Deceived in love💔:

A girl sitting in gurudwara and praying having a beautiful smile on her face and innocence in her eyes. having beautiful eyes and most precious thing her dimple making her more and more cute and bubbly..

Ho babaji please keep everyone happy and me also you know na what I wanted nothing just I stay happy and peaceful she said and open her eyes and looking here and there and get up and she comes outside and giving foods to birds..

She comes outside and went back home.
She entered inside and moving towards the dining area.
Finally, my twinkle come rt said yes she is twinkle Taneja.
Good morning papa, she said and hugged him.
Good morning you too bacha rt added back.
Let’s have breakfast we are waiting for you only he said. She took a seat.
Haan I get parshad for you and maa she said and give rt and meanwhile leela come with food.
Maa she said and give her they having the breakfast.
You went so early today leela asked?
Haan maa I woke up early today so I went to gurudwara twinkle said.
Good leela and rt said and smiled.

They are done with breakfast twinkle bring rt blazer and he wears it.
Have a great day papa twinkle said he cupped her one side cheek.
You too beta rt replied and kissed on twinkle forehead and went for office.
Your papa went leela asked her who come there.
Yes maa, Twinkle answered.
Leela went towards her. Twinkle beta you are happy na?? She asked.
Why are you asking this suddenly maa twinkle asked back?
Because I can see in your eyes some sorrow she said.
Nothing is like that maa I’m absolutely fine and I’m happy why I will be sad haan for what reason?? She said.
That’s too leela said and kissed on her forehead.
Now I just wanted my daughter get married soon leela said.
Huh maa, you and papa always behind my Shadi I’m happy there with Bhabhi and bhai twinkle said.
Acha leela said.
Yes maa I’m going in my room okay she said and went in her room and check her messages then she gets busy in her favourite pass time painting..

Twinkle is rt and leela Daughter they have two kids abeer and twinkle.while abeer staying in London along with his wife and a baby handling their foreign business.

Scene [email protected]
A man sitting and playing the game in his Xbox happily just then he gets a message he first ignored it then, again and again, message beeping which disturbing him.
Ahah man who the hell is he fuming take the phone and open the message he was shocked after reading the message game remote falls from his hands.
What is this babaji he said and off the tv..

Shit😒is it true he murmured and immediately call his friend.
What is this rohan?? Kunj asked.
Bhai it’s true I just get to know sometimes before yaar rohan replied.
Shit man rest in peace his soul Kunj said.
Hmm are you coming?? Rohan asked.
Haan, I’m coming yaar he is so nice kunj said.
True Kunj chal comes Rohan said and ended the call.

Yes, it’s non-other than Kunj Sarna hot and dashing boy girls drooling after seeing him. Naughty little sweet boy but anger out of the control love his friends and family carefree bird life is all about fun and enjoyment friendship is very important and his everything for Kunj.

Kunj comes downstairs in the hustle. Kunjjjj his mother give him a voice.
Yes maa, kunj said.
Where are you going are you okay?? She asked.
I will talk to you later he said and went.
This boy is completely mad usha said. Kunj sits in his car and left.

Another side twinkle who was busy in her painting she gets a call from her bestie.
Prachi twinkle murmured and take her call.
Yes, babes? She said.
Twinkle do you know Melvin passed away Prachi said.
Whatt twinkle shocked.
Yes yaar he was admitted In hospital today early morning he passed away Prachi said.
Very sad news he was so nice boy of our whole class twinkle added.
True yaar are you coming I’m going in his federal she said.
Acha if you going even I too wanted last time see him at least you send me to address I will come there twinkle said.
Good Prachi said and send twinkle address twinkle leave everything and slightly cry..
She comes down leela was not there so she went without informing anyone.Twinkle took her car and went..

