Death day – Ragsan – Part 3

Hi friends. I got happy that few of u liked this story. So for u all I’ll post here also. Thanku for liking.

Ragini was sitting shocked. Her mob starts ringing. It’s samay. She received call.

Sam: rags. Still u dint come to meet me? M missing u.

Rag: m coming.

Sam: waiting for u. Love u. Bye.

She cuts the call. She gets fresh and wore different dress to avoid wat she saw. Then she takes purse. A pic fell from her purse. She takes it. In that pic Ragini was celebrating her 6th bday with her mom sharmishta. Both mom and daughter bday was on same day. She gets teary eyed by seeing that pic.

Rag: how can I celebrate my bday without u mom? I miss u so much.

She kept pic back in purse and left for hospital.

She entered samay’s cabin. same conversation happened between them as Ragini experienced before. Then left to go to car. While going she saw Megha’s cabin.

Rag: I shud not go there. I won’t meet her. I shud change wat I saw.

She started to walk fast but Megha called her from behind.

Meg: rags where r u going without meeting me. Come to my cabin.

Ragini without any option goes with her. Megha was talking same thing. Ragini was just listening as she knew wat she’s going to talk. She was sitting quite.

Meg: rags. Where u lost? Did u listen wat I told.?

Rag: ha? Ya. I know he’s married. But loves me so much.

Meg: ok as u wish. But take care of urself.

Rag: ok bye.

She left with samay to same restaurant. He ordered same food. Ragini was feeling like she’s living the same day again.

Samay dropped her to hostel giving her necklace.

She comes back to room and goes to get ready. She gets ready and left for part venue. She was scared very much as that time is going to come where she’ll face that mask person.

Rag: I’ll go to Venue by other route.

She changed her route. But each step she keeping with fear. Her heart was beating fastly. Finally she reached venue. She gets relaxed.

Rag: that time passed. I reached here. Now it won’t happen wat I saw.

She smilingly entered party hall. As she enters everyone wished her happy birthday. Sanskar comes from behind people holding Mike and singing happy birthday song.

San: happy birthday to u Ragini. My best friend forever.

He gives her gift. For a moment they had small eyelock.

Rag: sanskar. U said someone’s party. But here…

San: a small surprise from me. I know u don’t celebrate ur b’day. But pls I want u to see happy. U deserve happiness on this day. Come cut the cake.

Rag: but (stopped) ok.

All her company friends were present there. She cuts cake and make sanskar eat first. He also feeds her. She feeds her other few friends.

San: Ragini.

Rag: hmmm?

San: advance sry.

Rag: confused. For wat?

Sanskar applied some cake on her face.

San: for this.

Rag: sanskar. M not kid. Wat u did?

San: wow wat a rhyming sentence.(he talks like her) m not kid. Wat u did.

Rag stares at him.

San: atleast on this day rags. Come on.

Ragini smiles. They clicked some pics together.

Rag: thanku sanskar. Thanku for all this.

San: I shud say thanks for u for ur this smile. Rarely u smile by heart.

Ragini shows her all teeth.

Rag: now? How my smile is?

San hold his chest : killer smile.

Rag hits him playfully.

Rag: nautanki.

San: ok. Go and clean ur face. Still party not over.

Rag: ok.

Ragini me moves towards washroom. She washed her face and put a light makeup. Smiles looking herself in mirror. Just then she heard some noise from outside. She opened door and saw one of her staff friend laid dead on floor in pool of blood. She gets shocked and sees same mask person standing little far from there.
She gets scared.

Rag: who r u? Y r u behind me?

That person dint answer. She saw that person coming towards her. She shouts loudly.

Rag: help. Anybody there? Pls help me.

But due to loud music no one cud hear her voice.

She gets attacked. She fought with that person and tried to run. But that person hit on her head badly from a rod. She fell down and saw that person going. Her breathe was getting low. She closed her eyes taking last breathe.


Again we see Ragini waking up in sanskar’s room. And she gets call and it was same date.

She saw sanskar entering. She holds her head and shouts.

Rag: Wats the hell is happening with me? Y m living same day again and again.

Sanskar goes to her. He was confused by her sudden reaction.

San: Ragini. Wat happened? Everything ok?

Rag: no. Nothing is ok. I got stuck in a loop.

Sanskar was confused. He din’t get her words.

Hope u liked it.

Love you all 😘😘😘😘

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