottt kaya added.
Huh just papa and teasing me whole day meera said. Kunj comes down.

Where are you kunj after Shadi?? Shaurya said.
I’m here only jiju good you come to take your troubles back kunj said and sit.

See maa what he saying Meera said.
You aren’t less Usha said and Kunj laughs out.Rohan comes and sit beside Kunj.Both

Are you okay?? Rohan asked.
Great tujhe toh mein baad me dekhta hu kunj said in low voice.
Bhai what I did haan ab toh tujhe teri chasmishhh bhi mil gai and look at her why she giving me this look rohan said.
Asked yourself only she will answer very nicely Kunj said while gritting his teeth..

I’m not getting yaar Rohan said with a puppy face.
Haan why you will get here I’m na Kya kya socha tha he said with sad funny voice.
Lagta hai pandit ji ne galat mantra pade hai kunj we should let him do in slow motion😹 he said. Kunj takes the cushion and hit him.
Shut up 🤐 idea bhi tera hi tha kunj said all seeing them.

What’s going on boys tum logo ki baate kabhi end hi nahi hoti hai Shaurya said.
No bhaiya rohan said.

Kaam hi kya hai Manohar said all giggles. While rohan and Kunj rolling their eyes.

True papa this rohan also whole day roaming doing his time pass aisa nahi officer join karle like Kunj Shaurya said.
Haan kunj working very hard yuvi said.
Kunj went from there.

Arey kunjjj wait na rohan said and went behind him.
Kab bade honge ya bache Usha said.

After twinkle with Priyanka arrange the dining table.
Go beta call rohan and Kunj also usha said.Twinkle went to her room.

Kunj told rohan everything twinkle knows about their all plans and all’s he was also shocked.
I told you don’t be loud but you never listen kunj said.
Sorry bhai rohan added.Twinkle entered the room.They both keep quiet after seeing her.

Mummy ji calling you both for dinner she said.
Haan kunj said.
Arey twinkle sorry yaar rohan said and went near her.
For what twinkle asked him.
You know yaar whatever we did just for you and Kunj rohan said.
Ho really rohan you both did great she said with taunting face.
No twinkle plan was kunj he planned everything I just help him in crying face he is the one who was behind this all
Not me he said and kunj shocked.

You rascal 😒you blaming me only Haan Kunj said and come to them.
See twinkle he scared me rohan said.

Don’t do this drama rohan I know him and you also very well twinkle said.
Sorry you forgive me yaar see na you both are together everyone is happy in our group and Kunj love you lot rohan said twinkle looking at him.
Haan he love me lott I m thanking babaji every second she said scoffed.Rohan pulled twinkle cheeks.They went downstairs everyone come for the dinner take their seats.

Today me and my bahu make together usha said.Twinkle served everyone she went to served Kunj.
Bas I don’t want more he said.
Why Kunj puttar see its your favourite things usha said.
Nahi maa I’m stuffed he said.Twinkle too sit and they all enjoying the food.

Kya hua kha na it’s so tasty rohan said in low voice.
Hmm Kunj hummed who playing with the food.Usha see Kunj leave the food and went near him.

Priyanka you sit there usha said and Priyanka sit to usha place. Usha sits beside Kunj.
Why you not eating haan usha said.
I’m eating maaa Kunj said.
I can see usha said. I will feed you how much you are stuffed she added and take the morsel Kunj seeing her mother he smiled and eat. Usha feeding him with her hands all smiled to see them.


See papa maa just love kunj she never treat us like this meera said.
Jealous 😒Kunj said.

True massi let him grow up yuvi said.
For all mother’s their kids always small Usha said Kunj making face.Twinkle smiled to see this.
Mumma’s boy she murmured.

Now Usha find a girl for yuvi also like twinkle so I can also get tasty food Anita said yuvi give death glares 🙃..
Haan massi he is grown up kunj said and winked at him like this they finished the dinner.

Thanks for the dinner twinkle Shaurya said.
Don’t be please twinkle said.Priyanka brings all gifts down.
Chalo papa fast kaya said who was so excited.
This girl na paltu Meera said.
Beti kes ki hai 😹kunj said.

Let your time come bro meera said.
Sure 😎di kunj added.Meera meets with each and everyone.
Now maa you will not miss me because you get your bahu meera said.

Haan Usha said.
Maaaa😿meera said they giggles she hugged.
Di maa just love me so don’t have high hopes that she will give you love the way she giving me never haina maa kunj said.

Usha looking at her both kids.

We have papa meera said and hugged him.
Who needs him🤪Kunj said in low voice. Enough audible for rest usha playfully slapped him.