At Church ⛪️.
People were standing wearing black clothes mostly and crying. Prachi reached there waiting for twinkle meanwhile Kunj come out of his car rohan too.
Kunj rohan gives him voice Kunj went to him.
Yaar he is so nice kunj said hugged rohan.
Haan yaar god take nice people soon rohan said.many of friends was presented there Kunj and rohan meet with them. Prachi meets with Kunj and rohan.
Hi kesi hai rohan asked?
Good tu bata monkey Prachi replied.
Huh, rohan.
Shh guys it’s not the place Kunj said.

Twinkle coming all standing and praying for Melvin soul.twinkle come and stand beside Prachi and they folding their hands rohan eyes went on twinkle he gestured Kunj.
Kya hai, kunj asked.
Woh dekh kaun rohan said and Kunj sees and shocked after seeing the person TWINKLE.
Twinkle escape from his mouth with shock.Kunj looking at her sheding a few tears from twinkle eyes.
What she doing here?? She is in Amritsar Kunj said.
Mujhe kya pata yaar rohan said.While Kunj just looking at twinkle head to toe.

That brings tears in kunj eyes after remembering something with a painful smiled.Twinkle opens her eyes and found Kunj in front of her eyes and standing she took her steps back in shock but composed herself quickly.
Kunjj what he doing here babaji she thinks in her mind eyes was fixed on Kunj.She gulps her inner pain Kunj eyes meet with twinkle both looking at each other without blinking their eyes once.Their eyes turned into blood-red tears falling down from their eyes.Twinkle turned her gaze prayer was done

Prachi hug twinkle.Twinkle okay na?? She asked.
Hmm, I’m bas feel really bad for him twinkle said and break the hug and she removes her specs and wiped her tears. Aditi too reached and meet with Kunj and rohan.

Bye, I’m going Prachi twinkle said.
Haan Prachi said and while Aditi and Prachi looking at twinkle and Kunj they understand the situation so didn’t say anything.

Still, same haan twinkle rohan said from the side.
Twinkle give faint smile and nodding in yes.

Twinkle going but stopped and turned and look at Kunj.

I hate you she said and went from there.
Kunj wiped his tears and went towards his car twinkle start her car and give the last look to kunj who about to sits in his car.She left.
Chasmish I hate you Kunj murmured smiled painfully.
Chale bhai rohan said.
Hmm, Chal Kunj said and they sat in the car and left.

Are you okay? Rohan asked.
Why you asking this Kunj replies.
Bas aise I mean twinkle was there maybe after seeing her rohan said kunj look at him.
First I don’t know she is in Amritsar second thing I don’t care about her because I despise her Kunj said,
Really even I don’t know about her but I can see in your eyes and even in her too you both still have feelings for each other’s rohan said.
Don’t be haan please it’s over 3 years Ago and you all know kunj said rohan nodded in yes.

Twinkle reached home with a red face she can’t take it and most Kunj.She entered inside and was in hustle bumped with leela she hold her after seeing twinkle face she was shocked.
What happened bacha?? She asked twinkle just hugged her and sobbing.
Maa woh she said and tell her about Melvin
Don’t cry pray for him and his family leela said and wiped her tears.
Hmm maa, twinkle said.
Go and rest you will feel better leela said and she nodded and went upstairs closed her room door and falls on the bed and cuddles the pillow closed her eyes and sobbing badly while remembering Kunj face and rest all things.
He was there why I meet with him babaji twinkle murmured. She was sad because of Melvin but more because of Kunj twinkle saw after ages which literally shaking her.
He was a worse chapter of my life she said and sobbing..

Other hand rohan and Kunj reached their fixed place where they all friends meet-up.
Kunj holding the steering with blood-red eyes he closed his eyes and rest his head against the strewing. Twinkle face coming in front of his eyes and their happy moment her smile who he used to tease her than a last black memory flash.
Why you did this man Kunj murmured and composed himself he comes out of the car rohan give him the beer and they sat on the rocks.
What you thinking bro now?? Chasmish rohan said.
She is still same yaar Kunj said.
Haan but her smile has changed kunj rohan said and Kunj gives him look.
Means? Kunj asked him.
Means yah my bro he encircles his arms around kunj shoulders.

