Dear friends its a humble try….

Ragini who is pretending to be having memory loss forces swara to keep fast for sanskar and Swara who never wish to keep this fast for the sake of Raginis health agrees to do so. Sanskar who love swara more than himself keeps the fast.On Karvachauth day morning Swara brings tea for Sanskar and e lies that he is not in a mood for tea now and will have later.Swara feels weird for his behaviour.Sanskar has kept a gift for Swara and he told swara that he has kept a gift for his friend Shona.Swara opens the gift anf found a lovely saree.She liked it and she was remembering all those incidents with Sanskar.She couldnt realise that she is in love with him.She was thinking about Sanskar y he havent taken tea or breakfast. She calls him and Sanskar seeing her calls smiles saying i know shona u will call me. He took the phone casually and ask ask her what happened everything is fine right? Swara make execuse that ya i was calling another number and by mistakenly rang u. sanskar thinks in heart Dramebaaz..he tell ok swara then carry on suddenly she ask do u had ur breakfast.He say yes.I ordered to the office and had .Swara says bye Sanskar.Will u come early to home today.Sanskar ask shall i come u really wish to see me early at home.She realise what she have asked and with much attitude say i casually asked thats it. While getting ready in the same dress given by Sanskar she was lost in her thoughts of Sanskar and she suddenly feels Sanskar tieing the knot of her blouse…She looks through the mirror and find Sanskar standing close to her.He hold her around her belly ….His face is so nearer to her neck…….He whispers in her ears Shona u was thinking about me……….(Continues)

Guys it was just a try….Please forgive me if there is any mistakes……

Credit to: Diana

  1. nice try dear..go ahead

    1. Thank u dears for ur support have posted the second comment me ur suggestions

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  3. Superb yaar, plz continue Diana

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  6. It’s very nice. Lovely written. Plz continue ?.waiting for nxt…………….

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    Osm try….
    Keep going

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  9. posted 2nd & 3rd Chapters of HAMARE PYAAR – SWARA & SANSKAR

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