I will come again staying in the same city Meera said.
Our bad luck😹Kunj said pulled kaya cheeks.
Teased your mumma more and this chachu also Kunj said.
Don’t yaar she already dancing on my head rohan said and picked up her in his arms.
Bye maamu she kissed on Kunj cheeks.
Bye kaya kunj said and kissed on her cheeks back.

Petty for my Bhabhi meera said and hugged twinkle..
do your work on time meera said.
Okay meera jee kunj said and hugged his sister and pulled her hairs.
Ouchhh she winched and pulled his cheeks take your wife for honeymoon she whispered

Kunj rolled his eyes and she bid bye and left.
Now we should also Anita said.
Why massi Kunj asked.
Your uncle coming with tonight flight so Anita said.
So what uncle also can stay here we didn’t spend time with each other kunj said.
We aren’t going anywhere just talk distance she said.
Huh not good kunj said.

What huh you just busy I get bored yuvi said.
Ab what should I do😿I’m not free Kunj said.

Let his this project get over yuvi puttar then we all will go for holiday Manohar said Kunj surprise arched his eyes 🤨..

See uncle Kunj expression yuvi said and laughing Manohar went from there.
See maa papa he was never so sweet with me when he said this bhai shock toh lagta hi hai😂kunj said.Anita and her kids too went to their bungalow.

Peaceful house kunj said and stretching his arms.
Priyanka help Bhabhi I will see your papa usha said and went in her room.

Twinkle and Priyanka went in kitchen cleaning all the things.Kunj went in his room and talk with Raza on the video call.
They both were talking.
Where is your wife Raza asked.
Kitchen Kunj said.
Now you should also get marry Avanti is the best for you then we both buddies work together Kunj said.
Haan yaar kunj raza said just than twinkle entered in the room with mango shake glasses.She went to bed and sit.

Kunjj shake she called him.
Haan kunj looking at her and take the glass from her hands.Twinkle resting her head against the headboard enjoying her shake.

Meera di went? Raza asked.
Haan now only di went jiju come na kunj replies.
When are you free? He asked.
Me Pata nahi yaar papa behind me didn’t let me get free back to back meetings he fixed for me kunj said and Raza giggles.
Uncle going absolutely right with you kunj Raza said.
Huh even you talking like others Kunj said.

Do let me know when you both husband and wife get free Raza said twinkle listen this.
Asked her only Kunj said and shifted the camera on her.
Hi twinkle Raza said.
Hi Raza twinkle added back.
When are you free? Raza asked.
Me always bolo kuch kaam hai kya raza she said.
Kaam toh nahi hai aise hi raza said.
I’m free for you always she said and give him smile.
Look at this siyappa queen she is so nice with everyone but not with me babaji kunj murmured.
Haan she is free for whole world kunj said.
Come near twinkle.

Now toh at least stop fighting Raza said.
Tell her kunj said.
Really kunj twinkle said and giving him an impossible look. While drinking suddenly Kunj chocked and started coughing.

Can’t you drink careful bache ho pure twinkle patting on his back.
I’m fine he said whose face turned red.
Twinkle wiped his face. Give him some water he feels better while Raza seeing them with love and glum eyes Kunj pulled twinkle in her side hug.

don’t worry I’m always free for you kunj said bring Raza back in the reality.
Good then goodnight disturbing you both couple he said.
Disturbing aisa kuch nahi hai twinkle said.
Haan bhut kuch hai kunj said and teasing her Raza smiled and ended the video call.

Don’t tease me kunj she said who controlling her laugh.
Why you staying all the time so disconsolate twinkle Kunj said.
I take time to get comfortable Kunj she said.
Really twinkle kab se ya I’m not new for you.You always comfortable with me even not that much with avni too now saying this he said and cupped her right side cheek.She doesn’t have any answer kunj kissed on her cheek she closed her eyes.

I m not liar twinkle or mere promises bhi nahi whatever I did for our love and I promised you na if you remember mein shadi tere se hi karunga and I fulfilled my promise he said and twinkle remember she takes a promise from him and he promised her he will marry her only no matter she blinked her eyes.
I really love you he said.. she was playing with her fingers and Kunj understood her situation.
Acha how was your day to change the situation he asked.

Like as always good tumhara she asked back.
Boring he said.
You are still same to same class mein bhi boring and even in office kunj she said and both giggles.
Just get bored in Doremi class 😝kunj said.
You still remember their names twinkle said kunj nodded in yes and they recalling their old days and laughing.
Scene freeze
Back again with new shot 4😎.
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