See Kunj we all know about you and twinkle so if you and she try to pretend it’s useless and I know you too you still miss her na and love too rohan said. Kunj make faces.
Nothing is like this rohan everything ended Kunj said.
Haan but I can see in your eyes before saw fun-loving you are after your and her you changed almost now back to the track with a lot of difficulties Rohan added.
You started your lecture again give to Rahul he is a lover not me or else Raza Kunj added and they giggles.
Where is Raza man rohan asked?
Went for his cousin wedding his home town missing my soul buddy Kunj added.
Haan woh toh hai innocent man in the world our Raza Shaikh rohan said they spend their evening there only.

At [email protected]
Sarna mansion Manohar entered in the living room loosing the tie.

Finally you comeback why so late? Usha asked who brings water glass for him and give to him he smiled and drink.
Thanks late because having meeting due to Case Manohar added.
Acha theek hai Usha said.

Where is your nawab sahab Manohar asked?
Aap bhi na kuch bhi bolte ho he went out don’t know Where but in the tension he went usha added.
Tension he must be busy with his worthless friends only Manohar said.

You just behind my son usha said.
Haan where is my daughter Manohar said.
Your daughter sitting in her room usha added.
My daughter, she is my everything Manohar said and went to her room.
Even my son usha shouted and they both giggles.

Manohar entered the room and looking at a girl who busy staring stars he went to her sits beside her.
What happened to my doll Manohar said she turned and get happy to see him and hugged him.
Papa she said.
Why you sitting here something happened? Manohar asked.
No bas aise hi Priyanka said.
Priyanka don’t be stay alone here come let’s sit together father and daughter and I want my favourite coffee which I love most Manohar said she nodded with a beautiful smile.

They went into the living room and Priyanka went into the kitchen and making coffee for him.

What happened to my daughter Manohar asked?
Nothing when I see yuvi and Sam how fun loving they are looking at my daughter she said
Nahi Usha she is a very calm person he added she blinked her eyes.

Kunj returned moved toward the stair.
See your prince is here Manohar said.
What Kunj said and went to them.
Where are you till now?? Told you na go to the office he said,
Woh papa I went to in my classmate funeral He said.
What why?? Usha asked. Woh kunj narrate them each and everything they too shocked after listening kunj he sat beside his mother.

Very sad news usha said..
Priyanka comes with coffees she served them.Give too kunj as well and sat beside Kunj.He pulled her hair.
Ah bhaiya she shouted.
Can’t you make perfect coffee Haan Kunj said.
Your future wife will make it for you a lady said from the side and she entered.
Meera Usha Said.
Yes me how’s you all she said and sits.
Very fine Kunj added with irritating faces.

Di I will bring for you priyanka said and she bring for her and gives.
Nice coffee pinku she said. Or someone was not liking this coffee haan Meera taunted Kunj.
What Someone say clearly na Kunj said.

You got it na kunj you don’t like her coffee why? She asked,
Because you both very irritating not pinku just you making her too in your company Kunj said and giggling.
See papa your son he always making fun of us Meera complaining to Manohar.

You trio is impossible he raised his hand. 

We will see you bro when your wifey will come then dekhte hai we will too don’t like her foods Meera said.
Acha go ahead baby wifey my foot he said and get up.And you pinku don’t listen her he said and went into his room.

I’m telling you papa do his marriage then see him Meera said.
Shadi toh karni hi hai let him handle office Manohar said. 

Kunj entered his room and stand in front of the mirror and thinking about twinkle.
Shit yaar chasmish, again and again, coming in my mind though she was not with Me after our break up but never leave my mind and after her life become boring he murmured and closed his eyes.

