Death day – Ragsan – Part 10

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hello sissy’s. here with next part …..


All looked at him shocked. They were looking once at tied sanskar and once at original sanskar. Original sanskar was also shocked.

Rag to tied sanskar: who r u?

Tied sanskar: sanskar.

Rag points at original sanskar.

Rag: he’s sanskar. Who are u? Don’t lie.

Tied sanskar: m also sanskar. M not lying.

All were staring at him confused. They thought he might come by time machine from past or future.

Rag: from where u came? I mean past or future?

Tied sanskar: neither past nor future. M from parellel timeline.

All: wat?

He says: yes. Everything running same at the same time but in another world. U may call it other universe. That’s parallel timeline.

San: I’ll die by scratching my head now. Wats happening? Y I’ll kill laksh? I mean parallel sanskar.

Nik: nice name.

Ragini glares at Nik.

Rag: y do want to kill laksh.?

Tied sanskar: coz of time machine.

Rag: coz of this machine? Wat do u mean? We din’t get u.

Tied sanskar: this machine wud b responsible for destruction in future. It’s creating problem in our timeline also. To avoid this we have to kill laksh.

San: but wats his connection for killing him?

Tied san: coz laksh is the person who will ON the machine. Though he wantedly won’t do but it happens by him only. So he shud b killed. destruction happened only that time when laksh will fire the machine. So if laksh is killed then no one wud b there to ON that machine. Then later we can destroy that machine.

Rag: y only laksh. May b others cud hav ON the machine.

Tied san: no. its only laksh. I have seen in my time.

Rag: now u told us. Now it won’t happen.

Tied san: it will. Coz u shud not have seen me. I mean u saw 2 sanskars at one time. It means laksh shud die.

Laksh gets scared by his words.

Lak: I’ll destroy it now only.

He moves towards machine.

Tied san: stop him. don’t know wat wil happen.

Sanskar goes behind him to stop. He was abt to stop but laksh by mistake fired the machine. Suddenly a blast happens in lab.
(I hope u all understood)

Mrng ragini woke up and saw herself in sanskar’s room. She feels weird. Her phone rings. She looks at it. It’s her dad call. Date showing 5th june.

She shouts loudly.

Rag: nooooooo. Not again.

Sanskar entered room and asks

San: y r u shouting?

Rag: where is laksh? I hav to meet him.

She leaves the room. San goes behind her thinking wat happened to her. She enters lab and saw lakniksah sitting and talking. She goes to laksh and holds his collar angrily.

Rag: wat u did laksh? After lot of efforts I had come out of this mess. Again u sent me in this?

Sanskar also entered same time. All were looking at her confused.

Lak: ragini leav me. Wat happened to u? wat r u talking?

As time resets except ragini no one remember wat had happened. Ragini realizes that and sits holding her head. san gave her water to drink.

San: ragini. First b cool.

Rag: sanskar, u don t know anything. Only I know how m suffering.

San: tell us we will help u.

Ragini was irritated and tired for everytime explaining same thing to same person. Laksh comes to her and asked the reason. After a little silence ragini explained them everything. They found it might b true as they r working on time machine.

Lak: m really sry ragini. I really dint do anything purposely.

Rag: ya, I know that. But now m not getting how to come out of this. Last time I killed megha who was trying to kill me. But now again I shud kill her?

San: but y will u kill megha?

Rag: coz she tried to kill me.

San: y she will try? She’s ur room mate and bestie.

Rag: I know. But samay is my bf and she likes samay so she wanted me to make me away from him.

San(confused): but megha is already his gf. From past 3 yrs.

Rag( widens her eyes): wat? M his gf.

San: no. megha is his gf. They r having affair. Everyone knows abt it except samay’s wife manvi.

Rag was in full confused.

Lak: u go and rest now. we wil find solution for this.

San: I’ll drop u to hostel.

He drops her to hostel. She saw megha sitting and doing some work. Ragini sits on her bed putting pillow to her back and closed her eyes. She was tired and also confused abt whatever happened.

Meg: u dint do ur packing still?

Rag(still eyes closed): packing? For wat?

Meg: u r going to ur home.

Rag in shock looks at her.

Rag: my home. I don’t have home. I stay with u.

Meg: ya. U stay with me just coz ur office is very far from ur home. And every weekend u go to ur home for spending time with family.

Rag: family? Whose family?

Meg: ur family. Y r u talking like this today?

Rag shouts: I don’t have any family. Y u all r telling anything. First sanskar told that u r samay’s gf. Now u r telling that I hav family.

Meg: its true. Samay is my bf.

Ragini was feeling like hell now.

Rag: my family rite? Ok then. Leav me to my home.

Meg: now itself? Ok then get ready. I’ll drop u to ur home and then I’ll go to hospital.

Ragini gets ready. Megha dropped her infront of a house.

Meg: if u want to return then call me, I’ll come. Enjoy the day.

She left. Ragini stood there only looking at that house. She slowly opened the gate and entered in house. Just then she heard a lady’s voice.

“Ragini, u came so early”

She turned and gets shocked.

Rag: mom! U?

Hope u like it. I think u all hav got confused. Well.. it will b cleared slowly. U can guess wat might hav happened. I hope u like this phase more than earlier one.

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