A day to remember Chapter 31: The pov of the villains! (Last Chapter)

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Chapter 31: The pov of the villains! (Last Chapter)

This is the last chapter of this story, but the story will be continued in Why me? Season 2 and it could be that there will be a third season coming soon or a season two of A day to remember and Swaragini: You stole my heart!”

This chapter will be similar to the last episode of Swaragini: You stole my heart!

Sheesha’s pov
“So now it’s time to fullfil our plan, which we were planning since centuries!” “Sarah is planning with me against her family!” “Hahahhahaha!” “When they will get to know, that she is bad, they won’t be able to do anything, cause they aren’t as strong as we are!” “But at first we have to succeed in our plan!” “I will take my revenge, cause of them my love Raj died!” “They will pay for killing him!”
End of her pov

Flashback of the first meet of Sheesha, PG and RG and PG’s pov
“When will we get out of this place?” An angry RG said and I replied back: “very soon!” “I can’t stand this place!”
“Me neither, but we will be freed from this jail soon!” “I can help you guys!” “Who are you?” “I’m Sheesha and I hate the Maheswari’s, cause they killed my lover!” “Who?” “It doesn’t matter right now!” She angrilly said. “How’s my sister Goldie?” Rahul asked her and she answered back: “She is getting engaged to Tiger Khurana!” “What?” “Yes!” “But he loves one of the Masked Angels!” “Yes, he does, but your sister Goldie has Mr. Khurana in her hands, so he will do whatever his father tells him to do!” “So their destruction has started?” I asked Sheesha, then she replied back: “yes, but in the first dimension, so in this one!” “What do you mean?” Rahul asked her with an shocked expression. “You guys don’t know, that we have a parallel world in which the masked angels, Swalak, Ragsan and the rest live as well, but the difference is, that the people, who are dead in this world aren’t dead in the other one and the opposite of this of this world.” “What?” I asked and she answered back: “don’t be so shocked oldie!” “I’m not old chudhail.” “Yes, you are just look at you!” “Can you guys shut up!” Rahul said loudly, cause he was annoyed, because of me and that chudhail Sheesha!”
End of the first meet and PG’s pov

RG’s pov
“They killed my sister, they will pay for it!” “I will kill them all, I hate them!” “They took my sister away from me!”
End of his short pov

A week  after their first meet, Sheesha poisened all the people, who were looking after the prisoners. She got PG and RG out and they went to the other dimension, where MT, AT and Sarah were waiting for them, then they saw MalVeer, so Sarah shot them both.

Malveer’s death scene
“You guys won’t suceed, whatever you guys are planning to do!” Tanveer said while he was breathing his last breath till he died. “You killed my husband and now you are killing me, but our family will kill you!” Malika said and then Sheesha threw MalVeer out of the helicopter, both bodies fell  slowelly descended into the water, while holding hands, Malika died, cause she was drowning at the end both died and their lovestory ended to be incomplete. “Sheesha, now you and Rahul have to pretend like you are Malika and Tanveer!” “But I don’t wanna marry her/him!” SheeHul said together.
End of this sad scene

Sheehul got married at the end, they tried to kill all the Maheswari’s, Gadodia’s, Khurana’s, the Fairies and Malhotra’s, but they didn’t succeed in it, cause of RuHesh’s magic.

Author’s note
I will like to thank all my readers, silentreaders for supporting my story and me!
So guys this is the end of this story, I know this one had an sad ending!

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