Memory lane kunj was sitting in the canteen and having pizza their twinkle come who about to sit after seeing Kunj not.
Heyy baby sits kunj said.
First don’t call me baby samje she said.
Ho why this Kunj asked?
Because I don’t like this all things she said,
Oops but I like it lott he gets up and went near her stop having bhav chasmish have some pizza Kunj said and make her feed.
That’s like my girl acha Sun note complete karegi he said in low voice twinkle arched her eyebrow.
Copy me Later say?? He said.

I’m not your gf go to your fellows they are your soulmate not me she said.
And went from there Kunj seeing her while going
Urf pure university she is the one and only girl who gives me Tashan love it soulmate interesting Kunj said and cheesy smile he gave it.

Kunjjj Meera entered the room and went near Kunj he comes back from his thought because of Meera.
Where are you lost my brother haan she said.
Kahi nahi combing his hairs he said.
I know in your girlfriend dream Meera said and Kunj coughed.
What no gf he said.
I know after all my brother is so Hot dashing why not she said.

You know what di you need dr go before jiju send you here for lifetime Kunj said and went in washroom.

Huh, she makes faces and went down after getting freshen up he come and went down for dinner.

He took seat and Usha serving them.
Maa, bring bahu so you can rest Meera said and giggling.
Can’t you stop chanting this haan Kunj said.
Why you get irritate my baby brother Meera said and they all chuckled while Kunj making faces.
Maa see your girls haan kunj said.
Bas karo you Meera she said.
Huh maa, you just your son not us haina pinku she nodded in yes.
Huh don’t do pinku she will go back and here you and me be in my team Kunj said.

She will never you will get your wife company Meera said and Kunj give her death glares all enjoying they done with the dinner and sat back Kunj irritating Meera lot.
I’m going okay papa bye everyone she said and meet with them and pulled Kunj cheeks.
Bata na who is your girlfriend Meera whispered in his ear.
Diii you are impossible kunj said.
Bye she said and finally went back to her Sasural. Kunj giggling pagal he added.

And you kunj come in my room Manohar said and went kunj making puppy faces Usha and Priyanka giggles and Kunj went.
Don’t know now what mr judge will give me order he murmured entered.

Yes, papa? Kunj said.
I told you na about meeting what happens? Manohar asked.
Haan papa I already talk to investors about meeting they said we will fix tomorrow kunj said.
Okay please, kunj this project is very important for our company he said.
Haan papa I know you don’t worry I will handle everything you see your court Kunj said and giggles.


Haan for you I make this company and I wanted my son take my company name on another level he said.
I will make you proud papa no worries now m I go he said.
Sure Manohar added and Kunj back into his room.

Taneja [email protected]
Twinkle come down leela and rt sitting having dinner she come and joins them.
What happened to my daughter?? He asked.
Nothing papa bas headache twinkle said.
My bacha I will give you the massage he said.
Haan she said and they finished the dinner after twinkle sits and rt giving her hair massage she feels better and cuddles him.
My papa is the best she said.
Even my daughter too the best rt said. After twinkle back to her room and do call and asked about her all appointments.
Tomorrow we have caller said.
Okay fixed I will come to clinic tomorrow Twinkle said ended the call.

Twinkle sat on the couch and take the novel started reading her thought stop on Kunj.
Again this man messing with my mind she murmured.
Why I m giving him this much importance babaji what left between us nothing she murmured and closed the book.

She closed her eyes and remember something long teardrop falls down from her eyes.
Can’t forgive you kunj for what you have done with me I love you lot now I hate you most Kunj sarna twinkle said and try to sleep fighting with her inner thought..

Same with Kunj why this girl, again and again, I already closed her chapter that night only shit do I still love her kunj asked? Himself. He closed his eyes.
Heart saying yes he cuddles the pillow.
Chasmish he murmured and take his phone open his old memories folder and seeing their photos together.
How much we are happy if things not go above my hand I never leave you chasmish he murmured and dozed off..

2 days passed after seeing each other after long years Twinkle and Kunj can’t forget each other’s it’s like life bring them again twinkle try to make herself busy same with Kunj in his meeting but every time thought just come to stop on twinkle and Kunj..which really fed up them ..

