Death Note.. part 3

Dear who ever is reading this, Please tell my parents that I love them and I am sorry I’m going to make them suffer. Please tell kunj sarna that I love him Please remember me as a the person I acted. Not the real me. Please do not cry. Love, Twinkle taneja She folded the letter carefully and left it so it leaned on the mirror of that blue-themed bathroom. Then, she looked at herself in the mirror again remembering how easy life was like when she was naive. Breathing heavily she slowly opened her leather bag, getting out a dark blue pencil case; however, there were no pencils inside. She took the pencil case with her as she climbed out the bathroom window. it was the easiest way out. They would soon be there. She has already been to the bathroom for 10 minutes. The window was pretty low so she had no difficulties. Once out she ran towards the clock tower. That was the perfect place. As she ran she could feel the wind blow through her hair; a feeling that she always loved, it seemed as if someone was caressing her. ‘What if someone finds the note in time and stops me?’, she thought ‘Yes because that is going to happen’ ‘And they don’t even know where’ When she arrived at the clock tower she started climbing those stairs that seemed to never end. The walls were falling apart and there was a high change one could fall on her but she did not care. Once on top, she looked around. The view of her city was amazing. It was a clear blue-skied day which showed those beautiful parks and the geometrical houses. “twinkle don’t do it!” a familiar voice yelled. She looked down, saw kunj, and whispered, “You don’t care anyways, no one cares. You’re just doing this because maybe you’ll be held responsible.” Unzipped the pencil case. Took that small blade out. Rolled up her log sleeve. Cut her self vertically on her scarred arm. Then, she closed her eyes and jumped. She fell for what seemed forever. Her life did not pass before her eyes. She’s been already dead for months. ~*~

Here lays Twinkle taneja, loved daughter and friend a misunderstood girl RIP -jumped off the clock tower Only the people who cared about her attended the funeral. Everyone in that town. They were shocked when they came to know she killed herself for the simple fact that she was perfect. Good grades, good attitude, a very solar person. She knew everyone. No one dared to cry, respecting her last wish. Kunj, the boy who she loved, was devastated. She did not know that he loved her too. He never showed it. He treated her badly because that was how he hid it. ‘I wish I didn’t treat her the way I did, I wish I told her’, he thought. Regretting every single action that he took. The funeral was over by mid day. Everyone returned to their normal routine like nothing ever happened. Everyone but not twinkle He had a plan. He waited until it was night, it was dark. Then he dug twinkle out of her grave and brought her corpse with him. He knew of this abandoned farm just outside of town so he place her in the car, upright, like if she was alive and sitting there. The car ride was not long. I took about 10 minutes to get there. While kunj was driving he thought of all the mean words and he called her and all of his action towards her. Everything was negative. He wished he realized this before. Not now. Not crying over her corpse regretting everything.

When he arrived he quickly carried the corpse inside so no one would see him. The chances were very low too. It was in the middle of night in an abandoned farm house. He placed the corpse on the ground, then he ran back to his car. He came back with a defibrillator and a gun. He knew it wasn’t going to change anything; he was desperate. Kunj set it to the maximum level. He tried, and tried. The more he tried to more confidence he was gaining; but deep inside he knew he had lost her forever. His reason to live died. ~*~ Here lays kunj sarna loved son and friend RIP -shot himself He was everything for her She was everything for him Only one knew

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