Death day – Ragsan – Part 2

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Hi sissy’s. Here is second part..

A room is shown. Mobile is ringing.
A girl wakes up and sees caller id. It was her dad. She ignored it. She looks at date. Its 5th June. Her birthday.

A boy entered room. It’s sanskar.

San: hi Ragini (that girl is Ragini). It seems u enjoyed a lot in last nite party.

She sees a lemon juice kept on table.

San: have it. U’ll feel better. U drank too much last nite. U were not in state to go ur hostel. U were behaving like kid. So I brought u here. Sry if u dint like it.

Rag smiles while drinking juice.

Rag: nothing like that. Thanku for doing this. It’s late. I shud leave now.

She sets her hair properly and abt to go.

San: rags. It party tonight. Don’t miss it.

Rag: party? For wat?

San: I don’t want to go alone. So I need ur company. Will u?

He stopped looking her, as he was expecting answer in yes.

Rag smiles and nods. Sanskar too smiles.

Sanskar and Ragini r friends. Both work in same company.

Ragini moves towards her hostel. On the way she saw beggar who was blind. She feels pity and gives him some money. She saw a painter near a tree painting a picture of nature. She smiles seeing painting. She saw children playing in the garden.

She reached hostel and went in her room.

‘happy birthday’

Ragini sees megha her roommate holding a cupcake and a small candle in mid of that.

Meg: happy birthday dear. May all ur wishes come true.

She hugs her and gives her cupcake.

Meg: m going to hospital. Bye. Good day.

Megha is assisting a doctor in a hospital.

Ragini looks at cake for few seconds and throws it in dustbin.

She gets fresh and gets ready. She goes to a hospital. Same hospital where Megha works.

She entered a doctor’s cabin. Doctor looks at her and smiled. She goes to him kisses his cheek and hugs him.

Rag: good morning samay.

Sam: it’s dr.samay. And mis Ragini, it’s already after noon. Not mrng.

Rag smiles sheepishly.

Sam: again u had late night party?

Rag: actually… Vo…

Sam: I told u to stop doing late night party. It affects ur health and u already know that I love u so much. I don’t want to take any risk on ur health.

Rag: don’t wry Sam. I can manage myself. M hungry now.

Sam: even me too. U sit in car. I’ll check my remaining few patients and come.

Rag: ok. Come soon. I’ll b waiting.

They again hug. Eachother.

Ragini leaves. While going she thinks to meet Megha. And goes to her cabin.

Rag: hi dear. Very busy in work?

Meg: nothing much. Just checking some files. So came to meet Dr samay.?

Rag: of course. For him only I come here.

Meg: Ragini. U already know that he’s married man. And still u?

Rag: who cares he’s married or not. I just know that he loves me so much. And he already told that he’s giving divorce to his wife after two months. Then we will marry.

Meg: ok. As u wish. I just told as u r my friend.

Rag hugs her; thanku dear. We r going for lunch now. Bye.

Meg: bye.


Xyz restaurant

Ragini and samay having lunch. They finished lunch. They reached ragini’s hostel. Ragini was abt to go but Sam holds her hand and makes her sit in car.

Rag: ??

Sam: happy birthday love.

He makes her wear diamond necklace.

Rag: Sam Wats this? I don’t need this.

Sam: I don’t know y u don’t celebrate ur b’day. But I want to gift u on ur b’day.

They hug and Ragini leaves.


Ragini was getting ready to go to party with sanskar.

Rag: m getting late. Sanskar won’t leave me.

Ragini was walking on the road to party place.

Rag: sanskar must be reached there. He’ll definitely scold me today.

She was abt to call sanskar,her purse fell down. She bend to take. Meanwhile she saw a masked person. She saw that person coming towards her. She started to walk fast. But that masked person catches her. She was abt to run but that person killed her by stabbing knife. Her vision get blurred and she closed her eyes.


Ragini wakes up and finds herself in same sanskar’s room. She was sweating badly.

Rag: was that my dream?

Her mobile rings. It’s her dad. She ignored it and sees date. It’s 5th June.

Rag: did I see my future? Wat happened to me. No no. Calm down rags. It’s just a dream.

Sanskar entered room.

San: hi Ragini. It seems u enjoyed a lot in last nite party.

She sees a lemon juice kept on table.

San: have it. U’ll feel better. U drank too much last nite. U were not in state to go ur hostel. U were behaving like kid. So I brought u here. Sry if u dint like it.

Ragini was staring him.

Rag in mind: same words. Sanskar wore same dress as in my dream. And he’s talking same thing. And same juice.

Sanskar pats her shoulder. She came to sense.

Rag: it might b co incident.

She left. While leaving sanskar invited her to party. Ragini got shocked. She left saying yes to him. She was walking on road. She saw the same blind beggar on the way. And saw same painter painting and children playing in garden.

She was confused. She reached her room. She saw Megha holding cupcake to wish her. Ragini got shocked. Megha left for hospital. Ragini sits on bed.

Rag: everything happening same. Every person, every view and every sentence. It can’t b co incidence. It means m going to die tonite?

Screen freezes to her scared face.

I didn’t get good response for this story. I think u dint like. No prob. So here on next parts of this story I’ll post only on watty.

Comment if u like.

Love u all ????

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