Kunj was in the market there he again saw twinkle.
Again chasmish now what you wanted he murmured looking at sky he sat and thinking something.
I want her back in my life what should I do I don’t know do she really love me or not and she maybe moved on with someone else he murmured confused hell..

He went to rohan place where he meets with Rahul and Anjali.
He went into his room and both buddies sat together and playing the game..
suddenly you are here rohan asked.
I’m confused he said.
Means he asked again.
Chasmish Kunj said and closed his eyes while rohan understands and giggles.

Bol bhai rohan said.
I want her he said.
Finally ready to accept your love for her rohan said.
Haan, will you help me or not? He said.
Haan I will definitely Bol what should I do? Rohan asked.
First don’t tell about this to anyone even to our fellow Kunj said.
Sure plan bol Kunj rohan said.

First I need to know about her she having someone in her life or not? Kunj said:
I don’t think so agar hoga bhi we will out him rohan said.
It’s not joking I don’t know anything about her Kunj said with sadness.
Hmm true rohan said.
That Prachi will not tell us or avni bhi nahi so karna kya hai yah socho kunj said.
Hmm Prachiii I will find out let you know something rohan said.
Go ahead fast yaar Kunj said.
Break brother don’t be desperate 😹rohan said they laugh out after Kunj went and thinking about twinkle only how he will bring her in his life back that quiet not possible but he is kunj sarna 😎..

Randomly rohan try to know about twinkle from Prachi but she didn’t tell much just normal things than rohan told kunj no one was in Twinkle life she is pretty single that make Kunj hell happy from somewhere they get to know about twinkle address but they can’t go twinkle home..

Normal day;:
Rakhi rohan mom was seeing girls photo.
Rohan come there show me mom rohan said and checking the girls photos.rohan saw twinkle photo and surprised to see her and told kunj about that.
So my girl finding alliance Kunj said.
You are happy rohan said.
Listen to me tell your mom to send that twinkle alliance for me to my home kunj said.

Whatt😳you have gone mad how I will do? Rohan said.
You can easily wese bhi my mother finding a girl for me you just use your mind and tell aunty about me and then see kya hota hai
Kunj said.
Saala master mind haan tere ko me rishte karne wala lag raha hu kya rohan said.
Nahi my buddy please kunj requested.
What I will get rohan said.
Kamina 😏kunj murmured anything for you kunj said.
Okay then see you with twinkle alliance rohan said both giggles and hifi😎..

Kunj returned to his home maa he giving voice to usha..
what happened she come she said.
Maa I’m very happy today please make something for me kunj said.
Acha why so happy let me too know she said.
Bas aise hi he said and cuddles usha.
After long I saw my kunj back and happy usha said.
Kya maa even you sounding like my fellows Kunj added.
Hehe but it’s true maybe your jaan Raza back kunj she said.
Huh kaha maa that idiot busy there he said.
Koi na I will make quickly she said and went into kitchen making something for Kunj fast.

While Kunj takes an apple and having while thinking about twinkle smiling fully.
Now see chasmish my EX GIRLFRIEND how I will make you my wife very soon he murmured and smirked with all happiness which missing from his life after they depart from each other.

Come let’s have usha said and they sat down on the couch she feeding him with her hands can see how much her son was happy.

Where is papa doll Kunj said.
Tu bhi na always teasing her she is innocent baby usha said.
Ho really maa she didn’t comeback from college till now kunj said.
Nope go you bring her she said.
Kaha I have meeting otherwise your judge will put me in jail kunj said.
Kunj tere papa hai she said.
I know mere papaaa hai 😶Kunj said.. she playfully slaps him..
I’m done thanks maa he said and kissed on her cheeks and went in his room.
Yah ladka bhi na bacha hai pura ka pura Usha murmured..

Kunj take his files and went for the office he gets busy in meeting..

While twinkle comes to her clinic she meet with the receptionist.
Everything is done Neha twinkle asked?
Yes, mam, your all appointment has fixed she replied.
Okay, send in my cabin she said and went into her cabin.

Twinkle Taneja Psychologists she is helping people to come out from their trauma with her talk and psychotherapy but she can’t help out herself in this all years. But when she sees her patient recover it’s making really feel happy at least she can help someone come out from their stress..

Twinkle sat down on her chair and checking all things then her patient comes she meet with him formal talks.
Tell me something about yourself twinkle asked him a few questions he answered he telling her about his issues twinkle helping him with her talks.
I feel better miss twinkle he said.
Great then you see you in next therapy twinkle said and her patient happily went.
Twinkle get busy in her back to back patient though she wasn’t fully busy when she has worked then only she comes to her clinic otherwise she often went in other hospitals and school mental health clinics.
Now she opens her own clinic and happy with her small achievement having supporting father and mother.. after her life biggest tragedy happened break her down after lot struggles she comes out..

At sarna office.
Kunj finished his meeting successfully and happy he informed Manohar even he gets happy finally his son handling his duties very well.Kunj went to his cabin and sat down.Thinking about twinkle.
Now, what should I do babaji it’s not easy maybe I will get her alliance after see me do really she will get ready to marry me kunj fighting with his thoughts just then his phone rang after seeing the name bright smile comes on his face buddy.

He picks up the call hello my dear friend kunj said.
Hi kunj bro how’s you Raza added.
I’m all good you tell me about yourself Raza asked?
I’m too when you coming back seemed like you really love your hometown after ages haan not ready to come back I’m missing you yaar Kunj said.
Hehe true me too yaar bas stuck with family members don’t worry try to come soon till then you have rest gang he added.
You know na Raza you are very special for me and no one takes your place in my life you are my life kunj said.
You too kunj I’m joking he said and they talk for while after ended.

Raza and Kunj childhood bro buddies they meet with each other in their first day so school since that time they are together till now finished their schooling together college everything two bodies but one soul they are.

Chasmish ka kya karna hai babaji help me please kunj murmured.Kunj takes out his phone and seeing twinkle and his photo he cuddling her they were so happy in pictures Kunj kissed on the photo.

Those days are amazing with her I started living my life every bite of it though I used to before also but after her she gives me a special reason to live he said and adoring her.

Well, rohan doesn’t know how he should start the conversation with his mother.. really kunj stuck him.
Kya kya karna padta hai babaji rohan murmured.
He sat beside his mother mom usha aunty told you na find alliance for Kunj rohan said while looking here and there.
Haan, she told me but I’m finding a nice girl for Kunj still rakhi said.

Acha picture still keeping on the table lemme check mom rohan said and started seeing the photo he purposely sides twinkle photo and showing rakhi few other girls photos.
Mom she will not suit with Kunj some another he said and finally he takes twinkle photo.
Mom look at this girl she is pretty rohan said and give the photo to his mother.
Hmm right rakhi said.
Do you know her mom rohan asked?
Well not it just pandit ki bring all those photos for the alliance he knows she replied.
No right asked about her usha aunty will like this girl you send her photo na rohan said rakhi looking at him with narrow eyes,

What happened mom why you looking at me like this rohan asked with a helpless face.
Nothing you were very interested haan what’s the matter rakhi said.
No mom it just now kunj age is perfect even uncle and aunty too wanted that’s it you always doubting me rohan said.
Because I know you and friends she said and went in her room rohan went behind her and stand near the door.

Rakhi calls Usha to take the call after 2 and 3 rings.
Hi usha me rakhi she speaks.
Haan rakhi ji Usha said.
You told me na find a girl for Kunj rakhi said.
Yeah did you find? She asked.
Haan I select one girl for Kunj she is really pretty sending you picture rest details after getting from pandit ji rakhi said usha get happy.
Haan please send me. Me and Kunj papa really wanted now kunj should settle down in his life usha said.
Yeah I m sending you she said and rohan closed his eyes in happiness he just went in his room and started dancing..

Wow finally I did it now see rohan Malhotra is same smart rohan praising himself 😎😎..

After taking information about twinkle from pandit ji rakhi send usha her photo and rest things about twinkle family..

Usha was sitting in the lawn with Manohar they having evening tea and snacks together.
I wanna talk to you about Kunj Usha said.
Now what you loveable son did Manohar said.
Huh you always behind my son not fair Manohar ji let me speak first usha said.
Acha sorry say Usha Manohar said.
See rakhi send this girl picture for Kunj alliance I really like you too see usha said and showing Manohar twinkle photo..
hmm looking pretty but what about rest things Manohar said.
I’m telling you na usha tell manohar about twinkle and her family she said.
I toh really like let’s give one chance I mean let’s meet now I really wanted my bahu feels so alone usha said with puppy eyes Manohar giggles.
I don’t mind your son?? Manohar said.
You are so strict with him about all things why not now he is not understanding right now Usha said.
Okay fine I will tell rakhi we wanted to meet with this girl family Manohar said and both get happy..

Rohan didn’t tell kunj about sending twinkle alliance to her place till now kunj returned from office happily.
Papa meeting successful he said and sat beside him.
Yeah proud of you usha gesturing him. Acha kunj I wanna talk to you about something important Manohar said.
Say papa kunj added busy in his phone.
We get an alliance for you and me and usha really like the girl Shadi karni hai ya nahi Manohar said and Kunj immediately leaves his phone.
Whatttt Kunj gives reaction..
not what yes or no Manohar said.
Ahah babaji I wanted twinkle alliance here they bring already I will kill that rohan he murmured in his heart.
Not now he said and get up.
First, see the photo Manohar said and handover him the photo and Kunj with disheartening face take out the photo from envelope and shocked to see twinkle photo his mouth open in o😮..
twinkle he murmured then looking at his parents then understand inside his heart giggling.
Hmm pata nahi kunj said and give the photo back to usha.
This time tumhari nahi chalegi Usha said.
But maaa Kunj said who doing drama so no one gets doubt him 🤪before he used to do lot drama..
I really like her I’m fixed the meeting with her family soon usha said and Kunj rolling his eyes. He turned his face to other side and giggling but controlling himself..

Aise rishte milte nahi hai ache aajkal rakhi ji find for you especially Usha said.
Ho really maa 😝I find for myself kunj murmured and went in his room and remove his blazer.
Uff he calls rohan.
Saale why you didn’t informed me Haan Kunj scold him.
So finally you get to know about your alliance how’s the girl rohan said.
Amazing saale how you did so fast kunj said.
I’m rohan Malhotra nothing is impossible for me he said.
Bas bas 😒kunj said. Rohan told him everything both laughing.
What was your reaction rohan asked.
First I don’t know like always when I saw her photo still give the same reaction otherwise they will doubt 😂on me kunj said.
Sahi hai bhai yaar khel gaya tu bhi rohan said.
Woh toh hai next?? Kunj said.
Next what just wait for Bhabhi ji se kese milte hai should I come 😂rohan said:
Abey if we will go together she will definitely doubt us I mean you know how smart chasmish is kunj said.
Hehe stop calling her chasmish now she becomes more beautiful yaar rohan added.
Shut up maza kunj said in jealousy.
Don’t be jealous yaar rohan said..

Chal all the best let’s see I did my work now it’s your turn rohan said.
You just see how kunj sarna will rock Kunj stated..

At Taneja [email protected]
Rt get a call from his elder brother.Okay bhai sahab I will talk to leela rt said.
Ab kya do twinkle rishta now it’s high time Rajveer said:
Okay I know take best decision for twinkle rt added.
Okay then I will tell pandit ji he said and rt sat and thinking leela come.
What happened?? Leela asked?
Woh bhai Sahab call comes he said.
What he telling? She asked.
About twinkle Rishta pandit find someone for twinkle know what you wanna do he said.
Hmm I think go and let’s see the boy leela said.
Me too twinkle back from her clinic..
hi maa and papa she said and sat.
What’s going on twinkle asked?
Yours bade papa call come he find alliance for you leela said and twinkle smile disappears immediately.
Twinkle puttar now you should settle down in your life see meher and abeer with their son so happy they are now we want you too leela said.. with a heavy heart.
I’m ready maa do what you both wanted I know you will choose best for me twinkle said and they get happy finally hugged her twinkle closed her eyes teardrop falls down from her eyes.

Kunjj her heart ringing his name.she wiped her tears and went in her room.I give his pain lot now no more wanna see my parents happy she said and try to smile but it’s not easy.. just then get a call from London.
Bhaiii she said and take the video call.
Hello baby doll abeer said.
Hi bhai where is cutie pie she said.
Here is your cutie pie he said and showing his son avi 27 months old..

Aww my baby how’s you Twinkii missing you she said and smiling like anything she is her stress-buster..
while avi started jumping after seeing twinkle in all happiness they talk for a long time..

Kunj take bath and come out of the washroom and dancing in happiness. Waha babaji I’m so smart he takes out twinkle photo can’t wait to see you chasmish he said..
To be continued……………………………………
Hehe heyy everyone so come with a new shot story don’t know what is this 👅. So this is specially for ziddi ladki meharin who was behind me fully so take and whoever requesting me RAB se sona ishq toh nahi iss se kaam chalao 😹can’t write same story everytime..
No long episode 🙏jitna hoga utna post because short story hai. So enjoy the story hope you all like my again a mess 😎…
let’s see now?? What will be twinkle reaction after seeing Kunj for her alliance 😉…
bye love you all

  1. Presha

    Amazing as always
    Welcome back kiya
    Happy to see you back
    Intresting story
    Excited to read more
    Post soon
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  2. Sameera

    Wow just amazing bro lovedddd it sooooooooo much finally you got ready to post it 😂😂😂😂
    Amazing start lovedddd Twinj hahaha kunj fixing his own alliance
    Excited to seee how twinkle is going to react 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
    Can’t wait
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  3. Wow
    New story

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  6. Arey waah babes finally you posted ….though you posted os on my birthday but i always want more …..specially from you ….what to do fully obsessed with your ff.
    Waah kunj is planning to fix his own alliance….but do twinkle will agree..🤔🤔🤔
    Chl why think when you are here …any how hero apni heroine ko le hi jayega ….
    Waiting for next….🤗🤗

  7. Sumi2323

    I was missing your stories so much….This was amazing!! Chalak Kunj khudka rishta bhij Wadia😂😂
    Waiting to see Twinkles reaction..
    Thankyou for writing! Lots of love ❤️

  8. Welcome backk dii…was missing ur story… Kunj is soo clever…aapna rishta khud hi bhej diya…now twinkle ka ky reaction hogaa🤔🤔…eager to read further😊😊
    Byee dii…take care
    Plzzz post soon😊😊

  9. Meharin

    My pinky bear💜💜💜💜 I love you so so so much…………….

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  11. Post soon

  12. Waiting for Twinkle’s reaction

  13. Saumitra

    First of all I’m really really sorry for commenting so so late….
    Because of some reason meine apki updates nyi Dekhi … yesterday only I open Tu … got surprised 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
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    So so amazing shot man 😍😍😍😍
    I really really loved it😍😍😍😍
    Apki stories always ekdam different Hoti h 😍😍😍😍
    Or bhut hi pyaara bhi 😍😍😍😍
    Thank you for posting 😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

  14. Saumitra

    What an amazing shot😍😍😍😍
    Haayyeeeee kunj😍😍😍😍
    Bhut hi exciting story lag rhi h mujhe to 😍😍😍😍
    Kunj love twinki so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍
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